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Finding a Dream Partner with Hypnosis
Meet Your Soulmate

Unfortunately, finding a partner with hypnosis does not involve hypnotizing a partner into your arms. What hypnosis can offer, however, is an intensive look at your innermost desires and what may be holding you back from finding a partner. After all, credible and professional hypnotherapy always involves working on ourselves first - to fuel personal development, self-actualization and change processes. Oftentimes, trust issues or low self-esteem stand in our way. Hypnosis will help you find a partner by helping you find yourself - and to work through any issues that arise along the way. You will build a connection to your subconscious and resolve old wounds that may have been neglected. Learn more about our methods below.
Finding a Dream Partner with Hypnosis and Meet Your Soulmate
Image: Finding a Dream Partner with Hypnosis and Meet Your Soulmate

Symptoms resulting from the longing and disappointments

How to recognize if hypnosis can help you find a partner

“Find the partner you deserve.” To most singles, this is easier said than done. But how do we find a partner who is truly aligned with us mentally, emotionally and physically? Often it is not about finding another person, but rather about finding ourselves first, so that we can approach potential partners with self-awareness and clarity.

It should be noted that some people genuinely enjoy being single and do not feel the need to be in relationships. However, for those who are suffering because they are not meeting the right person for extended periods of time, the burden can be heavy both mentally, physically and emotionally:

Physical Symptoms
Being unintentionally single can lead to a variety of physical symptoms. These include reduced drive and activity, fatigue, exhaustion, and disturbed sleep. Insomnia, reduced appetite, weight loss or intense hunger followed by emotional eating may also result. The symptoms are reminiscent of physical symptoms of depression and the physical experience is also very similar to when people are unintentionally alone or isolated for extended periods of time.
Psychological Symptoms
Psychological symptoms include low self-esteem, self-doubt, depressive moods or depression, reduced ability to feel joy, feeling that life has lost meaning, pessimism about the future and suicidal thoughts. People often feel lonely and abandoned. All of these conditions and feelings tend to be an obstacle to meeting a new person openly and lovingly.

An example from a client: Partner search and choice

Many clients who come to my hypnosis practice with the desire to find a partner already have many years of experience with and without a partner behind them. Some have been looking for a relationship for many years and would like to finally meet the partner of their dreams. For most of them it is difficult to understand why they have not yet found the right partner in life, which is sometimes very difficult and unsettling for them and often also for their friends and family. Our client reports demonstrate that with the first hypnosis session important change processes begin already, and this process grows more and more in the next days and weeks.

Partner search and hypnosis

A large number of my clients who come to my hypnosis practice with the desire to find the partner of their dreams already have many years of experience with and without a partner behind them: many of them have been wishing for a happy partnership for many years and would like to finally meet the partner of their dreams. For many of them it is often difficult to understand why they have not yet found the right partner in life which is sometimes very limiting and unsettling for themselves and often also for their friends and family. The experience reports show that already with the first hypnosis session something changes and this change can grow more and more in the next days, weeks.

Finding a partner self test

Am I experiencing serious symptoms as a result of being unintentionally single?

The following questions may be initial clues as to whether you are experiencing secondary conditions from being alone:
  • 1

    Have you been feeling depressed and lonely or experiencing anxiety about your future?
  • 2

    Do you experience any of the following symptoms: depressive moods, hopelessness, decreased capacity for joy or low self-esteem?
  • 3

    Do you feel like even sleeping for many hours doesn't give you the energy you need?
  • 4

    Do you often feel lonely and isolated?
  • 5

    Have you been withdrawing socially and avoiding friends or family?
  • 6

    Do you avoid events or places where you could potentially meet a partner?
  • 7

    Do you find it difficult to express what kind of relationship you would like to have, or what you expect from a potential partner?
If you can answer yes to most of these questions and feel restricted in your daily life, you should seek therapeutic advice. You may have developed depression. Please note that questions are always asked broadly, so it is possible that even people who are not affected by depression will get a positive result. Not everyone who experiences depressive moods or feels lonely because they are single has depression.

