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Hypnotherapy in English

Hypnotherapy in English

Hypnosis Berlin is a private practice for modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Here you will find professional treatment and hypnotherapy with the highest quality standards – we want to provide the very best for our clients, from the overall ambience and experience to the actual therapy session itself.
Hypnotherapy Method

Hypnotherapy Method

At our practice, clinically proven hypnotherapy methods have been developed further and modernized – providing you with unique, custom treatment plans that make the journey to a healthier, stronger, more balanced version of you a very special experience.
Hypnotherapy Treatment Fields

Hypnotherapy Treatment Fields

Hypnotherapy can positively influence a wide range of issues.
Self-test - Can I be hypnotized?

Self-Test - Can I Be Hypnotized?

Find out how well you can be hypnotized and take the hypnotizability (suggestibility) self-test.

Hypnosis Berlin Mina Ghahremani

Hypnosis Berlin is one of the leading private practices in the field of modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. Hypnosis Berlin accompanies and guides people in crisis situations and supports them on their way to a free, self-determined life.

HYPNOTHERAPY WORKS - more Freedom and Well-Being

Hypnotherapist - Hypnosis Berlin
Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest, most effective and powerful methods of modern psychotherapy. It provides the body with relaxation and frees clutter within the mind, while it strengthens self-confidence, emotional regulation and general well-being. Hypnosis creates space for deep shifts in your personal development. Feel free to get excited for what is in store for you!

Hypnosis Berlin - Mina Ghahremani
Hypnosis Berlin - Mina Ghahremani

Hypnotherapy for English Speakers in Berlin

Professional treatment from a certified hypnotherapist - in English - for international clients and expats. At our renowned practice Hypnosis Berlin, hypnotherapist Mina Ghahremani (Native English speaker) provides modern hypnotherapy treatments, as well as medical and clinical hypnotherapy. Hypnosis Berlin is located in Berlin Friedenau - a district in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district.
Friedenau also borders Steglitz-Zehlendorf and is located not too far from the famous Steglitzer shopping street Schloßstraße. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or make an appointment directly in the online calendar. You will find all available dates through the online booking system on this website and can easily book an appointment yourself.

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Hypnosis Berlin

Hypnotherapy supports Children, Teenagers and Adults

In our private practice Hypnosis Berlin, we support people from 9 to 90 years old, with a wide range of offers for adults, children and adolescents. Below you will find some relevant information compiled for you - click on the images to navigate directly to the respective hypnotherapy offer.

News from the World of Hypnosis


News, articles and videos from the world of modern hypnotherapy and medical hypnosis.
Self-Test at Hypnosis Berlin

Can I be hypnotized?

The vast majority of people can be hypnotized. To test whether hypnosis will work for you, access our hypnotizability self-test here. Find out how effectively you can be hypnotized and take the test on your own hypnotizability (suggestibility). Simply answer 12 questions and directly receive your result on the website.
Hypnosis Berlin - Can I be hypnotized?
Hypnosis Berlin

These are your Advantages

We generally work with few, intensive Hypnotherapy sessions - on average 4 sessions - and really only as many sessions as you need. You can conveniently and easily book your hypnosis appointment through our online calendar. Click here to make an appointment.
Arriving at our practice by car is convenient (the practice is located in the Berlin district of Friedenau, near the traffic junction Bundesplatz, with free parking facilities). Similarly, arriving by public transportation is easy (four S+U train stations and bus stops are within walking distance).
At our practice we place your experience in the center of treatment, which means we take a lot of time in the preparation for your session and also the hypnosis session itself. We make sure that you can experience the hypnosis session undisturbed and even if a session should last longer, there is always enough time to finish the hypnosis in peace without the session being interrupted by the next client.
At our private hypnosis practice, you can expect an open, transparent approach and a pleasant atmosphere, in which you are taken seriously and can feel comfortable. Learn more about the procedure of your first hypnosis session here.
Every person is different, and therefore every hypnosis treatment is unique and completely tailored to your personality and individual needs.
Look forward to a unique hypnosis experience and journey - experience hypnotherapy at our Berlin practice with all your senses!
Continuous training meets many years of practical experience and professional know-how based on the latest scientific findings in hypnosis research.
From the phone call, to the simple online booking of appointments, to the payment - everything is playfully intuitive and smooth at Hypnosis Berlin. We like to integrate the latest technology to help things flow and make your experience as carefree as possible.
From our experience, children and adolescents can also benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. This is why we have developed special hypnotherapy sessions for children and adolescents, where parents are welcomed and integrated.
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Client Testimonials - Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

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