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Our Method

Integrating proven hypnotherapy methods

What makes our hypnotherapy approach so special

Our hypnosis method has been researched over many years and has been further developed into a particularly effective approach at our practice. And yet, for many, the idea of hypnosis is associated with images associated with loss of control and mysticism. Movies still show exactly this image, which has been created over many centuries. Show hypnosis, instant hypnosis and stage hypnosis have their place in the entertainment world - however, we would like to distinguish our hypnosis method, which is therapeutic in its nature and cannot be compared to show hypnosis. (You can read more about why I don't do stage hypnosis here).

Medical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Our hypnosis method has been uniquely developed to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.
There are multiple, scientific publications about the effectiveness of hypnosis and the possibilities of hypnosis in the medical and psychotherapeutic field. Hypnosis is successfully used as a supportive method in medicine. This is done in surgery, in obstetrics, in the therapy of pain in gastrointestinal complaints, in asthma and also in dentistry. There is much to be said for using hypnosis as a support to proven medical treatments, especially when medicine reaches its limits, hypnosis can help.
Medical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

What is Special About our Hypnosis Method?


We value an open and transparent approach - we always take our clients seriously and create an atmosphere in which they can feel at ease.

When working with a person, it is important for us to fully immerse ourselves in his or her world of experience, in the language and life situation that has led to someone visiting our practice. We are at your side - just as you are, with everything you are there with. From years of experience we know: only those who feel taken seriously and sincerely understood can open themselves to the opportunity for development and change. For this reason, an open and transparent approach to the people who come to see us is particularly important to us. We attach great importance to creating an atmosphere in which you are taken seriously, feel comfortable and can open up.


We work with each person individually - each hypnosis treatment is personalized to you and your needs.

Every hypnosis treatment is different. Just as we humans are all unique, each person needs very personal, individual support when they come to us. We are experienced enough through our many years of working with people and training that we can quickly and confidently adjust to you. And so we can adjust to you at any time and well, if you want to change thematically during the hypnotherapy even spontaneously the direction - we are at your side and accompany you competently on your way and to your goal.


We offer you a unique hypnosis experience: experience hypnosis with all your senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.

We work in the hypnosis treatment in a hypnosis room specially designed and equipped for hypnosis. Here all your senses are addressed: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. The preference for beauty and aesthetics, is reflected in the rooms, but most of all it makes itself felt in the whole atmosphere. Therefore, special features are ready for you, which, of course, are not yet revealed. Especially children and teenagers appreciate them very much - and to be honest - the grown-ups usually at least as much.


We are constantly educating ourselves for you and thus offer you our many years of practical experience and sound, professional know-how.

Continuous training and supervision are a matter of course for our work with people, so that we can support you with all the latest findings and knowledge from research in hypnosis. We understand hypnosis as a holistic approach, which includes the different life worlds in the trance for the change process. In our experience, one can do justice to a person when the experience, knowledge and understanding of hypnosis as a form of treatment goes beyond that. We offer you a broad repertoire in hypnosis work: from many different forms of methods, we specifically apply those to you that are most helpful for you personally.


From calling, to booking, to payment - everything is playfully intuitive and smooth, since we are technically up date for you.

Time is precious, so it is very important to us that everything works for you in a straightforward and simple way. Our complete offer is a one-stop shop for you: You can conveniently and easily book your appointment online yourself: Make an appointment. With your online booking, you will automatically receive a booking confirmation and detailed information about your hypnosis session via email. In addition, you will receive the Hypnosis E-Book free of charge as a gift for booking your initial session. Before your appointment, you will be automatically reminded of your hypnosis appointment via email and SMS. After the session, you can conveniently pay cash or debit card, receive a receipt and the same day the invoice for your hypnosis appointment sent by e-mail.


Hypnosis for children and adolescents.

Supporting children and adolescents with hypnosis is a great gift for us personally! It is something very special to be able to witness the positive change of the little ones and adolescents. One or both parents are involved in the process of change, in line with the hypnosystemic approach, in order to strengthen and sustain the child itself and the whole family in their process.

HYPNOSIS WORKS! And helps effectively

Hypnosis strengthens your resources and potentials in a short time and enables you to find proven or new, helpful solution strategies. Hypnosis makes you strong in the long term for your everyday life and helps you to change your life and well-being positively and sustainably!
Thus, hypnosis is effective and intense and one of the fastest methods available. With me you can expect modern, clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, scientifically and neurobiologically based - no show hypnosis or esotericism.
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are among the most effective and fastest methods available in personal development and therapy. Depending on the case, often only a few sessions are needed to achieve great changes inside and outside. It is not uncommon to work on minor problems and blockages or weight loss in just a few sessions, and on quit smoking hypnosis even in just 1 session.
Few sessions that will open up new possibilities for you and from which you will strive to new challenges, strengthened and full of energy, which you can then overcome on your own.
To perceive this development, to support and help people is my concern and motivates me from case to case - from person to person.
Hypnosis Works Effectively
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