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How fast does hypnosis show its effects?

How fast does hypnosis show its effects?

How quickly does hypnosis show an effect?

Hypnosis refers to communicating with the unconscious parts of the human being. For this communication to be possible, the client must first be in a hypnotic trance, so that the path to the subconscious is accessible and the suggestions can be implemented. The first part of the hypnotic effect is the trance state into which the client is led. With time, this can be achieved quite quickly and without much effort. In the beginning, the hypnotist usually uses more elaborate methods of trance induction to put the client into a trance. The second part of the hypnotic effect is the one that leads to the changes. These continue to have an effect even after the trance or hypnosis. How and when these changes actually show up in everyday life depends on the particular type of change desired and, of course, on the person, how long the problem / issue has existed and the person's experience. The decisive factor is whether the client's subconscious mind can and could accept the suggestions in hypnosis or not. However, it can also happen that the changes occur unconsciously and the client cannot grasp this at all with the conscious mind. As a rule, hypnosis also works on a conscious level, so the client can report what changes have or have not occurred. How quickly hypnosis works cannot be said in general terms. With some clients it works very quickly, with others it takes longer, as already described it depends on the particular topic that is worked on in hypnosis. For the next, the duration of the change is somewhere in between. In addition, there are inner beliefs and patterns that can block and slow down the success of hypnosis. For example, if a woman comes to the hypnosis practice who suffers from enormous stress, it is a good idea to find out which inner parts of her cause her to always be stressed. Perhaps she is extremely dutiful and it goes completely against her inner convictions to sit back once in a while, hand over tasks and also think of herself. Then, in all likelihood, these morals of her conscious mind would block stress reduction and thus slow down the effect of hypnosis or more precisely, in this example, it would be important to work with even hidden and unconscious beliefs in hypnosis. So how long the hypnotic work must be done until it comes to the desired onset of effect of hypnosis, varies and depends on different aspects. It may be that the effect of hypnosis is felt immediately after "awakening" from the hypnotic trance, but most clients need two to three more hypnosis sessions to further consolidate and anchor what was experienced and learned in hypnosis. The process of change with hypnosis can then have a more and more definite effect and become more solidified over a period of weeks. It is also possible that three or more weeks pass after the hypnosis and then it suddenly begins to work.

Positive effects of hypnosis from the first hypnosis session

As a rule, effects and initial changes occur after the 1st hypnosis session. So people react differently and also the issue to be changed or improved with hypnosis have an effect, as well as the willingness of each individual to work on the change during and after the hypnosis session. Smaller issues and topics can sometimes be resolved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for quitting smoking takes place in an intensive session. More complex issues that stay with people longer are treated in an average of four sessions. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where clients are provided with support over several years at their express request. Here is an overview of the hypnosis treatment areas at our practice: Hypnosis treatment fields.

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