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Hypnosis for Job Search Anxiety
Gain Confidence for Job Interviews

A good job, with the prospect of a career and a secure income.... A salary that may be enough for a vacation or a cottage, recognition and a good working environment, modest wishes that many of us have. But for some people it is much harder to fulfill these wishes than for others. This has nothing to do with qualification, nothing to do with professional or social competence, nothing to do with intelligence, but only with one thing: Job application anxiety - how well can you present yourself and convince interviewers of yourself and your person? Those who suffer from application anxiety have significantly worse chances than others with the same, or even higher qualifications. But there is something you can do about job application anxiety. Increase your chances of a successful professional life and conquer your application anxiety through hypnosis!
Hypnosis for Job Search Anxiety - Gain Confidence for Job Interviews
Image: Hypnosis for Job Search Anxiety - Gain Confidence for Job Interviews

Job search anxiety symptoms

The fear of job interviews and job search anxiety is rooted in the fear of rejection

Job application anxiety can have an impact on the entire professional life. It can be acute at the job interview, but it can also paralyze those affected weeks beforehand and block them out of fear. For many people, job application anxiety also prevents them from applying for jobs at all. This can also be a new position within the company. In acute cases, the fear can increase to panic attack. Talking well and calming down no longer helps at the point the sufferers get extreme anxiety feelings and have a strong need to escape and avoid the situation.

Application anxiety shows up in people through different symptoms and reactions on a physical and psychological level:

Physical Symptoms
There are usually physical symptoms such as sweaty palms, racing heart, palpitations, trembling, blushing, headaches, tension, cramping, dizziness, nausea, shallow breathing, stomach and intestinal cramps, abdominal pain, sweating, intense tension and nervousness, the feeling of not getting enough air to breathe. The body reacts with anxiety. This fear can announce itself long before a dreaded situation of the job interview or show itself only to the interview as from the clear sky suddenly as an anxiety attack physically. Anxiety attacks can increase to the point of panic attacks, which can be triggered by thoughts of the dreaded job interview alone long before the appointment and can continue to have a very impressive effect for a long time after such an appointment. 
Psychological Symptoms
Psychologically, application anxiety manifests itself as a fear of applying, but also as a fear of rejection, criticism, rejection or rejection by outsiders. Frequently, authority figures such as bosses or HR managers play a special role in one's own assessment of "not wanting to say anything stupid or wrong now under any circumstances". This increases the pressure for those affected immensely. Job application anxiety is manifested by negative thoughts, fear of embarrassing oneself and being laughed at, reduced ability to concentrate and fear and, above all, being negatively evaluated and rejected. Affected persons often feel shame and have the feeling of not being good enough. Self-doubt and also fear of change can also lead to not applying. Job application anxiety often manifests itself combined with other fears, such as the fear of being at the mercy of others or losing control. Social phobia can also play a role. Those affected often describe a paralyzing feeling and often feel helpless and severely restricted in their emotional life in advance of the particular situation.

A client with job search anxiety reports

Hello Isabella, With the hypnosis sessions with you, a lot has changed. I finally overcame my fear to apply for a job and accepted my first job after graduation. I have learned to stay with myself in situations and to be as I am. This has also made me more open in life again, not least because I took the step and showed myself. I would like to recommend your work and I am glad that I got to know hypnosis through you. Thanks to hypnosis I got courage again to take my life in my hands! I thank you! Best regards Sascha

Hypnosis for job search anxiety

A large number of my clients have long been looking for something to help them combat their fear of job applications and job interviews, so that they can be free of fear and more relaxed in important professional situations. So many come to my hypnosis practice with the desire to fight fears, to be more efficient and to be able to master job interviews confidently and self-assuredly. Many of them simply wish to relax better before the appointment and to be able to show what they are really made of in the exam. The experience with hypnosis for exam anxiety shows that hypnosis sets something in motion that is deeper. Positive changes in the next days, weeks grow more and more and the previously still anxiety-ridden appointment again increasingly easier to look forward to.

Job search anxiety self test

Do I suffer from job search anxiety?

The following questions may be initial clues as to whether you suffer from job application anxiety:
  • 1

    Do you already experience intense feelings of anxiety and excitement during the time leading up to a job interview?
  • 2

    In an acute situation, do you experience one or more of the following symptoms: increase in heart rate and palpitations, sweating, trembling and dry mouth, blushing, stuttering.
  • 3

    In an interview, are you afraid of losing control of yourself or the thread?
  • 4

    Are you afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of your interviewer and being laughed at?
  • 5

    Do you feel that you are avoiding job applications and potential job interviews?
  • 6

    Do you cancel a job interview on short notice because the fear becomes too great to face the situation?
  • 7

    Are you afraid of phrasing sentences in an interview, not being able to speak them fluently, and failing?
If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions and feel restricted in your daily life, you should seek medical or therapeutic advice. You may have application anxiety. Please note that questions are always asked broadly, so it is possible that people who are not affected by job application anxiety may receive a positive result. Not everyone who is excited before a job interview suffers from job application anxiety.

