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Hypnosis for negative beliefs

Hypnosis for negative beliefs

Hypnosis helps with negative beliefs

Hypnosis for negative beliefs can help free yourself from self-judgments. Ask yourself how often you have limited yourself in your life by accepting set boundaries. I am mainly addressing internally set boundaries that, like rigid barriers and blockages, can prevent people from living the life they actually want to live.

"I am not good enough"

Da können Gedanken sein wie »Ich bin nicht gut genug«, »Ich bin nicht schlau genug«, »Wenn ich das oder jenes hätte oder könnte, dann...«. Doch ist das wirklich so? Entspricht das wirklich der Realität oder eher den gelernten Begrenzungen, mit denen Menschen aufgewachsen.

Hypnosis changes thoughts and makes free

Hypnosis allows to stop all the thoughts, beliefs, social rules. For a moment, people in trance free themselves from them, creating an inner space where new and, above all, their own experiences are possible. Hypnosis allows people to search like a researcher in their own inner world to find out where these ideas and judgments come from and whether the ideas and thoughts are still appropriate in life today. People often experience themselves in these moments as a kind of observer and determiner of their own lives. A sense of self-efficacy is important for a fulfilled and happy life.

Impulses for self-reflection for hypnosis

Ask yourself once the question whether all the thoughts, beliefs and old ideas are still needed in your life today? Ask yourself what would happen if you experienced that you can listen to the voice of the inner critic in a different way. What if you experience that there is a free space inside you that makes it easy for you to believe in yourself and your own abilities? What if you notice that the thoughts about you and the feeling towards you, your own value changes and your self-esteem becomes stronger in the process? If you like, answer these first questions. Some of our clients bring answers to your first session, sometimes new questions that have arisen from you. Hypnosis can be effective in helping you to break free of negative beliefs, thereby allowing a new image of yourself to emerge. Maybe even an image that fits you much better today.

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