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Are there side effects with hypnosis?

Are there side effects with hypnosis?

Main side effects of hypnosis are deep inner peace and relaxation

Yes, hypnosis has side effects. These are mostly positive. When hypnosis is executed unprofessionally or in an entertainment setting, unwanted side effects can occur. Hypnosis works, and in order for it to work, it will affect your body and mind. In these effects we distinguish between desired effects of our clients and unwanted side effects, which we will discuss in more detail below

Hypnosis side effects are usually extremely positive

The positive side effects of hypnosis refer mainly to side effects of hypnosis treatment that no one had really thought of before. For example, a client's skin rash, which was not the subject of the treatment, disappears, while another client has finally been able to sleep through the night again for years without ever telling the hypnotherapist anything about the sleep problems. The main side effect of hypnosis remains a deep inner calm.

Undesirable side effects with stage hypnosis

However, despite all the positive side effects, when used unprofessionally, hypnosis can also lead to unwanted side effects. These include drowsiness, confusion, bad dreams, headaches or nausea (see MacHovec 1986 and 1991). Especially the feeling of loss of control and of autonomy can have negative effects for people who intended to try hypnosis on stage in a pleasant way.

There are countries that have banned stage hypnosis and hypnosis performances in front of an audience for this reason, such as: Israel, Sweden, Canada and South Africa.

Especially with stage hypnosis, these undesirable side effects occur in up to 20% of all cases. Stabilization is then the focus - something that cannot be guaranteed in the context of a show. The reason for this is simple. During stage hypnosis, a subject is led into a deep trance within a short time without any preparation. Depending on the show, he or she is put under a lot of stress in this trance. Often enough, it also happens that the subject gets in touch with different sides of his subconscious without being in touch with the hypnotist, which can be disorienting. In the end, he is quickly awakened from hypnosis without any warning and left to process the experience on his own. With such methods, it is actually a miracle that not more than 20% of the cases end with unpleasant side effects.

Side effects that can occur during stage hypnosis:

  • Triggering feelings of shame in front of the audience
  • Feelings of dissonance when show content contradicts one's own values
  • Feeling mentally and emotionally hurt
  • Feeling of drowsiness and confusion
  • Bad dreams
  • Headaches or nausea after the show
  • Feeling of loss of control and autonomy

Side effects in professional hypnotherapy - clinical hypnosis treatments

On the other hand, during clinical hypnotherapy, the client is gently guided into hypnosis, lovingly cared for and guided during the trance, and gently led out of hypnosis again at the end. Afterwards, there is always time for a conversation, for reconnecting to the body, processing the experiences and discussing what has been experienced. Nevertheless, even after a professional hypnosis, sometimes a slight headache can occur. This is usually a kind of tension that can arise when certain muscle groups relax deeply during hypnosis, such as in the neck and cervical area. This subsides after a short time.

Could I feel bad after hypnosis?

But how can it be that some people report that they feel bad after a hypnosis treatment? Not to be underestimated - hypnosis is relaxing but also requires concentration during the session. If you feel bad after a hypnosis treatment, please speak to your hypnotherapist about it. At our practice, it is important to us that you get the space and time you need right after the hypnosis session as well! You can be certain that we will accompany you with full presence at all times.

Feelings after hypnosis - deep calm

Most people report a deep sense of calm after hypnosis and feel full of energy. Others may feel so relaxed that they would prefer not to leave the comfortable hypnosis chair or have become tired in the process. Talk to us about this if you have any apprehensions or if you notice anything special after the trance besides the desired change. If you feel drowsy and plan to drive back home, take a moment to stretch and get some fresh air instead of getting directly into the car and driving.

Hypnosis works

Here you find an overview with which topics medical, clinical hypnosis is used:

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