Hypnosis for body related topics

Body - Hypnosis and Body Related Topics
Body - Hypnosis and body related topics
It depends on healing the body with the soul and the soul through the body.
Oscar Wilde
Physical themes that relate to the body sometimes show exactly what should remain invisible: Because the visible far too often obscures the invisible. Hypnosis keeps both in view and helps to process what is hidden. The body is a wonderful gift and we demand a lot from it: It should be efficient, fast, naturally healthy, beautiful and young! Hypnosis supports the way to self-healing and to training and focusing of own goals. Finally, quitting smoking and finding back to your feel-good weight - both are possible! Annoying habits such as nail biting or the great desire for sweets are discarded and space is created for something new! Other body-related hypnosis topics: Tics, trichotillomania (pulling out your own hair), skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, stress-related hair loss, annoying habits or even unpleasant behavior patterns.

Other Physical and body-related Hypnosis Topics:

  • Renergizing and recharging your batteries
  • Birth preparation, anxiety and pain reduction before birth, enjoying pregnancy
  • Women's hypnosis for menstrual cramps
  • Nutritional problems
  • Nutrition change
  • Fertility and desire to have children
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