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Clients Report About Their Experiences with Hypnosis

Experiences, reports and recommendations from clients who have experienced hypnosis at our practice over the many years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone very much for their openness and the time that each and every individual has taken to openly share their own experience -
Many, many thanks for that!
And another small note: Recommendations that were published on Google until 2018 have unfortunately been deleted by Google when moving to the larger practice space in Friedenau. You can still read them here for completeness, but without linking to Google.
Under the following link you will also find another very detailed field report from our practice. Read here how a client has described the hypnosis practice and the experience with hypnosis.

Hypnosis Testimonials

Dear Isabella,
thank you for your congratulations on my performance at my award ceremony, especially my little speech. I was very happy to hear that and I am sure that your hypnosis session gave me a greater confidence that enabled me to perform there like that in the first place. Thank you very much for that.
Many greetings
Rated by e-mail from Jürgen
I ended up with Isabella in the midst of a difficult life crisis (triggered by an unexpectedly rekindled desire to have children), where everything felt like "ocean with heavy swell" and I just couldn't seem to find my footing anywhere. Isabella was not only a very pleasant, reflective interlocutor; her hypnosis also felt immensely grounding and warming... as if someone had fished me out of my ocean, wrapped me in a blanket in the lifeboat. The effect of hypnosis was at first hardly noticeable in everyday life, but after 2-3 weeks I realized I suddenly had emotional "breathing room" again, and a calmness that I had thought impossible only weeks before. So I can highly recommend Isabella.
The hypnosis treatment with Isabella Buschinger is an experience that has left a deep impression on me. I felt in good hands and guided at all times and can recommend the practice with a clear conscience.
363 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Dear Isabella,
I'm doing very well 💓
And still better.
Everything still feels round and right and very comprehensive in me. I connect several times a day with this healing space within me, which we reopened and expanded in the session. I am gifted.
With all my heart
Sincerely, M
Rated by e-mail
A WHOLE BIG THANK YOU to Isabella. The sessions with her have stabilized me so much that I have been able to stock my "toolbox" very well and be stable no matter how high things get. Thank you also for allowing us to talk in such a wonderfully turned on way away from the actual session. I would seek help from Isabella again anytime if needed.
I felt comfortable with and with Isabella right from the start. She asks exactly the right questions and helped me a lot not just to suppress my concerns, but to look at them from a different perspective.
The online session is recommended, as is the face-to-face meeting. However, I can only recommend this to anyone who has the opportunity to go to the practice: It is cozy and homely and you can feel how important it is to Isabella that you feel as at home there as possible. Шляпа All around, the whole ambience was very much for my own relaxation.
I am glad that I found Isabella's practice. Isabella is a sensitive therapist and I felt very understood with my concerns. I was able to take something away for myself from each session, so that I now feel more stable again and can look to the future more firmly, despite turmoil on the outside. I would definitely recommend Isabella's hypnosis practice. Even if, like me, you might be unsure whether hypnosis is right for you - it's worth giving it a chance. For me, the experience with me in hypnosis was a truly enriching one. Thank you so much for that!
The sessions with Isabella have been very liberating for me and have brought me further in my inner development. I had several issues that she helped me with. I can now face various fears much better. Isabella is very empathetic and I was able to let go 100%. The hypnosis sessions were very freeing for me and I am very grateful to Isabella. I will not have been here the last time as I always come back to my center with Isabella. Thank you for this!
I felt very well looked after by Ms. Buschinger. I received a kind of "homework" in advance, which made me deal with my problem in more detail. It also helped me to formulate my problems and especially my goals more clearly. I did this several times in the past - but for myself and unfortunately less successfully. I am glad that I was able to have the experience in this practice and then the pleasant experience with hypnosis. I had misconceptions about hypnosis and did not know what to expect. Immersing myself in my own world, my thoughts, my emotions and dealing with them afterwards and being clear about what you want and what you don't want - all this helps me to leave my worries behind. Thanks to hypnosis I have learned not to forget my worries, but to look at them more objectively and from a different point of view and, what was important for me, not to take the eternal role of the victim.
Isabella is a very wonderful therapist! You feel immediately comfortable and welcome in her presence and also the conversations are very sensitive and empathetic. The tips and food for thought that she has given me have been very helpful and have become an integral part of my everyday life, which has significantly improved my problems. The hypnosis sessions have also helped me tremendously each time and I would definitely recommend Isabella to anyone. Thank you so much!
Isabella is a very wonderful therapist who really helped me a lot! After the first session I already felt much better. Thank you very much!
The past months, in regular hypnosis sessions with Isabella Buchinger, have paved a stable way for me to process a relationship/life crisis, to overcome it and to find my way back to an orderly life. For paving this path, for the perspective gained and the increased sense of well-being, I am very grateful. I find Isabella's hypnosis in combination with her preceding conversations to be very expedient in finding back to self-strengthening and healthy thoughts deep within one's own inner world. Heartbreak, destroyed self-worth, loss, powerlessness and shipwreck in life unfortunately don't just go away over an afternoon cup of tea, a pub crawl with friends or some well-intentioned kitchen table psychology chats. Some negative experiences, especially those that drag on over a long period of time and keep piling up, unfortunately have the potential to burden a person sustainably and (if unprocessed) for years to come, or to sabotage their own perception and continuously inhibit them in shaping their ideas about life. At least this is the impression I have often had whenever I have talked to failed existences; people who have attributed all their later misfortunes to one or a few formative and probably unprocessed negative life events. To avoid this fate, I fortunately became aware of Isabella's hypnosis practice in a timely manner, in order to be able to detach myself in time from the never-ending pressure of suffering and to find a way to look positively at my life. I would suggest to any of my friends in similar emotionally draining situations to seek professional help or (if one's mindset is not open to it at first) to at least try it out. Hypnosis in particular requires a minimum willingness to face issues in conversation and in trance in order to be effective. The hypnotic trance, unlike my everyday consciousness, I partly understood as a daydream of my inner child through which a connection with the subconscious was possible. After weeks and months of inner suffering, I am now infinitely grateful to Isabella for having given me so much expertise, so that instead of gradually breaking down, I could now grow and recover from my challenges.