Application search anxiety facts

Fear of not being good enough for the job

78% of the respondents assume that the reason for their rejection is their old age, 22% of the respondents assume that the reason for their rejection is too little or too one-sided education of the interviewees assume that the reason for their application rejection is too little or too one-sided education / training and 37% of the interviewees stated that they have recently, fear of declining income, declining prosperity. These are high numbers!

People affected by job search anxiety often have some of these thoughts and questions reoccurring:
  • Am I good enough for the new job?
  • What if I can't say a word during the interview and lose the thread?
  • What if others notice that I am not qualified for the job and expose me as an impostor?
  • If I am rejected, I don't even have to apply.
  • Why did they invite me to the interview?
  • What if I make a fool of myself?
  • Will the new job make me happier at all?
78 %
of the respondents suspect that the reason for their application rejection is their advanced age.
21.9 %
of the respondents suspect that the reason for their application rejection is too little or too one-sided education / training.
37 %
of respondents said that lately, they are afraid of decreasing income, decreasing wealth.

Causes of job search anxiety

What's behind the fear of applying?

As different as we are as different people, so are the causes behind a job application anxiety. Most of those affected often do not even know where their fear comes from and often feel it themselves as unfounded or exaggerated. Nevertheless, it can be incredibly important to understand the causes behind it so that the fear can be processed and overcome.
Many of those affected are afraid of being rejected. A fear that has often developed in childhood, when it was a matter of reading something in school or in the class or to call off an appropriate performance. An application contains a lot of private information about a person: There are things about the personal characteristics, about successes but also about (between the lines) failures. In this way, the potential employer gets a picture of a person and can evaluate and judge whether the person fits into the company. This fact alone is enough not to expose oneself to the risk of rejection during the application process in the first place.
"I'm not good enough", "the other applicants are better", "I don't have the right qualifications for the job"... These and other self-doubts are very familiar to most people concerned. There is a lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence, the belief in yourself and that you can do it and convince yourself!
Another cause in the fear of applying can be the fear of change. This can take place at any stage in life: whether starting your first job or changing jobs later in your forties or fifties. The questions many then ask themselves "Will the new job make me happier?" "What if I later regret switching?" What all changes in my current life then, and can I handle it?" Thoughts like these lead to recurring circles of thought, which on the one hand protect those affected for exposing themselves to the change, but on the other hand also clearly hinder them from taking the next step and can lead to a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Application anxiety consequences

The consequences of job search anxiety in daily life

The longer job application anxiety persists and remains untreated, the greater the suffering and dissatisfaction of those affected. Confidence and self-awareness decrease, sufferers feel incapable and are often ashamed of their situation of not getting ahead.

Some of the consequences of job search anxiety include:
  • Decreasing self-confidence due to repeatedly experienced fearful situations.
  • Increasing pressure of suffering due to widening insecurity and self-doubt.
  • Opportunities for advancement on the career ladder are denied.
  • Affected persons sell themselves far "below value" in order not to have to expose themselves to job application situations.
  • Fear of change and of failure increase.
  • Increased risk through "self-therapy or self-medication" in order to calm down before job application situations.

Job search anxiety and secondary conditions

Fear of applying for a job is often combined with other fears if left untreated. It can often be observed that the fear of applying for a job becomes more entrenched. The fear of rejection, criticism, rejection or rejection by outsiders can expand to social phobia. Sufferers are often ashamed of their fear of and feel they are not good enough. Self-doubt may increase over time. Sufferers often show signs and symptoms of depression as a secondary condition.

Job search anxiety and the fear of rejection

Self-confidence for job interviews - hypnosis treats shyness and insecurity during the job hunt and job interviews

In order to successfully apply for a job, you first need to be well prepared. This begins with the appropriate application documents. People who find it difficult to present themselves in front of others in a personal interview usually do not find it difficult to create good application documents. After all, you're sitting alone at your desk, have all the time in the world, and can do your work in peace. But a good written application is usually followed by sending off the documents and the job interview. And this is where the worries begin for many people. For many, the thought of sending the application or handing it in personally to the future employer already causes anxiety. And then there is the thought of the job interview: However, what good is it if, despite the best preparation, you are insecure, shy and perhaps blush during the actual job interview and have the feeling that you are only stammering? What good is it if you sit sweating in front of the personnel manager and everything you knew so well minutes ago suddenly seems to have disappeared? Hypnosis helps you to appear confident, self-assured and above all self-assured, especially in these situations.

