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For a free, self-determined life!

Hypnosis for Adults

Hypnosis for Adults
Hypnosis Berlin

Medical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

The past is over - let's change the present and the future together - let's set the sails anew!
In our work we focus on solution orientation and strengthening of resources. For us, every person already has their own truth and solution within them.
Because we all also have with a blind spot, it is sometimes even more important to use the support of the subconscious with all the possibilities.

Your advantage: individual medical hypnosis & hypnotherapy tailored to your needs.
Medical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Adults

For whom is Hypnosis suitable?

For people who

  • are of age. The offer for children and adolescents from 9 to 18 years can be found here.
  • would like to take responsibility for their lives and be accompanied on their way to a free and self-determined life.
  • are tired of waiting until something changes, but want to become active themselves - with hypnosis as support!
  • are ready to go new ways and want to finally throw one or the other belief system overboard.
  • have perhaps already tried everything, but realize that it sometimes takes much longer to get where you want to go on your own.
  • feel exactly that NOW is the right time.
  • genau spüren, dass JETZT die richtige Zeit ist.
Hypnotherapy for Adults

Advantages and Benefits in our Hypnosis Practice

Treatment with hypnosis is a short-term therapy and it is thereby a special concern for us to support you only with as many sessions as you really need.
Clients usually notice positive changes after the first session.
Each hypnosis treatment at our practice is personalized specifically to you and your individual needs!
So that it is even easier for you to adjust to hypnosis, there is at our practice next to the consultation room a special and special hypnosis room - a room in which all the senses are addressed and in which it will be easy for you to engage in hypnosis and the change process.
Of course, the hypnosis practice is well accessible and in addition to subway stations within walking distance, there is free parking around the practice.
Advantages and Benefits in our Hypnosis Practice
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