I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis. Isabella listened to me and accepted my concerns and accompanied me very gently.
Hello dear Isabella,
I wanted to report to you a little late but still from my highway trip to Poland in August. I did our exercises beforehand and took a relaxing bath. I was a little excited, but that was all within limits I drove up without any problems on the highway. I mastered the first 200 kilometers with some excitement (but without panic). After that, my sister was kind enough to take over from me. The return trip went even a little better :-) Thank you for your time and that it worked so well after 2 sessions.
Love greetings, Joanna
Rated by e-mail
I came to Isabella with an anxiety disorder and felt right at home. After unsuccessful psychotherapies, I was open to something new. The practice is super accessible and inside there is a very calm and pleasant atmosphere. In the initial consultation, I had the feeling for the first time that someone is involved in my problem and does not treat me according to the mold.
The first hypnosis session itself was a completely new experience. I had a total of 5-6 sessions and noticed a steady improvement in my anxiety problems after each session.
Both before and during the sessions I always felt super taken care of.
It makes perfect sense to document the time between sessions and bring the notes with you to the sessions, because that way you can work on the finer points even more specifically.
Personally, the therapy has really helped a lot and the anxiety symptoms in large crowds have blown away. Through the techniques learned in therapy, I can continue to work on myself.
The therapy is not cheap, but this investment in my health was more than worth it and I am very grateful to Isabella for the helpful tips she gave me along the way.
Isabella creates a pleasant atmosphere with her friendly and very empathic manner, in which I feel very understood and accepted with my concerns. I came to Isabella with a social phobia, but in the conversations we had together and in the time between sessions, other issues arose. I found the conversations alone right before the hypnosis very helpful, as Isabella reveals completely new perspectives and asks the "right" questions.
Already in the first three sessions I noticed some positive changes, which were also confirmed by friends and family. Surprising for me was first that with the processing of a concern, also effects in other areas of life are noticeable. After five sessions I can say that my insecurities in groups have not gone away, but have become much less. I also deal differently with my emerging feelings and thoughts. I have had very good experiences with keeping a diary and writing down the experiences and feelings.
Dear Isabella, thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me in my first steps on my path to myself and associated self-acceptance!
I went to see Isabella to work on my eating disorder. It was from the first moment, a wonderful atmosphere that I thought I already knew Isabella, she made me feel like I had arrived. She took me on a journey into the world of hypnosis for which I am extremely grateful. I was able to work through my eating issues with her. Isabella showed me so much empathy and understanding, I felt understood. Dear Isabella, thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had with you. I will gladly tell you about it whenever possible and recommend you to others. Thank you.
A practice to feel good. Isabella is very empathetic and accompanied me competently. Thank you very much for that!
Isabella opens horizons in a person, which did not appear before. She asks the right questions and brings one thereby courage for change to draw. Short to the point. Thank you!
Quite a wonderful hypnotherapist. I originally went to her to continue working with my eating disorder and was so thrilled with the results that I worked on many more issues over the past year. Isabella is so compassionate and professional, her practice is beautifully designed, bright, clean, nicely located and easy to get to. She takes her time with her client:s and has a deep knowledge of hypnosis, as well as a very good feel for people. The hypnosis sessions go very pleasantly, she takes a lot of time to understand the problem at hand.
Impressive & helpful experience. Highly recommended !!!
For me, hypnotherapy was a completely new experience. (Reason: separation)
I felt comfortable with Isabella at all times and could fully and honestly confide in her. So far it came to 2 sessions, which were not very favorable. But you invest in yourself and your future.
Surprisingly, after some time, my back problems have improved and I no longer chew fingernails either! So only to recommend!
I am very touched and thrilled by Isabella's intuitive, empathic and very healing way of guiding me through hypnosis. I felt very seen and understood by Isabella and thus I also had confidence in this healing process. My professional and private situation had been exhaustingly stuck for years. After each hypnosis session - there were 3 in total - healing potentials arose in myself, which first amazed me in their power and depth and then made me very grateful.
I feel excellent. I feel powerful, creative and happy.
I am a doctor & coach and I know many types of therapy myself. Hypnosis is a deeply effective therapy and Isabella creates the appropriate space of trust and safety for it to be both a healing and a particularly beautiful experience. I will be happy to recommend Isabella to my patients.
Thank you so much!
In a great atmosphere, in a pleasant conversation, Isabella introduced me to a topic that was new to me, hypnosis. I have been trying for a very long time to get my eating behavior under control, so far with little success. Through the warm and loving words Isabella has supported me to go one, my way. Already after the first hypnosis I had no need to stuff food into myself anymore..... I am just getting to know myself again.... and that is so beautiful. I highly recommend Isabella.
Thank you so much.
Alex D.
Hello Isabella,
with the hypnosis sessions with you a lot has changed. I finally overcame the fear of applying for jobs and accepted my first job after graduation. I have learned to stay with myself in situations and be who I am.
This has also made me more open in life again, not least because I took the step and showed myself.
I would like to recommend your work and am glad that I learned about hypnosis through you.
Thank you through hypnosis I have regained the courage to take control of my life!
I thank you! Love Sascha
I can only highly recommend Isabella. To perhaps get an impression, the following is an excerpt from an email. I hope I can encourage you with it to make the step to Isabella. It was worth it for me and I benefit a lot from your hypnosis methods:
Dear Isabella,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing very well in the meantime. The hypnosis sessions with you were just the right push and way for me. I am so often in my "white room" and in the meantime also with my new puppy 😃. Since I'm also outside with him a lot and moving around a lot more, it's already showing on the scale. The Hieper on sweet is almost completely gone through the meditation exercises. The injections are now also no longer a problem. Shortly before I still get nervous and of course you don't feel like injections, but already with the last one it was done within 2 minutes. I now apply hypnosis to other areas of my life. Whether stress at work, worries and grief with the seriously ill family members.... It brings me back into balance. I hope and wish that I can encourage you to try this path as well. And especially with Isabella!