Fear of rejection and criticism during the application process

In the case of a rejection or rejection after an application, the motivation can sink. By working with hypnosis, you can process what you have experienced and emerge from the situation stronger and not weakened. Even if the experience sometimes goes back years, the subconscious stores unprocessed experiences, which can be a hindrance in experiencing new positive situations. Through the processing in trance, you can then devote yourself to new job interviews more openly and with more self-confidence. Because in many cases, it wasn't you at all. Sometimes another applicant is simply more suitable for the job or other criteria completely independent of you lead to the fact that you could not be hired. You can also face your paralyzing fear completely freely during the hypnotic trance. If you wish, look at the cause of it. But it is also enough to recognize the fear and conquer it with the help of various practices that are very easy to learn. And at the very end, hypnosis also gives you the opportunity to go into the conversation with a positive basic feeling and inner strength and serenity. This happens through positive autosuggestion - and mental and subconscious support of hypnosis.

Get through the assessment center successfully

If you have now successfully completed the interview, then in many cases you will be invited to an assessment center (AC).
What used to be the peak of your job application anxiety is now, after successful hypnosis treatment for you almost unspectacular. Assessment centers are designed to test your ability to cope with stress. Exactly what you have already practiced.
Hypnosis helps you stay calm and objective throughout. You keep track, stay focused, know which exercises you will master and where it is better to let others go first. Your calm composure also makes your fellow competitors feel good about themselves. This shows your ability to work in a team and is especially important when applying for a leadership position.
Here you can find more information on our website about hypnosis for exam anxiety to prepare for exams, for fear of failure and hypnosis for speech anxiety - for fear of speaking in front of groups.

Job search anxiety - hypnosis and hypnotherapy

How hypnosis treats the fear of job interviews

Hypnosis prepares you mentally for the job interview and reduces your sense of stress in advance, at the same time hypnosis increases your stress resilience and helps reduce stress with hypnosis and relax.
During the hypnosis sessions you will learn a very special kind of concentrative deep relaxation and focus. A knowledge that enables you to go into hypnosis in the first place. A knowledge that can be retrieved at any time outside of the treatment and is helpful to be able to stay mentally with yourself in certain challenging situations and to be able to convince in calmness, confidently. This kind of state of consciousness helps you to calm yourself down at any time during the conversation and to focus on what is important. The whole thing also has another, extremely positive aspect. Because you also radiate this sovereignty to your counterpart, which will immediately earn you a whole lot of plus points with your new boss.

Hypnosis treats your concerns on a holistic level - taking into account the deep-rooted issues that may contribute to the fear

Furthermore, hypnosis takes you inside yourself, giving you the opportunity to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses and embrace both while strengthening and highlighting strengths while weakening your weaknesses, easily bringing confidence and authenticity into the job interview. Not only does this help you answer the famous job application question, it also gives you a whole lot of confidence to go into the interview calm and collected. In the course of hypnotherapy, you have the opportunity to look at past situations with an appropriate emotional distance and learn from them for your life: you can analyze without injury, for example, how it came to a botched job interview. This usually also leads to you assessing the situation completely differently and reclassifying it.

How to find the right job and employer for you - defining your goals with hypnosis

It is not only important that you are hired by an employer. It is also especially important that it is also the right employer for you. Through the self-knowledge and certainty gained during hypnosis, you will realize which is the right job for you. This also makes a job application easier Treat yourself to a job that suits you, this will give you the confidence and security that you as an employer will be noticed during job interviews.

More Information

Hypnosis Appointment Booking

The first hypnosis session usually lasts 120 minutes and includes getting to know each other, a detailed anamnesis and your first hypnosis.
After booking an appointment in the online calendar, you will receive detailed information about your hypnosis session by email and will receive the hypnosis e-book free of charge when you book the first session. Follow-up appointments usually last 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the current situation and the resulting needs.
You can find detailed information about the prices under Hypnosis Prices.
Smaller topics and issues can sometimes be solved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for smoking cessation takes place in one intensive session. More complex issues that accompany people longer are treated in four sessions on average. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where I support clients over several years at their express request.
Usually clients come for a follow-up appointment at an interval of 1 to 4 weeks. I have had very good experiences with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. I would like to emphasize here that in my experience this depends on the topic and the client.
Under the following link you can select and book your appointment yourself in the online calendar: Make an Appointment.
You will receive an invoice for each session. This does NOT show any fee codes of the GebüH and does not contain any diagnoses. The session is to be paid privately at the end of the session in cash or with EC card. The practice does NOT bill public and private insurances.
You can find more questions and answers in the Hypnosis FAQ section - frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

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