Find dream partner facts

What kind of partner do I want?

Most people initially name physical attributes that they look for in a partner. At the same time, what we find beautiful depends primarily on societal trends. Whether we know it or not, we are conditioned to be attracted to certain body types and facial features through the media. Hypnosis helps us to recognize and abandon these conditionings, which can be limiting and unhelpful in our partner search. Hypnosis helps us quiet the critical mind and allows us to have an unbiased view. In this manner, we can succeed in clearly perceiving the other person - without societal filters or judgments.

What kind of relationship do I want to find?

Here, too, we are much more subject to information presented to us by the media than we would like to admit to ourselves. The media paints pictures of the supposedly perfect relationship for us, and we are raised with these stories of our perfect Prince Charming or princess who will arrive one day and take all of our problems away. These types of conditionings can lead us to place a lot of pressure and expectations on potential partners. We need to deconstruct these conditionings and learn to set our own standards for relationships.

Why don't I have a partner yet?

This is where the process starts to get exciting. Because now it's a matter of looking inward - and uncovering all filters and masks that have been constructed over the years to protect you from getting hurt. This is difficult and sometimes painful. But you will not face this process alone. If you allow yourself to trust in the support of an experienced hypnotherapist, we can gently dissolve the blockages together and heal old wounds that may be holding you back from finding your dream partner.

Partner selection in numbers

The following statistics provide some insight into common patterns in choosing partners and what people expect from the dream partner: 49% of women and men state that the dream partner should "have a good sense of humor". 27% of women state the desire to "receive support and security" from their dream partner. 38% of men seek out a partner who "has a positive outlook on life."
49 %
of men and women state that the dream partner should "have a good sense of humor".
27 %
of women mentioned a desire for "receiving support and security" from their dream partner.
38 %
of men envision a dream partner who "has a positive attitude toward life."

Reasons for being unhappily single

Unintentionally single - why finding a partner and having a relationship is more difficult for some

The reasons why people remain unintentionally single are individual and vary from person to person. Oftentimes, fears and inhibitions are behind it - including fear of criticism, making mistakes, not being good enough, being rejected, the belief that one will be abandoned anyways or even the fear of remaining alone forever. All of this can paralyze those affected in their search for a partner, and some then choose a safer path: "Then I'd rather stay alone". However, it can also be disappointing experiences that were made during the partner search which lead to people becoming reluctant and choosing to withdraw. Self-doubt, self-criticism or lack of self-awareness are sometimes unfavorably accompanied by unrealistic ideas and expectations of new potential partners. This can lead to a very long and unsatisfying search for “the perfect partner” - which can leave people feeling disappointed, since true perfection does not exist. Having weaknesses and flaws is part of being human, and an openness to some level of imperfection is necessary in order to give potential partners a chance.

Some of the common fears that cause problems during the partner search include:
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of being rejected or abandoned eventually
  • Fear of being embarrassed or laughed at
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of being alone forever

Consequences of being unintentionally single

What consequences can arise from being unhappily single?

The longer people feel alone and isolated, the greater the suffering and risk of developing secondary conditions. The longing for having a partner increases more and more and at the same time confidence and hope decrease.

The consequences can be summarized as follows:
  • Hopelessness, meaninglessness and the feeling of not being good enough take over.
  • A vicious cycle of negative thoughts, leading to self-doubt and low self-esteem.
  • Increasing difficulties in private and work-related contexts, leading to psychosocial, physical and financial consequences.
  • Social and emotional withdrawal in friendships and relationships.
  • An increased suicide risk is common.
  • Increased health risks from "self-medicating" and turning to alcohol and/or drugs to feel better.
  • Various physical symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite or gastrointestinal complaints.
  • Depressive moods and anxiety can develop.