I have been to Isabella three times and each time it has been an incredibly enriching and great, educational experience. I have been able to deal intensively with a current problem and successfully continue this work on myself in repeated sessions. Anyone who is still afraid of contact should definitely try hypnosis. I can trust Isabella 100%, her work is highly professional and she works her way into any issue. See you soon and thank you!
Great recommendation! Already after the first session (Jan. 2020) I noticed noticeable changes. I immediately felt much lighter and better. And now after almost 6 months it is amazing how much views and thinking patterns have positively developed through the sessions with Isabella. With her at the same time empathetic and professional manner she finds appropriate words in every session and gets to the heart of the problem. She also gave me a great introduction to hypnosis, so that I could fully engage in it. I felt very well taken care of and understood at all times. Therefore, I can only warmly recommend Isabella.
Through Isabella's sensitive, empathetic manner, I felt right away, very well taken care of. The hypnosis has helped me a lot. I can really recommend Isabella to everyone.
Wonderful, enriching. Anyone who wants to change positively has a real opportunity with Isabella. She is a very pleasant person and for me hypnosis worked 100%, although I was skeptical. You change things at the root and not on the surface, so it is effective in the long term.
Hypnosis with Isabella Buschinger is highly recommended. Isabella Buschinger is a very sensitive person who responds very well to the individual issues in hypnosis. She is therefore highly recommended.
I had learned about the effectiveness of hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome in a health program on one of the 3rd TV programs. So I searched the Internet for a suitable address in Berlin. I liked the homepage of Mrs. Buschinger's practice right away. Such a lot of education and useful information about hypnosis treatment impressed me.
There I also saw that hypnosis for smoking cessation was possible. At very short notice, I decided to book a hypnosis session for smoking cessation. Should that work, then I could try it with the "irritable bowel syndrome".
So I entered with a mixture of curiosity, skepticism and slight hope on 15.10.2019 the practice of Mrs. Buschinger. In the relaxed atmosphere of the preliminary conversation, I got to know Isabella a little better and then went with gained confidence in the first hypnosis session. Smoking cessation, that is. I found the hypnosis increasingly relaxing and very pleasant. Before leaving the practice, I gave Isabella the pack of cigarettes I had started to keep. It was to be the last. On the way home, however, I was no longer so sure that I could keep it up. Until the evening I had to pull myself together with all my might.
Early the next morning, however, I experienced something quite strange. For 50 years my first action in the morning had been to light a cigarette. First cigarette, then coffee, then slowly into the day. The most natural sequence of events for a smoker. And now? I didn't realize I was without a cigarette until I was drinking coffee! - And I didn't mind. It was a great feeling!
Long story short:
The hypnosis works! It works until now, in the middle of March 2020. Now I was curious to see if it also helps with IBS. I can remember my dreams quite rarely. But the night after the first hypnosis session for IBS, I surprisingly had a long, deep dream with lots of images and the feeling of coming home and reconciliation. Two days later, my eternal tendency to have diarrhea and the anxiety around it was swept away. I think something in me understood that my bowels are not an unpredictable adversary, but a thoroughly "dialog-ready part" of my body. - Reconciliation with the gut. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
I enjoyed a total of four hypnosis sessions with Isabella Buchinger. A whole lot of money. But, in retrospect: every hour has more than paid for itself. I would do it all again just the same.
I know Isabella personally, but I also had a session with her. It was a very good and special experience for me. Even though my health problems didn't completely disappear into thin air afterwards - who would have expected such a thing - I developed a completely different acceptance of it. Today I know that if I had really serious problems - whether physical or psychological - I would always go to Isabella for treatment. PS: This has now not really much to do with the fact that we both have the same first name :-)
When the voice stays away
- Dear Isabella Buschinger, Now it has been almost year since I went to you to get my voice problems under control. And yes - after having a clear firm voice again for over 10 months now, the problem has come back. But this time I know why! You did not cure my voice. Hypnosis taught me to take my body's signs seriously and sometimes it's time to be silent. Thank you again for helping me discover my inner strength and allow myself to be more. More peace, more silence - more contentment.
Isabella was my last hope. Faced with the prospect of surgery and insanely afraid of anything to do with hospitals and needles, I pinned my highest hopes on hypnosis. With success! Isabella has led me step by step to myself, made clear to me what all is in one, how much our subconscious has influence on us and how quickly it can be influenced by little things and even be changed.
The hypnosis or trance has awakened images in me that now support me in my life and have made me stronger. Now I can finally watch Dr. House and other series again without fear of sitting on the sofa in complete panic.
Thanks a million for this! :)
Hypnosis with Isabella Buschinger was a very profound experience. My topic was dating and partner selection. Isabella quickly succeeded in creating a trusting and supportive atmosphere in which it was easy for me to open up.
The hypnoses themselves are simply a blessing. Deep relaxation and immersion in inner worlds and images alone are a very enriching and beneficial experience.
In addition, it was a pure joy to experience how difficult situations can look and feel completely different in this state. Entirely new images and possibilities emerged that previously did not even seem to exist or seemed blocked.
After the end, a feeling of deep relaxation and confidence set in every time. Without realizing it at first, I have become much more active, getting involved in a completely different way, looking for and discovering new possibilities when looking for partners and meeting women.
I am sure that hypnosis has led me to whole new areas and my subconscious mind has let me and is letting me discover new ways.
Isabella is a woman who won me over from the first second. Her empathy and sensitivity, coupled with understanding and patience, make her a unique therapist. I feel seen and picked up with my issues. Thank you for that.
