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Hypnosis for Exam Anxiety
Get Through Your Exams with Ease

Exam anxiety in hypnotherapy helps so that fear does not become a risk. Before we imagine what it might be like to live a life without fear, we should first look at our fears, such as exam anxiety, in the right light. After all, fear is much better than its reputation, and is even necessary for survival. It makes us cautious, sharpens our attention, and allows us to recognize dangers. In return, it has a whole range of exciting physical reactions in store.
Hypnosis for Exam Anxiety - Get Through Your Exams with Ease
Image: Hypnosis for Exam Anxiety - Get Through Your Exams with Ease

Exam anxiety symptoms

How to recognize the fear of failing the exam

Exam anxiety not only makes us freeze in the corresponding situation. It usually manifests itself many hours or days beforehand. The symptoms can be felt both psychologically and physically. These include back pain, sleep disturbances, stomach pain and upsets such as diarrhea, as well as cardiac arrhythmia, insecurity or depressed mood. This anxiety can increase to a panic attack.

Exam anxiety manifests itself in people through different symptoms and reactions on a physical and psychological level:

Physical Symptoms
Usually there are physical symptoms of exam anxiety long before the actual exam date, such as sleep disorders and sleep problems, stomach pain and abdominal pain, gastrointestinal upset such as diarrhea, inner restlessness and the feeling of not coming down. In the acute situation, exam and failure anxiety then expresses itself with further symptoms that resembles panic: Trembling, sweaty hands, hot flashes, racing heart, palpitations, high blood pressure (hypertension), cramping, dizziness, nausea, sweating, strong tension in the body, diarrhea and urination can occur. Shallow breathing that may progress to shortness of breath and feelings of suffocation. The body reacts with strong feelings of anxiety, this state can further increase to a panic attack. Those affected would prefer to flee the situation or freeze in the situation.
Psychological Symptoms
Psychologically, too, test anxiety and the fear of failing usually show up long before a scheduled appointment. The time before the exam is often accompanied by brooding, negative thoughts, self-doubt and an ever-increasing sense of insecurity. Many of those affected panic beforehand and suffer from a mental state of emergency: lack of concentration in everyday life, depressive moods, "bad moods" and an intangible fear that grows ever larger. The growing fear ultimately blocks really absorbing the learning content and achieving a certainty in the area to be tested. Even if on a conscious level the affected person is able to judge that it is "only an exam", on another, deeper level the fear is so great that they cannot calm themselves down.

Hypnosis against test anxiety and the fear of failing

What would you do if you were not afraid? An exciting question, and if you let it sink in, if you dive deep into the feeling of what life could be like without fear, you can sense the promise behind this idea. A life without fear of failure, without fear of exams, is that even possible? Yes, it is! The effectiveness of hypnosis for test anxiety and fear of failure has now been proven by a study conducted by the University of Tübingen.

Test anxiety self test

Do I suffer from a fear of failing and not being good enough?

The following questions can be the first clues to whether you are afraid of failing:
  • 1

    Do you experience anxiety and insecurity even before an exam date?
  • 2

    Do you experience any of the following symptoms: increase in heart rate and palpitations, blushing, stuttering, sweating, trembling, and dry mouth.
  • 3

    Are you afraid of losing control in the exam situation, freezing or losing your train of thought due to a blackout, not being able to recall knowledge, or not being able to express yourself clearly?
  • 4

    Have you ever found yourself in an exam situation where intense feelings of anxiety also hit you out of the blue?
  • 5

    Do you have the impression that you would prefer to avoid the exam situations and cancel them?
If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions and feel restricted in your everyday life and living, you should seek medical or therapeutic advice. You may be experiencing test anxiety. Please note that questions are always asked broadly, so it is possible for people who are not affected by test anxiety to get a positive result. Not everyone who is excited before an exam suffers from test anxiety or fear of failure.

Exam anxiety facts

Hypnosis helps with exam anxiety

Hypnose hilft bei Prüfungsangst - das hat eine Studie der Universität Tübingen bestätigt unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf in der Arbeitsgruppe "Psychotherapieforschung, Hypnose und Hypnotherapie".
Siehe dazu Revenstorf & Zeyer (1992): „Hypnotherapeutische Kurzbehandlung von Prüfungsangst“:
Studie zu Hypnotherapeutische Kurzbehandlung von Prüfungsangst.

