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Hypnosis Berlin

What are the advantages of Hypnosis Berlin?

What are the advantages of Hypnosis Berlin?

These are the advantages of hypnotherapy at our Hypnosis Berlin Practice

The advantages of hypnosis are numerous. The onset of change processes, autonomy, self-actualization, letting go of blockages and fears, and personal development are especially close to our hearts. We hope that you will discover the benefits of hypnosis at our practice for yourself. Our goal is to provide you with effective, intensive hypnotherapy, individually tailored to your needs. It is not without reason that hypnosis has, in recent years, established itself as one of the most popular forms of therapy for a wide variety of concerns and complaints. More and more people are discovering hypnotherapy and its many benefits. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us, since we have witnessed the benefits first-hand for so many years. During hypnosis, you learn about the role of inner blockages and thought patterns - and how you can dissolve them. In this way, you initiate change processes, drive your personal development and can resolve complaints and unfavorable habits. A hypnosis treatment comes completely without medication and therefore without corresponding side effects. Hypnosis can also help with health complaints, as it activates and strengthens the natural self-healing powers. For example, you can also treat chronic pain with it. Hypnosis is particularly effective for stress, as it brings a relaxing effect and effectively works on the causes. Hypnosis starts directly in the subconscious and leads there to the desired changes. Even though the subconscious mind is hidden from us, it still has an enormous power on our thinking, feeling and acting. If the changes take place directly in the subconscious, they are particularly lasting and effective. Mental illnesses and problems can also be treated with hypnosis, in some cases it even works faster than many years of psychotherapy. The areas of application of hypnosis are very diverse, in addition to the treatment of pain, anxiety and depression, hypnosis is also increasingly used in pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, it achieves a calming and strengthening effect, and hypnosis can also be used during childbirth. Hypnobirthing or hypnotic delivery is called and its success has been proven in various studies. In summary, hypnosis is an effective therapeutic method, which can be used for a variety of ailments and goals. It is a gentle therapy method, which has a quick and lasting effect depending on the initial situation. We offer you an easily accessible hypnosis practice in the center of Berlin. Here you will receive an individual hypnosis treatment tailored to you, which of course takes place transparently and openly. A great advantage is that you can get an appointment quickly and without long waiting times, you can book it conveniently via our online calendar. Children with their parents are also welcome to hypnosis with us, as a studied educator I also treat children and adolescents.

Advantages of hypnosis in general

What are the benefits of hypnosis in general? Modern hypnosis works and helps people deal with illness, suffering and dissatisfaction. Hypnosis has become more and more talked about as a therapeutic form of treatment in recent years. This is even more so since it was officially recognized as a form of treatment in 2003. In general, one can name the following advantages of hypnosis in contrast to behavioral therapy or other medical forms of therapy:

Hypnosis Advantages

  • Hypnosis is a tool of self-determination and thus strengthens the autonomy of the client.
  • The treatment comes without medication and thus without the corresponding side effects.
  • Hypnosis is a natural state that strengthens the self-healing powers.
  • Hypnosis treatment directly addresses the subconscious mind and has such and lasting effect.
  • In addition to the intended treatment success, hypnosis brings other positive effects, such as relaxation, greater self-awareness, more ability to act.
  • Hypno-therapy can also be used very well when the medical causes of an illness have not been recognized.

Advantages of hypnosis in certain areas of application

In addition to the general benefits of hypnosis, the form of treatment offers special advantages that apply only to the specific areas of application. Here is an excerpt:
  • In pain therapy and also in palliative care, hypnosis is an effective means of pain, depression and anxiety in a gentle way. It can be used very well to accompany conventional medical treatment and also helps cancer patients.
  • In the accompaniment of pregnancy and childbirth, hypnosis is a gentle form of treatment to calm and strengthen the pregnant woman. The benefits of hypnotic delivery have been proven by a large number of scientific studies. Hypnosis can also have a supportive effect on mothers in the postpartum bed.
  • Hypnosis as preparation for surgery: Here, various studies show that especially the convalescence after surgery, which was prepared by hypnosis, is faster and more effective.
  • Hypnosis treatment works much faster than behavioral therapy or psychotherapy.

Advantages of hypnosis in certain areas of application

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% of people reached a solution after 600 hours.
  • Behavioral therapy: 72% of people have reached a solution after 22 hours.
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% of people have reached a solution after 6 hours.

Advantages of Hypnosis Berlin

So now you know why you want to choose hypnotherapy. But why should you now start hypnotherapy at our practice in Berlin? I have completed my therapeutic trainings at the best institutions and I am a great follower of the Milton H. Erickson Society and the modern hypnosystemic approach. Erickson is the founder of modern hypnotherapy, and the worldwide operating society was founded by him. In our work the human being is always in the center. That is why every hypnosis treatment first begins with a detailed anamnesis interview. Only then do we move into the hypnosis room, where you can make yourself comfortable in the comfortable hypnosis chair. As a studied pedagogue, I am also skilled in dealing with children. The hypnosis for children and teenagers is always exciting and unexpected. In doing so, I am always delighted to see how well young clients respond to hypnosis. Learn more about our work and me as hypnosis therapist here.

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