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Why I Don't Do Instant Hypnosis

Why I Don't Do Instant Hypnosis

Instant hypnosis in hypnosis practice?

Clients tell again and again of hypnosis videos, which they discovered on the Internet:
There you can see how people fall in seconds at a snap of the fingers immediately and surprised in trance. The videos on YouTube and Co. show how with applied hypnosis tricks, people do things that they would otherwise never do and which they can remember even afterwards no more. Some cluck like a chicken, others are amnesic and forget their own names. In short, it's all about performing people and, ideally, providing entertainment for the audience - at the expense of the hypnotized.

Instant hypnosis versus therapeutic and medical hypnosis

Often it is overriding techniques that lead, as the name suggests, instant to trance. Own loss of control, amnesia and show are in the foreground, even amusement of the audience.
"Instant Hypnosis" and show or stage hypnosis are often confused with hypnosis as used in therapeutic and medical treatment. Yet instant hypnosis is merely a means of putting a person under hypnosis. We quite consciously refrain from overpowering and encroaching techniques at our practice.
Working with hypnosis is for us a very sensitive and individual work, which should enable people to take control for themselves and their lives. Therefore, it is important for us to accompany people sheltered and protected in the trance, so that they can devote themselves at any time safely and in a trusting relationship to the actual process of change.
So when you come to us, you can be sure that at all times in hypnosis you have full control over what you say and in what direction you want your own hypnosis to go. Learn more here about the hypnosis procedure at our practice.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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