Examination anxiety is widespread

The following illustrations also show this. More than half of the students in Germany are nervous before every exam. Exam nerves are not to be confused with stage fright, which can show up before exams in the form of excitement and is completely normal! Exam anxiety, on the other hand, paralyzes, blocks and makes the time before the exam and puts those affected in extremely unfavorable situations.
56 %
of students in Germany are nervous before every exam.
24 %
of the young adults surveyed, ages 15-24, sometimes worry that you won't be able to meet the demands of school or training.
25 %
of the young adults surveyed, between the ages of 15-24, sometimes worry that you won't be able to meet the demands of today's professional world.

Exam anxiety causes

How does the fear of failure arise?

Fear of exams and failure already begin at school. We have to write class tests, write essays and participate in sports competitions. But not everyone likes to be the center of attention. Many children despair because they are not athletic, because they stutter or don't like to speak in front of people for other reasons, or because they think they are too fat, too thin, too blond or too dark-haired. Hypnosis Berlin helps you and your child to cope with the difficulties of everyday school life. After school comes education. No matter if we decide to study or to do an apprenticeship, again and again we are exposed to exam situations and have to master job interviews. Later, at work, we have to deal with constantly changing demands. Sometimes we have to give a presentation, sometimes we have to write a cost analysis, or we have to answer to our boss or the board of directors. Now stamina is required. With Hypnosis Berlin you will find your inner center and develop a confident and self-assured appearance.

Exam anxiety consequences

What consequences can test anxiety and fear of failure have?

The longer fears persist and remain untreated, the greater the suffering of those affected. Confidence and hope decrease, and those affected feel helpless and at the mercy of others.

When test anxiety takes on a life of its own

During test anxiety, the coronary vessels dilate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels rise, the skeletal muscles are supplied with more blood, the bronchial tubes dilate, our pupils enlarge and our attention is heightened. In short, our body is wide awake, gets the highest possible energy supply, and is poised for peak performance. These are all qualities that we can put to good use in an exam situation. It only becomes problematic when our anxiety remains. When we have no way to rebalance our physical reactions through normal behavior, such as flight. Then our fear can take on a life of its own. We no longer fear concrete dangers, but develop unreal fears. Fear of failure is a good example of a fear that only paralyzes us in this way.

Summarize the consequences of a fear of testing and failure as follows:.
  • Decreasing self-confidence and insecurity and greater self-doubt can show up at work and bring psychosocial, somatic and economic consequences.
  • Decreased chances of advancement, as exams and professional testing situations are avoided.
  • Problems in the professional environment, up to and including loss of work.
  • Depressive moods
  • Increased risk due to "self-therapy or self-medication".
  • Learning blockades and increasing lack of confidence in one's own possibilities.

Examination anxiety Consequential problems and diseases

Psychologically, test anxiety manifests itself through negative thoughts and often combined with other fears such as fear of failure. Very often it can be observed that a fear of exams has a tendency to increase and affected people start to avoid situations in order not to expose themselves to the experience of a possible failure. Often people with test anxiety have the feeling of not being good enough, because in exams they lose "control". They often show signs and symptoms of depression as a secondary disorder and also social phobia.

Exam anxiety hypnosis treatment

What leads those with exam anxiety to hypnosis

A large number of my clients have long been looking for something that helps against fear of failure and exam anxiety and to be free of fear and more relaxed in certain situations. Thus, many come to my hypnosis practice with the desire to combat test anxiety, to be more efficient in important moments, and to master exams or job interviews confidently. Many of them simply wish to relax better before the appointment and to be able to show what they are really made of in the exam. Already after the first session clients feel a significant change. Fears become less, you learn to control yourself and your inner states better with the help of your breath. In the course of the next sessions you will experience exciting things. You may find ancient and often unconscious causes of your fear of failure. It is possible that you will become more aware of yourself in today's world and learn to understand what is going on inside you. Whatever is behind your fear of failure, in a few sessions you will learn more about it and begin to overcome fears. With hypnosis you make your life easier. You get in touch with yourself and learn to handle difficult, fearful situations like exams or job interviews better. Because if you are in contact with yourself, you really live a self-determined life.

