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Hypnosis for Hay Fever
Enjoy Nature Again

While most people look forward to spring for months, there is an ever-increasing number of people who think of the first sunny and warm days with dread. More than 15 percent of all Germans now suffer from hay fever with sneezing, red eyes and itching. A number that is growing year after year. The number of allergens also continues to rise. Whereas in the past it was mainly pollen, seeds or animal hair, today there are countless food intolerances and other new allergens that many people have never heard of before. The lives of those affected are often determined by a meticulously compiled catalog of prohibitions. As a result, it becomes more and more constricted and fraught with fear. This in turn promotes the allergy. An unpleasant cycle is set in motion. Hypnosis Berlin helps you to break this cycle - against allergies and hay fever. Enjoy the spring allergy-free without sneezing, red eyes and itching. Hypnosis helps your immune system to react appropriately to environmental stimuli again - without allergies. Hypnosis Berlin - Practice at Schillerplatz
Hypnosis for Hay Fever - Enjoy Nature Again
Image: Hypnosis for Hay Fever - Enjoy Nature Again

Hay fever symptoms

How to tell if you suffer from pollen allergy

Hay fever is also known under the term pollen allergy, also under the description "seasonal allergic rhinitis" which expresses that the allergic reaction refers to a certain period of the year in which certain pollens fly. Hay fever is the most common form of allergy. During this time, the immune system is hypersensitive - more specifically, it reacts to proteins of certain plant pollens such as tree, grass and herb pollens. Those affected report symptoms such as sneezing and coughing, shortness of breath and itchy eyes. There are also a number of other physical symptoms, listed below. The worst thing about hay fever, however, is that it takes all the fun out of spring.

Hay fever manifests itself in people through different symptoms and reactions on a physical and psychological level:

Physical Symptoms
Physically, symptoms of hay fever are manifested by sneezing and a runny, runny nose, nasal congestion allergic cough, itching with itchy, red and watery eyes, tingling sensation in the eyes and nose, conjunctivitis, difficult breathing, tiredness and fatigue during the day and headaches. Some sufferers describe feeling sick and fatigued and also have aching limbs similar to a cold. Sleep is also not very restful for some, and sneezing attacks and fits rob a lot of strength and energy during the day.
Psychological Symptoms
In the perceived experience, a hay fever allergy is often manifested by psychological instability: frustration, because the body does not react in a desired or appropriate way, up to aggression against oneself. Affected people often also report fears and thoughts such as "what if the allergy is then very strong again?", "what if I am affected by allergy attacks when barbecuing?". For many, the fear of this in particular is also difficult to deal with and even promotes the increased occurrence of physical allergic symptoms.

Hypnosis for hay fever

With hay fever and allergies, the psychosomatic part plays an important role, hypnosis Berlin helps you to work on the causes, relieve and heal symptoms and above all break the allergy cycle and works on a physical and psychological level. In addition, clinical studies have confirmed that hypnosis strengthens the immune system and can reverse the wrong programming.

Hay fever self test

Do I suffer from hay fever?

The following questions may be the first clues as to whether you suffer from hay fever:
  • 1

    Do you have the impression that you withdraw or avoid certain situations and activities?
  • 2

    Do you experience any of the following symptoms: runny nose, stuffy nose allergic cough, red and watery eyes, tingling sensation in the eyes and nose?
  • 3

    Are you worried or concerned about how you may feel during the next pollen season?
  • 4

    Do you feel listless, sick or have aching limbs during the acute period of pollen season?
  • 4

    Kennen Sie jemanden in Ihrer Familie, der von einer allergischen Erkrankung betroffen ist? Dazu zählen Asthma, Heuschnupfen und Neurodermitis.
If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions and feel restricted in your daily life and living, you should seek medical or therapeutic advice and, if necessary, test yourself for allergies. You may have hay fever. Please note that questions are always asked broadly, so it is possible that people who are not affected by a hay fever pollen allergy may receive a positive result. Not everyone who feels down in the spring suffers from hay fever.

Hay fever facts

Scientifically confirmed that hypnosis strengthens the immune system

Clinical studies have confirmed that hypnosis strengthens the immune system. It does this in a number of ways. One of them is autosuggestion. It puts you in a position to realign the faithful guardians of your immune system. This is not magic or some kind of "placebo effect" at all. It is simply the correction of incorrect programming. Finally, hypnosis breaks the cycle of excitement, anxiety and allergy. By reacting more calmly to the allergy and being able to process the symptoms better, you lose your anxiety. You can deal with the allergy in a more relaxed way, which often enough already leads to an improvement.