For me, hypnotherapy was new territory.
Isabella B. has introduced me to hypnotherapy with her warm and sympathetic manner. I felt comfortable all around. And her work has certainly brought success in some areas.
I can recommend Isabella Buschinger without reservation. It was a great experience for me!
As a pain sufferer, I was looking for a long-term solution without a lot of medication and had high hopes that hypnosis could help me. At the beginning I was skeptical, but I really feel much better, I would not have thought! Ms. Buschinger is a very friendly and attentive therapist, during hypnosis I always felt very safe and in professional hands. She challenges you to reflect and to formulate and work out exactly what you want, this helped me. Very exciting as a form of therapy and highly recommended.
Last November, I went to Isabella for treatment of my presentation anxiety. At the time I was very desperate - I had already done a lot of things from relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, exercises for more self-esteem to a public speaking seminar. All these attempts didn't help and my fear to speak in team meetings, to give presentations at work or to lead conversations became bigger and bigger and my thoughts permanently circled around this one topic and took away my joy of life as well as my otherwise so positive attitude.
The fear of speaking or giving presentations in professional situations developed over the last year. I didn't know this fear about myself before - in school, college or at private parties I rather loved to stand in front of an audience and present something. I had no previous experience with hypnosis and when I read about the treatment method for the first time, I mentally put it in the esoteric and show drawer from television. After I looked into it more, it became clear to me that a lot of things are stored in the subconscious and behaviors cannot always be reprogrammed so quickly. I was incredibly nervous before my first session with Isabella, but Isabella's welcome was very warm and she made it very easy for me to engage in the preliminary discussion and hypnosis. The atmosphere throughout the treatment was very comfortable and relaxed. I felt taken seriously and understood at all times and at the same time Isabella gave the necessary space to try out ways. Already in the first session a lot happened - before I was very desperate, was in a kind of cycle and had lost my positive attitude. Two hours later I was much more relaxed and could feel my joy in life and also love for myself again. Together with Isabella I learned that I had put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, was afraid of failing, constantly compared myself with others and made myself smaller and smaller. Through further sessions with Isabella, I was able to rebuild my self-confidence and learned how to deal with challenging situations. I am still nervous before important appointments at work or presentations in larger groups, but I have overcome my fear and learned that it is not so bad if everything does not go 100% perfectly.
I am incredibly grateful to Isabella for her support along the way and will continue to work on myself with her tips. I highly recommend Isabella and am very happy about this experience.
Best regards Elisa
Goodbye to fear of flying! The sessions with Isabella Buschinger were very pleasant and successful. Isabella makes it incredibly easy to get involved with hypnosis. A very wonderful and trusting atmosphere. I have just completed my first anxiety-free flight and am totally thrilled. Thank you so much!!!
Short and sweet: highly recommended!
I have been to Isabella three times for treatment of my fear of flying. Her structured approach, detailed medical history and subsequent individualized hypnosis resulted in effective treatment for my phobia. Isabella is not only professional, but also empathetic and trustworthy. I always felt well taken care of and could really relax during the hypnosis in the tastefully decorated premises.
Isabella is very understanding and takes you seriously. Did not feel uncomfortable at any moment but very very well taken care of. She helped me in every case to deal with my problem. Can only warmly recommend her!
Came to Isabella with severe grief that caused me to keep forgetting my own worth and doing things that were not good for me out of sheer desperation.
Because of our work together, I no longer have excruciating heart pain. Together we were able to find the cause of the heartbreak and change memories from the past so that they no longer weigh so heavily on me.
I can now better focus on my own life and enjoy it more.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to improve my quality of life many times over and to face my future with more freedom from fear.
Thank you Sybille
Smoking cessation through hypnosis
For me, hypnosis for smoking cessation has helped. I can definitely recommend it! Simply super! Ms. Buschinger is empathetic, very competent and has a very pleasant voice. I was very satisfied overall. A super procedure, no waiting, very nice location. All in all very positive. Thank you very much.
A sensitive, very pleasant person. Hypnosis can help!
I have only had two sessions, however, I already notice a slight change deep inside. Meanwhile I believe that hypnosis can access the subconscious. I react quite naturally in some situations in which I would have made myself small or even ashamed before. This was exactly what I wanted and what behavioral therapy and analytical psychotherapy could not give me.
Ms. Buschinger helps one feel comfortable and engaged in hypnosis. There is a wonderful, quiet, clear hypnosis room with a very comfortable chair and cozy blanket if you want. I also really like the cup of tea offered at the beginning of our appointments. You can also work with different essential scents for support.
For me, a clear recommendation!
Thank you dear Isabella for the hypnosis and the great cooperation! Isabella was very friendly, accommodating and empathetic from the beginning. It was very easy to get involved with hypnosis because I immediately felt trust in her. The practice is also very nice and quiet, I felt very comfortable and could relax right away. After the sessions I noticed clear and significant improvements (although I had a hard time imagining that before) and I am still fascinated by what is possible ;-)
Thanks again Isabella and all the love!
Highly recommended. Perfect practice, perfect people. Extremely intuitive professionals.
Highly recommended. Perfect practice, perfect people. Extremely intuitive professionals.
I am thrilled. Feel lighter - freer.
It's strange that we have the same first name - doesn't happen that often. Isabella is a wonderful person. She listens, understands and yet lets me have my own being and feeling. The relaxation alone that I experienced through the hypnosis and the introductory exercises helped me a lot. But then we went on an inner journey. I felt my own power and gained confidence.
After only two sessions I was able to straighten out some things in my life. Currently I am in the process of change, which I can manage well on my own.
But it is nice to know that you are there Isabella and I can come back to you anytime. Thank you so much and good luck with your super beautiful new practice.
Always happy to do it again!
