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Hypnosis for stress and strain

Stress - Hypnosis for Stress and Strain
Stress - Hypnosis for stress and strain
Happiness is when what you think, say and do is in harmony with each other.
Mahatma Gandhi
Stress and the constant burden of its negative consequences have long been among the most important pathogens of our modern society. From heart attacks to burnout and depression to slipped discs or neurodermatitis, many so-called "diseases of civilization" can also be traced back to stress factors. Stress is not only unavoidable, but also very important. Because the physical reaction to tension, stress or fruit is correct and often enough even vital. Especially in the case of stress, hypnotherapeutic methods such as through cognitive restructuring in a helpful, positive direction are very effective. Hypnosis through relaxation is known for its stress-reducing effects in everyday life: positive coping thoughts are anchored and triggered in everyday life. As a result, hypnosis helps to strengthen and affirm oneself and leads to an overall better and healthier attitude in everyday life: stress, pressure, strain and tension are reduced.

Other hypnosis topics for stress:

  • chronic underachievement and boredom
  • burned out
  • overwork and exhaustion
  • digital addictions (computer game addiction, internet addiction, television addiction, Facebook, cell phone, etc.)
  • purchase addiction
  • psychological, physical tension as in inner restlessness
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