Secondary Conditions arising from being unhappily single

Long-term solitude and being unintentionally single can actually make you physically sick in the long run and lead to a variety of secondary conditions. It can often be observed that the fear of approaching a person increases and sometimes develops into social phobia. Affected individuals become increasingly afraid of being rejected or disappointed "if things don't work out again" and begin to withdraw. Shame about "not being attractive to anyone" and feelings of inferiority can take over. Depressive moods due to the prolonged duration of being single can also burden those affected and lead to clinical depression.

Finding the dream partner - hypnosis treatment

Finding a life partner with hypnosis

Hypnosis brings calmness, clarity and helps to release fears and blockages. Most of the beneficial effects of hypnosis can be felt very fast - they can be felt almost immediately during the session and continue to work very efficiently for the entire session. This is why many people require only one hypnosis session. After the session, my clients often have a sparkle in their eyes - to an outsider, they look rejuvenated and refreshed. The radiation resulting from clearing emotional blockages and releasing fears can be felt by others and makes it easier to find a partner. But this is only one aspect. The more confident you become, the more easily you approach people. You will communicate more openly, have more energy to do things, develop more inspiration and find the courage to implement your ideas.
During hypnosis, we can simulate potential future events (like dates and encounters) to make you familiar with the feeling of what it is like to spend time with someone you are a great match with. If you are primed for being incompatible with others because of past experiences, we will first need to switch your perspective through hypnosis - to make you see and believe that something like a good match does exist. The subconscious mind is very powerful and hypnosis is one of the best therapeutic methods and tools to gain access to the subconscious. Through the subconscious we can unravel and alter unfavorable thoughts and patterns that are holding us back in life.

Recognize, attract and connect to your dream partner

What about love at first sight? Do you believe in it? For many people, this magical moment is a familiar feeling. Love at first sight is nothing more than a realization that takes place through our heart instead of our intellect. Intuition guides instead of pure ration. In the ideal case, ration and intuition are aligned. With hypnosis you will learn to unite your intuition and emotions with your conscious thoughts, to perceive intuitive decisions that have already been made and to have the courage to trust in them. In this way, you will have less doubts and decision-making anxiety during your partner search.

Falling in love and being fulfilled

It is usually not enough to find a good relationship - for most, it is also important to keep the relationship. A successful long-term relationship includes not only the feeling of love - it also involves trust, good communication skills and the ability to work through conflicts together. A good hypnotherapist will act as a mediator and guide when to help others achieve a common language and more understanding. Hypnotherapy also helps you identify and solve problems within the relationship. Ideally, the hypnotherapist guides a person in such a way that such problems do not arise in the first place. Especially the big relationship killers like jealousy, being controlling, internet or television addictions can be treated with the help of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can also help a person process difficult relationship topics like whether or not to have children.

More Information

Hypnosis Appointment Booking

The first hypnosis session usually lasts 120 minutes and includes getting to know each other, a detailed anamnesis and your first hypnosis.
After booking an appointment in the online calendar, you will receive detailed information about your hypnosis session by email and will receive the hypnosis e-book free of charge when you book the first session. Follow-up appointments usually last 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the current situation and the resulting needs.
You can find detailed information about the prices under Hypnosis Prices.
Smaller topics and issues can sometimes be solved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for smoking cessation takes place in one intensive session. More complex issues that accompany people longer are treated in four sessions on average. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where I support clients over several years at their express request.
Usually clients come for a follow-up appointment at an interval of 1 to 4 weeks. I have had very good experiences with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. I would like to emphasize here that in my experience this depends on the topic and the client.
Under the following link you can select and book your appointment yourself in the online calendar: Make an Appointment.
You will receive an invoice for each session. This does NOT show any fee codes of the GebüH and does not contain any diagnoses. The session is to be paid privately at the end of the session in cash or with EC card. The practice does NOT bill public and private insurances.
You can find more questions and answers in the Hypnosis FAQ section - frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

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