Isabella is very competent and very responsive to personal needs. Through your very friendly balanced person I was able to engage very quickly in the conversation and hypnosis. I have been in hypnosis treatment with Isabella for a long period of time now and I am very happy with the results or the changes in me. Through the therapy more and more self-love, self-confidence and self-awareness has arisen in me. Through which I now lead a freer, more serene, simply a happier life.
Thank you very much Isabella!
For your help, for showing me the way to change and every time for the positive energy after the hypnosis session !
Looking forward to the next session in the beautiful new practice.
I can only recommend the hypnosis session.
Ms. Buschinger is extremely sensitive and competent. She makes a lot of effort for a pleasant atmosphere and for an optimal session success!
The practice is very modern furnished with special lighting effects of the lamps and room scents. This makes the hypnosis even more interesting. In addition, the hypnosis chair was very comfortable.
I'm just thrilled with how good the hypnosis felt - happy to do it again!
Keep it up!
Kind regards
Every session is a little revelation! For me, there is nothing more efficient for problem solving than indirect and conscious communication with the subconscious. Thanks to the clean preliminary work in the conversation, the hypnosis is all the more targeted. The experience of the sessions has a lasting and sustainable effect on my everyday life, because my subconscious mind knows exactly what it needs to show me in order to make the therapy a success. Isabella not only knows how to prepare the perfect space for this, she is an excellent companion during this process thanks to her empathy and experience. I highly recommend her. I am very grateful for her support!
Perfect smoking cessation! Absolutely top!
A "bundle" of problems that I felt unable to solve led me to the practice of Isabella Buschinger. So far I had no experience with this form of treatment. Isabella knew how to take away some of my nervousness and I felt that I could trust her completely. Already during the first session I experienced a release of burdens and for the first time in a long time I felt joy and confidence.
Together with her, I am convinced, I will solve all problems.
Thank you Isabella... and for all who need help, contact her!
Ms. Buschinger is professionally very competent and empathetic. She has a broad knowledge and diverse knowledge of methods from related forms of therapy. I am very satisfied with your treatment and its lasting effects. I can highly recommend you.
During our time together with Isabella, I always felt well cared for and advised. We took enough time to talk. Unfortunately, I had to interrupt treatment for personal reasons, so I was not able to take full advantage of my sessions. Nevertheless, I was able to gain important experiences and insights during my time with Isabella, thank you very much for the work we did together.
I was about to change jobs; I am no longer quite young and with increasing age one takes some events in life not quite so feather lightRated by Susann on Google. So I was looking for a suitable therapist who could help me by means of hypnosis. I searched the internet and came across Isabella. I can only describe it for myself: I saw her picture on her website, and for me it was "love" at first sight ....
Very, very sensitively Isabella took me under her wing and helped me to find a positive outcome from my emotional chaos.
I am very satisfied with the result achieved by means of hypnosis, note on this occasion that for me the first appointment in the early morning was better/more suitable, as I was not yet burdened by what felt like 300 Whats-App messages from my loved ones. I would therefore tend to always make an appointment for hypnosis again in the morning hours (fresh and alert).
I can recommend anyone to contact Isabella.
I highly recommend the hypnosis session.
Ms. Buschinger is extremely empathetic and competent. She makes a lot of effort for a pleasant atmosphere and for an optimal session success!
The practice is very modern furnished with special lighting effects of the lamps and room scents. This makes the hypnosis even more interesting. In addition, the hypnosis chair was very comfortable.
I am just thrilled with how good the hypnosis felt - happy to do it again! Keep it up!
Kind regards
I came to Isabella on a doctor's recommendation - "you will be helped much better and more sustainably there than with drug treatment". I could not have received better advice. Already after the first very pleasant conversation about my problems and wishes for the treatment and the subsequent hypnosis I felt better. The following 3 appointments in the beautiful practice rooms in the Remise did me a lot of good and I can say - wishes fulfilled - problems eliminated.
Thank you Isabella.
Hypnosis for presentation anxiety
Isabella is a very pleasant sensitive person. With her help I managed to jump over my shadow and give a presentation in front of an audience of 150 people, which was unthinkable for me until then.
Isabella is a very sensitive and trustworthy person. Without a doubt she combines all the qualities needed to be a therapist! I have already participated in two hypnosis sessions and they have helped me a lot and supported me in my path. Gave me confidence and took away fear. I highly recommend the hypnoses! I feel very understood by Isabella and she is happy to take the time to ask how I am feeling outside of the treatments. I also regularly participate in the group dream journeys. If you can get involved in these journeys, you win! These journeys always give me new strength and energy, time to find my way back to myself. A journey after which I know where and who I am. I can only recommend it!
Isabella deals with her patients with a rare mixture of high empathy, high competence and professionalism and intense warm personal charisma so gently that they can naturally Fallenlassen and can let go of their worries.
Due to her studies as a social pedagogue, training as an alternative practitioner psych, hypnosis training as well as a seemingly endless number of additional training, she draws in her therapies from a scope rich fundus. So she is able to respond to very different people and give them the support they need at the time.
The most impressive thing for me is her great joy in her patients' progress and unwavering confidence in their developmental potential.
Isabella helps when no one else has an idea!!!
In a trusting atmosphere Isabella manages to adjust to me and my current life situation. With empathy, every topic can be discussed. I have already attended several appointments with her and am already looking forward to the next one.
She accompanies me on my way and sharpens my view in the right direction for me.
Anytime, I would choose to call Isabella again and direct my "call for help" to her.
She simultaneously knows how to be very close to you (she radiates incredible warmth) and yet professionally distant. This balance is a gift. Am partial to her the first time and immediately, especially since I am a difficult person. Her voice can "hypnotize" someone.... Great woman & therapist!
A professional, very empathetic, genuinely interested Isabella,
Who brought out the most positive out of me.
It didn't take much more to leave over 30 years of smoking behind me.
Now already 9 weeks.
Very simple!
Thank you Isabella
Definitely recommended!!!
