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Online Counseling

Online Consulting and Hypnosis
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Online Counseling and Hypnosis

There are many reasons why online counseling can be useful. During COVID times, many are turning to online counseling to restrict social contacts and avoid infection risks. Online counseling offers a way for people to get in touch with the healing effects of hypnosis from the comfort of their home. This can present itself as an advantage, since most people find it much easier to relax in familiar surroundings. Moreover, it can be pleasant to be at home directly after the relaxation following hypnosis. No driving, no distractions! Since you are usually at ease from the beginning at home, the state of hypnotic trance tends to appear more quickly and more deeply. If you have a long journey to the practice, but would like to take advantage of our offer, then the online session gives you the opportunity to get to know our work before committing to an in-person session. This way you also avoid paying travel and accommodation costs. Our online sessions via video, Facetime or phone are there to support you, no matter where you are in the world. In addition to our in-person hypnosis sessions at our practice in Berlin, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of hypnosis through the internet. Choose for yourself whether the session should take place at the practice or online via Zoom, Facetime or by phone.

Choose for yourself whether the session should take place at the practice or online via Zoom, Facetime or by phone..
Hypnosis Online Consulting

For whom is online counseling suitable?

For people who

  • want to experience counseling and hypnosis through modern technology, and in private or familiar surroundings. The on-site offer for hypnosis at our practice can be found here: hypnosis for adults and also our Hypnosis Method.
  • have great difficulty relaxing in a foreign environment.
  • want to be in the comfort of their home after the session.
  • are too weak or too sick to get out of bed.
  • are unable to leave the house because of a disability.
  • are in quarantine.
  • want to save travel-related time and money (when they live too far away).
Online Counseling and Hypnosis

Online Counseling - what you need for it

First of all, you need a quiet place where you feel comfortable and where you can relax. It is very important that no one disturbs you during the hypnosis session. During this time, it is crucial that you have privacy and no distractions. Furthermore, you will need a stable internet connection, a computer or laptop with a camera, and speakers if you wish to have the counseling by video. Additionally, a comfortable headset with headphones and microphone is recommended. Alternatively, an online session is possible via Facetime or phone. Then you only need your mobile device or landline phone. Online hypnosis is an effective and easy way to get started. We will talk on the phone together, get to know each other and your concerns, and you get to stay in the comfort of a familiar environment. Later, you may want to go the direct route and have hypnosis on-site at the practice - this is also possible. Simply navigate to our booking page to book your appointment for an online session or a session at our practice
Online Counseling and Hypnosis
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