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What do tears mean during hypnosis?

What do tears mean during hypnosis?

Tears support the process in hypnosis

The ability to cry is innate. It is a primal human trait, just like laughter. When tears flow, it is for communication. When we cry, we signal to those around us that we are at a loss, in pain, and in need of help and compassion. Tears are supposed to trigger supportive behavior in our fellow human beings. Animals also have this ability, for example by making distress calls. However, only humans can cry for emotional reasons. If we are sad, something moves us very strongly, or painful memories come up, the tears come. Humans probably cry for emotional reasons because they are dependent on help and care for significantly longer than any animal. Thus, crying is a silent signal, unlike screaming, this is not as noticeable and does not attract enemies. Accordingly, it simply makes evolutionary sense for humans to cry to promote prosocial behavior. Tears can also come during hypnosis, which is not unusual.

Crying is part of the healing process

Tears have a cleansing effect. They not only cleanse the eyes, but also the soul. Most people feel relief after crying, because it feels as if part of the burden has been released. They then feel lighter and more liberated. In hypnosis, it often happens that emotions are resolved or memories come up that have been repressed. Many clients work with unprocessed emotions and experiences of the past in hypnosis. This works particularly well in hypnosis because the cognitive inhibition (the conscious mind) fades into the background. This makes it easier for resolution to take place. Pent-up feelings have to come out at some point; they need an outlet. This usually happens through crying, if something is released in you during hypnosis, then it is perfectly natural for the tears to come. Let them run free and don't try to suppress your tears. Practice self-care and ask for a glass of water or a break. Of course, you can also discuss what is coming up inside you with your therapist.

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