I suffered from depression with panic attacks for three years. After numerous psychotherapy sessions and multiple medication changes, I found Isabella from the internet.... I am very grateful to her for the kind and very compassionate care.... I am finally feeling well again for a long time. I have no more fears now and can look positively into the future.... The depressive mood was almost gone after the 2nd session. Again, many many thanks Isabella.
For many years I have plagued myself with great anxiety when I am to present (myself) in public. Shaky voice, red head, sweating and generally feeling completely beside myself. I have made countless attempts to approach this, my problem, and have learned a lot. Understood where this anxiety comes from and what constitutes it and theoretically how I could deal with it. Unfortunately, this failed quite practically for me but often because I feel in advance so firmly in the hands of my fears that acting on a new pattern is not even possible.
With this baggage and the very specific question of how I could perhaps interrupt my fear earlier in order to remain capable of acting in the situation, I came across the topic of hypnotherapy and finally to Ms. Buschinger. I had already had very good experiences with dream journeys years before and was curious to experience whether I could perhaps gain new impulses for dealing with my anxiety via such a journey to myself under hypnosis.
I found the work with Ms. Buschinger from the beginning extremely pleasant. I felt very comfortable and secure with her and in her practice and was able to quickly build a relationship of trust with her. For me, she distinguished herself in particular by the fact that she was able to relate wonderfully to me and my individual needs. In doing so, she showed a fine sense for things that might just be "on", at the same time it was always clear that I could determine the where of my journey myself.
In the end, I didn't need many appointments with Ms. Buschinger at all to discover some additional anchors for myself that can help me in my everyday life with my anxiety. An absolute highlight for me in this context was an important work appointment, of which I can proudly report that I mastered it really well with great excitement, but without the feeling of being completely beside myself.
Now hypnosis has not taken away my anxiety and it continues to cost me overcoming it. But it has revived a strength in me that I haven't felt for a long time. And it still resonates.
I had reservations about hypnosis at first, but Isabella was able to get them out of the way quickly. Through her analytical skills, she was able to quickly understand my problem and help me in the long term.
Thank you Isabella!
Yesterday now unfortunately the last session with Isabella and your dream trips ...... too bad!
Very empathetic, makes each individual feel important, welcome and accepted, so nice!!
Your voice is just perfect for your work and makes it easy to travel with her and let yourself fall!
Dear Isabella, this was definitely not the last time! Thank you for this wonderful time in which I found for the first time in a long time only to me!
An experience that I would not want to miss! See you soon and definitely recommend!!!!
Seeked Ms. Buschinger's help for problems resulting from surgeries on my head and a cranial implant: insomnia, exhaustion, tension. Relatively quickly I learned to relax again and sleep more. I had no experience with hypnotherapy and was surprised how actively you participate in it yourself. It is more like a guided trance, in which images emerge that can come from memories or appear completely new and serve to anchor new perspectives. Isabella Buschinger is very sensitive to the person who confides in her. I especially liked how creatively she dealt with my problems in hypnosis. Am very glad that I was able to enlist her help. Thank you!
Hypnosis was a super experience for me. Isabella is very empathetic, competent.... I felt very well taken care of with her and are now 2 days that I do not smoke and do not feel like it. :-) let's wait and see! Highly recommended.
I was afraid of the sea when it storms and an almost uncontrollable panic of the howling and tugging wind. Yay, through the wonderful guidance in hypnosis, I am liberated!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Am soooo happy. Isabella is just super! Silvia
I was very skeptical of the hypnosis method at the beginning. However, Isabella convinced me very quickly that hypnosis is not cliché esoteric stuff that does nothing.
Already in the first session I got to feel the power of hypnosis and was heavily impressed. I think it is especially important that you as a client can get involved and let go. In this, however, Isabella offers excellent support.
Thank you very much Isabella!
Good treatment and high effectiveness
Would recommend again and again.
Ms. Buschinger is like a fairy godmother who fulfilled all my wishes. For example, through hypnosis I was able to easily get back to my ideal weight. Regular hypnosis helps me to achieve all my future goals more easily. Any motivational coach or coaching for managers becomes obsolete through hypnosis.
Very good introduction to my hypnosis treatment, very nice contact, nice practice, highly recommended.
Rated by Marion S. on Google
Isabella works sensitively and competently. In the hypnosis or trance journey I have always felt appreciative carried u lovingly accompanied. My concerns always found their solutions with her professional support. Always gladly again.
Rated by P.-K. on Google
It was a lot of fun and feel free to recommend it. I have learned a lot and also already success.... I perceive my habits and can influence them.
Rated by Petra on Google
Mrs. Buschinger is like a fairy who fulfilled all my wishes.
Rated by Carsten S. on Google
Isabella is a very nice and competent therapist. She listens very well and makes you feel comfortable.... Highly recommended..
Rated by Ela Y. on Google
A super great time I me it helped a lot! When I had my first session, what depressed me so with the most was that I had no girlfriend!!! Let it be coincidence but a short time later I had a girlfriend!!! So there are coincidences but such a big one after all I was single 3 years before!!! Very friendly woman with a very soothing voice.
Rated by Tobias B. on Google
With Isabella I felt very well taken care of, she is a very sensitive and above all things nice person. It was the first time that I had to do with the subject of hypnosis, I was open to it and was not disappointed. and was not disappointed. The sessions with her were all very pleasant, I felt in good hands with her. For me, it was about the vexed topic of losing weight. I think she was able to help me with my problem. Therefore, 100% recommendation from my side. I wish her all the best for the future, keep up the good work. Lg Frank.
Rated by F. S. on Google
For several years, unfortunately, I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. I then decided to start hypnotherapy and so far, it has helped me a lot. Ms. Isabella Buschinger is an extremely competent and empathetic person, and I feel very comfortable at her practice. I have finally learned to relax thoroughly and I am very impressed with the positive effects of hypnosis on my body and mind. I am more motivated and have more energy for my everyday life and I can only thank Ms. Buschinger for that.