Effect of hypnosis for exam anxiety is that hypnosis provides more calm and inner security instead of anxiety

More relaxed in exam situations: Hypnosis Berlin helps you reduce anxiety, overcome test anxiety and fear of failure and discover your own source of strength. Hypnosis against test anxiety has a long-term effect. It brings you new confidence and an inner calm that strengthens with each passing month. But especially in the case of exam anxiety, you often enough need a quick result, and here hypnosis is also the means of choice. Because the basis of hypnosis is deep relaxation, which you will get to know already during the first session. A pleasant calmness spreads within you, which will accompany you during the next days and maybe even weeks. In the course of the first hypnosis treatment, you will already learn ways to calm yourself, control your heartbeat and let your breath become calmer. This will not only have a positive effect on your fear of failure, but will also help you in all other areas of life. Fear of failure, like most fears, has a tendency to expand. It gets bigger and bigger, seems to feed on itself. The closer the dreaded deadline approaches, the more place the fear has taken in the person's life. Failure can hardly be avoided anymore. At the same time, every failure gives birth to new fear, every fear to new panic - every panic to new failures. A cycle is created that becomes harder and harder to break the longer it goes on. Do not wait. Hypnosis Berlin helps you with exam and failure anxiety and gives your future a fear-free chance.

Hypnosis helps to overcome test anxiety and dissolve learning blocks

So there are definitely positive aspects of anxiety that we don't want to miss. This is also the case with test anxiety. When dosed, it makes us prepare particularly well. It makes us more attentive, we can concentrate better, and we are more alert and efficient. Only when test anxiety becomes too great do its advantages turn into disadvantages. Then caution makes us freeze. We can no longer learn, cannot concentrate, in the worst case we are sleepless days before the exam and make mistake after mistake. This is exactly where Hypnose Berlin comes in. We help you to stay calm without losing your attention.

Reduce performance anxiety and fear of failure with hypnosis

Hypnosis improves performance and can do even more: it helps us to increase our performance and to better exploit our mental potential. It does this by, among other things, releasing blockages, improving our ability to concentrate and expanding ingrained thought structures. There is also a lot to be achieved in terms of methodology. Highly efficient learning methods help you increase your learning ability by up to 500 percent, and even reading speed can be significantly increased through hypnosis. The final adjustment screw in this area is the recall of what you have learned. With the help of certain methods and hypnotic support, you will be able to recall what you have learned quickly and efficiently during the actual exam situation.

Hypnosis against test anxiety and fear of failure also helps with job application anxiety

Hypnosis helps not only with exam anxiety. Even those who are plagued by fear of failure or still have not found their dream job because of application anxiety, will have a better life through hypnosis.
Because behind all this are old thought patterns, low self-esteem and unprocessed fears. Learn more about hypnosis for job application anxiety and the fear of job interviews here.
Hypnosis helps us penetrate the depths of our souls, look at old wounds, recognize and let go of conditioning.

What would you do if you had no fear?

Although a life completely free of fear is not at all desirable, a life without crippling fear is entirely possible. So think very carefully about how you want your life to be. Recognize your desires and dreams completely without inner censorship, and learn with the help of hypnosis to get your fears of failure under control.

More Information

Hypnosis Appointment Booking

  • The first hypnosis session usually lasts 120 minutes and includes getting to know each other, a detailed anamnesis and your first hypnosis.
    After booking an appointment in the online calendar, you will receive detailed information about your hypnosis session by email and will receive the hypnosis e-book free of charge when you book the first session. Follow-up appointments usually last 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the current situation and the resulting needs.
    You can find detailed information about the prices under Hypnosis Prices.
  • Smaller topics and issues can sometimes be solved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for smoking cessation takes place in one intensive session. More complex issues that accompany people longer are treated in four sessions on average. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where I support clients over several years at their express request.
  • Usually clients come for a follow-up appointment at an interval of 1 to 4 weeks. I have had very good experiences with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. I would like to emphasize here that in my experience this depends on the topic and the client.
  • Under the following link you can select and book your appointment yourself in the online calendar: Make an Appointment.
  • You will receive an invoice for each session. This does NOT show any fee codes of the GebüH and does not contain any diagnoses. The session is to be paid privately at the end of the session in cash or with EC card. The practice does NOT bill public and private insurances.
  • You can find more questions and answers in the Hypnosis FAQ section - frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

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