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Hypnosis E-Book

About the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis and everything you should know before hypnosis.

This e-book sheds light on the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis, what hypnosis is, and how it is used in modern hypnosis practices today. There are interesting and interesting facts to discover: More than 40 pages of hints and tips and everything you need to know before a first hypnosis - from experienced hypnosis therapist directly from the practice.
Clients of our practice receive this hypnosis e-book free of charge as a gift for booking the first session.
You will also receive the e-book without booking a hypnosis session and can purchase it via the link below and download it directly as a PDF file. To do this, click on "BUY NOW", you will then be redirected to an external page.
Hypnosis Berlin E-Book

Yes, I would like to receive the E-Book "Hypnosis".

44 sides Hypnose Knowledge compactly
For only EUR 12.
In this hypnosis e-book you will find everything you need to know before a hypnosis appointment.
You live further away and want to use hypnosis in another practice because of the distance? Prepare yourself optimally with this e-book or get to know hypnosis first.
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Is the Hypnosis E-Book something for me?

Do you know this, you have the feeling that hypnosis can be something you are really interested in, but you don't have anyone in your close environment you can ask about their experience with hypnosis? Or maybe you are still unsure and need more information to make a decision about a hypnosis experience?
We have been getting messages for many years with questions about hypnosis and how it works. This motivated us to write this e-book for you and gather all the important answers about medical hypnosis and modern hypnotherapy. This e-book can answer important questions for you before an appointment, so that your session can be used intensively for your concern from the very beginning, and not for open questions about the way of treatment. Our e-book can also help you if you are still unsure about whether hypnosis is for you. Answer the following questions and find out more about yourself.
  • 1

    Do you want rapid results and long-lasting positive changes?
  • 2

    Are you open to a new experience with hypnosis?
  • 3

    Do you have experience with psychotherapy or coaching but didn't get as far as you wanted with it?
  • 4

    Can you imagine going into trance and finding out how to solve your issue using your subconscious mind?
  • 5

    Would you like more information about hypnosis and confidence about what hypnosis is so you can decide whether to make a hypnosis appointment?
  • 6

    Are you inexperienced in the world of hypnosis and want to get an idea of what hypnosis can do?
  • 7

    Are you looking for someone who can show you what to expect from hypnosis through years of hands-on experience with thousands of people?
  • 8

    Have you already started attempts to change something or improve your life, but feel that something crucial is missing to move forward?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place! We have written our e-book compact with interesting knowledge from our years of hypnosis practice, as it is not found elsewhere. The e-book is designed with photos and written in an easy to understand way, without lengthy theoretical knowledge content and shows you how you should know before hypnosis. No prior knowledge is required for our e-book. We reveal our secrets about hypnosis and wish you a lot of fun and joy while reading and discovering!
Hypnosis E-Book Review by Maria


"I think it summarizes everything important about hypnosis in a good understandable way. I found the e-book helpful in deciding to use hypnosis as a method. I got more confidence in my decision to use hypnosis while reading it."
Hypnosis E-Book Review by Daniel


"Hypnosis offers much more than I would have thought before, I learned that with the e-book. All the questions I had about hypnosis could be answered in the e-book."
Hypnosis E-Book Testimonial from Lisa


"I definitely found the e-book on hypnosis helpful. It is well structured and organized and not too theoretical. Designed with pictures, I liked learning more about hypnosis."
Hypnosis Berlin E-Book Review


"I wanted to use hypnosis for anxiety about exams and job interviews and for that the hypnosis e-book helped me well! I could easily get an overview of the possibilities with hypnosis."
Hypnosis E-Book Recommendation by Paul


"The hypnosis e-book helped me with my school presentation on modern hypnotherapy. I was able to find everything important about it here and easily reproduce it in my presentation. Thank you!"

Yes! I would like to receive the e-book "Hypnosis

Buy now for only EUR 12
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