Isabella is very competent and nice. She responds well to one's needs, takes a lot of time for it. Nice practice, relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Rated by Markus N. on Google
On Thursday 22/06/2017 I had my first hypnosis session with Isabella and I must say that it was very pleasant for me even the first time. The whole nature and character of Isabella gives you a lot of confidence in her work. I am already very excited about the next session. Isabella is very competent, sensitive and knows what she is talking about. Can only recommend you.
Rated by Inge P. on Google
An oasis of calm. Very friendly and all problems are addressed. With the help of Mrs. Buschinger you can get well again and find your inner peace. Am very satisfied :)
Rated by Sylvia M. on Google
Hypnosis has helped me a lot. I can definitely recommend it! Simply top! Ms. Buschinger is empathetic and very competent. I am overall very satisfied, with the organization, the hypnosis, the location and the effect on me and my body. I feel liberated, lighter and happy to have made a hypnosis journey! Thumbs up and thank you very much!
Rated by S.M. on Google
I did the hypnosis for my sleep problems and so far I am very satisfied. Very nice and empathetic person!
Hypnosis has helped me a lot. I can definitely recommend it! Simply top! Ms. Buschinger is empathetic and very competent. I am very satisfied overall. Smooth process, no waiting, very nice location. Thumbs up!
Rated by Sarah on Facebook
I had a breakdown two years ago, triggered by constant stress and overwork. Since then I suffered from an anxiety disorder with panic attacks both on public transportation and in the car. I suffered from symptoms such as tingling in my stomach, which slowly moved into my chest and triggered both palpitations and extra systoles, trembling in my arms and legs, feeling weak and dizzy. Just the thought of getting on a plane made me incredibly nervous. I was in talk therapy with a psychotherapist for 1.5 years, which unfortunately didn't do much for me. I continued to feel insecure and increasingly lost confidence. I was looking for an alternative treatment method to finally get my life back on track and met Isabella.
I immediately took a liking to Isabella. She has an incredibly friendly and open manner. She takes her time, questions a lot and listens carefully. In the first hypnosis sessions I could not relax completely because I am a person who likes to stay in control.
But with each hypnosis session, I fell into a deeper relaxation and was able to let go completely. We set anchors - images that I can recall in a tense situation to help me get back into relaxation. Now, after the hypnosis treatments I feel much better.
I can get in the car and/or on the train and no longer suffer from the previously mentioned symptoms. Since then I have even flown again 3 times ... ?
I absolutely recommend Isabella to others.
I am very grateful for her help and support!
I am still seriously impressed with how hypnosis works. Hypnosis has helped me overall look at my life in a new way. Since the session I no longer smoke, that was 8 weeks ago now and I am taking good care of myself and my health. My colleagues also notice that I have changed in a positive way and the fear of not being in the smoking conversations is completely gone. With your tips, the transition has been even easier for me and with my colleagues I am still there during the breaks - except that I no longer smoke, which is a total relief for me. It makes me such a role model for them, which makes me feel so good that I now know even more how much strength I have in me and how much I can accomplish!
Many, many thanks Mrs. Buschinger! Your Thorsten F.
I liked the hypnosis very much, was also very relaxed afterwards.... Ms. Buschinger is very empathetic and lovely and with her calm voice you are immediately in a trance :)!
Rated by Evelyn on Facebook
Dear Isabella, I just recommended you again to an acquaintance and passed on your website and phone number. On this occasion I also thought of my non-smoking hypnosis, which is now almost 8 months ago. My family is so proud of me and I am of course also very proud that I am now smoke-free. I can't imagine starting again either. I know better things to do with my money now ;) I am deeply grateful to you!
Thank you so much!
Hi Isabella, I would like to thank you for your help before my trip to Australia and give you my feedback on the treatment with hypnosis. I am happy that I decided to use hypnosis. That with your support and hypnosis I overcame my fears. I would have otherwise never known how many beautiful things there were for me to experience in Australia! The suggestions accompanied me and calmed me down before the flight and so I actually flew again after so many years! I am so happy that I dared and could travel this beautiful country. And of course my wife is happy too. I have seen and learned a lot and can take a lot into my life. With all the friends and the impressions I even feel like the next flight and we are already looking at the next destinations at home :)
. Thank you Isabella! Your Richard, T.
Rated by Richard (May 2017) on Google
Dear Isabella, after 6 months I would like to tell you how I felt after my hypnosis. It is hard for me to describe because it feels like something clicked inside me. I lost the first 7 kilos through hypnosis with you and I feel so much better with fewer kilos. I know now that I can do it!
I feel much more agile and literally lighter. I notice this especially in my bones and joints, I can walk a lot more again without getting pain quickly. My family is also very happy about it and we can do more again.
Many, many thanks!
I am still very enthusiastic about the hypnosis. Especially my husband notices that I hardly eat sweets anymore and I reach more and more for healthy food! I myself hardly notice, so easy it is for me to give up sweets and take every day, time for myself and sports. Walking helps me to move and I simply feel good! Thank you very much Mrs. Buschinger!
Dear Isabella, I have just recommended you again in my company and passed on your website and phone number. On this occasion I remembered my hypnosis against fear of flying, which is now almost 6 months ago. I am still so proud of myself and happy that I took the step with hypnosis. Professionally, flying has now really changed a lot and I can now contribute without fear as I always wanted! The promotion is coming up next year and I am sure that without hypnosis I would not have overcome my fears of flying, especially of heights, so quickly. I now no longer need medication to calm me down before flying and during the flight, but can simply board the plane relaxed! The self-hypnosis techniques still help me a lot during the flights - and also otherwise when I want to do something good for myself! I am deeply grateful to you!
