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Hypnotherapist Berlin

Mina Ghahremani

At Hypnosis Berlin, Mina welcomes English-speaking clients with calmness, empathy and a deep understanding of the human mind and consciousness.

When I began to study psychology and philosophy at Loyola University Chicago many years ago, I never would have thought that one day I would be introducing myself to you as a hypnotherapist in Berlin. From a young age, I have been moving between countries; Germany, Canada, United States, and The Netherlands. Additionally, having been raised by Iranian parents brought another culture and language to the mix. As a result of my cosmopolitan background, I have not only developed great insight and open-mindedness regarding various cultures, mentalities, personality types and lifestyles, but also discovered a deep desire to assist others in overcoming afflictions of the human mind, body, and emotions.
In the fast-paced world of today, I would like to invite you to slow down, take a breath and through hypnosis guide you in uncovering whatever barriers, wounds, conflicts or limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your full potential as a human being. It is my belief that life circumstances and the societal system through which we navigate can sometimes alienate us from ourselves. The less we are connected to ourselves, the more poorly we function. This can make it difficult to feel the magic of our own existence or to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions in a way that feels safe. My aim is to provide a safe space for you in which you can be yourself and get to know yourself better; to feel the magic of life again, discover new paths to joy, to get to the roots of your whole being and feel connected to yourself and those around you. Together we can unlock the doors that need to be opened for you to get to where you want to be. During hypnotherapy I will not perform any magic tricks for you – I would like to show you that you are your own magician with an infinite power to change.
I am deeply passionate about hypnotherapy and will gladly answer any remaining questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy during a session with me. I strive to make every client walk out of a session feeling fully heard, understood and replenished in the holistic sense.

Qualifications and Education

  • Studied Psychology at Loyola University Chicago (USA) and Leiden University (Netherlands), with a minor in Philosophy - specialized in Consciousness Studies
  • State Licensed Psychotherapist (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist - Systemic Hypnotherapy (Systemische Hypnosetherapie, Marburg, Germany)
  • Existential Therapy
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Meditation Guide and Trainer
  • Former Researcher of Sleep Paralysis, Lucid Dreaming and Hypnagogic States
  • Specialized Hypnotherapist for issues related to sleep paralysis
Qualifikationen und Ausbildung
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