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Is a light or deep trance better for hypnosis?

Is a light or deep trance better for hypnosis?

How does a light or deep trance affect the course of a hypnosis treatment?

There are different states of trance or trance depths. These range from a pleasant state of relaxation to deep sleep or a so-called hypnotic coma. For some, but very few, therapeutic interventions, a very deep trance can be beneficial. This is because it makes it easier to achieve the goal to be reached. But this is, as I said, rather the exception. As a rule, even light trance states are sufficient for successful hypnosis. So it is not true that a deeper trance is automatically better and a light trance is useless. Even with the latter, healing and effective change processes can be triggered.

Light trance leads to relaxation

Even a light trance makes you feel more relaxed and that is enough to trigger change processes. A very deep trance is also not always so beneficial, because in many applications, the goal is that the suggestions reach both the subconscious and the conscious mind. If the consciousness is "switched off" by a too deep trance state, certain methods of trance are more difficult: like answering questions or initiating search processes. Therefore, for process work with hypnosis, a light or medium trance is usually perfectly sufficient. In general, hypnosis as well as trance and suggestions are very sensitive factors that also work individually for each person.

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