Thank you very much! Bettina
Rated by Bettina F. (December 2016) on Google
I was with you in January and the hypnosis helped me finally lose weight more easily, I have lost 5 kilograms and this despite the fact that for years I had either heavier or the same number of kilos on the scales, which was always so depressing for me.
I now realize that my relationship with cakes and sweets was almost like an addiction with me. Knowing this, I can now handle it much better in stressful situations. Your tips have helped me not only weigh less on the scale, but have also shown me that there is more to my life that makes me happy. I still eat chocolate today, but even one piece is enough for me now. I'm doing a great job of not eating the whole bar right away and seeing chocolate more as a treat. I am infinitely grateful to you and have the feeling that the hypnosis was only the beginning of many beautiful changes for me. All the best and warm regards, Petra
A heartfelt thank you at this point. You advised me professionally and took away my initial fear of hypnosis. I also had not quite believed in the effectiveness at first and am so glad that I was with you anyway! I felt very well accompanied and supported and can still hear your so positive voice in quiet moments. That is incredibly good for me! I was with you for weight loss and I still can hardly believe that I lost 7 kilograms within a few weeks. I am speechless above all because it has been so easy for me and I am now happy when I stand on the scales. This was quite different for many years, when I only whined and depressed and gained more and more weight. Hypnosis with you is an investment for me that has paid off so much! I now have less on my ribs and more in my wallet because I spend less money on chocolate and sweets. I would recommend you anytime, especially because I know that quitting smoking with you helped my partner so much too! I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this new quality of life warm regards!
I would like to report today with an interim status. It is now three months since the last hypnosis session of a total of three sessions on weight loss and I want to share with you what has changed in my life since then!
There are more and more moments when I notice in time when I am full. This is a huge progress for me, where in the past I hardly or not at all noticed this condition. This had led to the fact that I have eaten more and more.
This went partly up to real binge eating and food attacks, for which I was very ashamed.
End of the song were 35 kilos overweight and I have only felt uncomfortable and unattractive. Nothing fit anymore, everything was too tight and I was in bad shape: I was unhappy and depressed and had hardly any joy in life.
The hypnosis sessions with you have changed many things. As I said, today I get full earlier and I realize when I am really hungry or if I am just thirsty or sad. Today I don't have to comfort myself with food. The idea of a hypnotic gastric band was terrific and I still feel that it works and is there. I learned a lot about myself in the sessions, there is a lot that I take with me for my life, especially the strength to go my way. This feels good and also shows on my scales!
I have managed to lose weight in the last significant!
Thank you very much for this, it is a whole new attitude to life for me, Your Brigitte
Dear Mrs. Buschinger, after 6 weeks I would like to tell you how I felt after my hypnosis. It is hard for me to describe because it feels like something clicked inside me. I lost the first 7 kilos through hypnosis with you and I feel so much better with fewer kilos. I know now that I can do it! I feel much more agile and literally lighter. I notice this especially in my bones and joints, I can walk a lot more again without getting pain quickly. My family is also very happy about it and we can do more again.
The hypnosis sessions were incredibly important for me and have changed my whole life.
For a long time I have been dealing with the question of why I still felt this pain even after more than a year and how it could only go on in my life. I could no longer work and have withdrawn more and more. I have not seen friendships for a long time, the pain of the loss and the separation from my long-term partner was too great. How was I ever going to be able to fall in love again and feel fun and joy. With every week that passed, it got worse. Until I came across you. Through hypnosis with you, I was able to truly face my grief for perhaps the first time. Wounds were able to heal and I was able to take control of my life again more and more strengthened by the sessions. I learned to let go and stopped making myself feel guilty.
Since then, many things have changed with me, especially within me.
Thank you so much for your support!

Hello Isabella,
I would very much like to recommend you and your practice. I am glad that I decided to go for hypnosis, despite one or two fears and concerns. You took away my fear very quickly and showed me how it feels to be hypnotized.
With hypnotherapy I have learned more and more to understand and overcome with my fear of being left. I can experience my relationship much more calmly today, which is incredibly good for me and my partner too! Thank you very much!
Best regards, Nicole R.
I've had one issue going around for years, fingernail biting. I have tried to trick myself in so many ways. From artificial fingernails to special tinctures from the pharmacy that were supposed to prevent nail biting. Nothing helped, much more I started to hurt the skin around the nails even more. All in all it was a high pressure, because I often didn't notice it myself, but people around me noticed it more. Hypnosis helped me to redirect the pressure and to work on moments in my childhood in hypnosis. And quite exciting is the times in which I have the desire to nibble, are becoming less and less, but I get me in the moments more and can then react differently.
I thank Isabella for the support and can really recommend you. I felt very seriously taken and understood.
Heard a lot about hypnosis and even though I was skeptical at first as a rather rational type, curiosity won out. Isabella was recommended to me by an acquaintance who quit smoking a year ago with her support. I told my acquaintance about difficulties at work. For a long time I was probably in my own way and through Isabella and hypnosis I was finally able to find out more about myself and what had prevented me for so long from living and being as successful as I wanted. Hypnosis worked for me pretty soon. I have become freer and have the feeling to face life more. I feel ready to take risks. I now dare much more to speak up in meetings and also to show my competences.
I am grateful to Isabella for guiding me.
In retrospect, the fear of dying started much earlier. I think I was able to compensate for this fear very well for a long time. I did this through numerous medical examinations: I constantly checked with doctors to make sure that everything was really okay physically, and I looked for answers as to why I slept so poorly. Sometimes I had an here, sometimes there, sometimes a friend told me that her aunt had just died, which was reason enough to get rid of all my thoughts. The fear that I might have the same disease often kept me awake at night. At some point, even the medical examinations were no longer enough to make me feel safe again. In the end, I know today that there were other fears behind it. I can only say that at some point, the suffering caused by the fear was so high, and my joy in life was lost to such an extent, that I lacked the desire to even get up in the morning. At the same time, there was always the fear of not getting up in the morning at all. A cycle that got worse and worse!
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