Where and when does hay fever occur?

Hay fever usually occurs outdoors during the pollen season. Affected persons are therefore usually advised to adopt a pollen count calendar in order to be able to predict more easily at what time it might be appropriate to retreat indoors. But as this advice already shows - for those affected it is hardly possible to shield oneself completely from the pollen count, even if many avoid certain vacation spots or outdoor activities in the course of the illness. There are also certain rules for your own home that should help to keep pollen out as much as possible, such as washing your hair every day, using pollen filters in front of the window, using damp cloths for dusting, or using an air purifier.

Hay fever and pollen allergy in Germany

21 % of the test persons aged 30 to 39 years stated that they had suffered from hay fever at least once in their lives. A full 22 % of the people surveyed aged 18 and over said that they suffer from hay fever. And as many as 26% of those surveyed fully agree that they are restricted in their everyday lives by the physical symptoms of acute hay fever. Hay fever is an allergy that must be taken seriously, especially in view of the level of suffering and the possible secondary conditions.
20.8 %
of the subjects aged 30 to 39 said they had suffered from hay fever at least once in their lives.
22 %
of respondents aged 18 and over say they suffer from hay fever.
26 %
of the respondents fully agree that they are restricted in their daily lives by the physical symptoms of acute hay fever.

Hay fever causes

Causes of pollen allergy

An allergy is a hypersensitivity of our immune system. Basically, the guardians of our health do exactly what they are supposed to. They fight foreign substances. In the case of allergy, however, the immune system also fights harmless substances. The consequences are extremely unpleasant. From a runny nose and watery eyes to skin reactions such as itching and pimples to anaphylactic shock, many reactions are possible. All of them are unpleasant, many of them also really dangerous.

Hay fever is not genetic

Allergies are not congenital, but acquired. That is, initially there is harmless contact with the allergen. At some point, our immune system decides to store the substance as "dangerous" and fight it. Why the body does this is not yet fully understood. Certainly stress is a trigger, but also a "too much" of this or that substance. The allergy can come quite suddenly and hit us at any age. Once it is there, it becomes stronger with every allergic stimulus. Often it does not remain with the one trigger. So-called "cross allergies" develop. Hypnosis helps you to break exactly this cycle.

Hay fever consequences

What consequences can hay fever or pollen allergy have?

The longer hay fever persists and remains untreated, the greater the suffering of those affected. Fears of the next pollen season can be greater, sufferers feel helpless and unable to change anything about the situation.

Summarize the consequences of hay fever as follows:
  • Many of those affected develop allergic asthma and sinusitis.
  • High psychological and physical stress due to the discomfort of the allergy.
  • Restriction of the quality of life of those affected.
  • Increased feelings of helplessness and also aggression can show in private and professional life: psychosocial, somatic and economic consequences.
  • Significant behavioral changes due to avoidance behavior as well as avoidance of outdoor activities, visits to swimming pools, walks, vacation spots.
  • Withdrawal from social activities with friends and family.
  • Increased risk through "self-therapy or self-medication".

Hay fever and secondary conditions

Hay fever can lead to further secondary conditions - on a physical level, allergic bronchial asthma or sinusitis. Timely therapy is therefore all the more important and should not only address acute symptoms such as sneezing, runny, stuffy nose or allergic cough. It is at least as important to prevent possible secondary conditions. This is because secondary conditions can also develop at the psychological level, such as anxiety, dejection and depressive mood due to the restrictive situation under which many of those affected suffer considerably.

Featured article on hay fever

This is is how hypnosis treats hay fever and other allergies

In this professional article "So hilft Hypnose gegen Heuschnupfen und andere Allergien" (Hypnosis helps against hay fever and other allergies) on the renowned and largest medical platform, you will learn even more information from me on the subject of hypnosis against hay fever and other allergies on the following points: Click here to go to the professional article on Jameda - So hypnosis helps against hay fever and other allergies.
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  • Prevent allergies with hypnosis
  • Hypnotherapy for children?

Hay fever hypnosis treatment

Treat hay fever with hypnosis

Hypnosis Berlin helps you break the allergy cycle. It works on a physical and psychological level and in many ways. It all begins with a deep relaxation, the so-called hypnotic trance. In this relaxed awake state you have a deep contact with your inner self. On the one hand you are completely clear in your perception and at the same time you have a pleasant distance to your feelings. For example, you can imagine allergy-triggering situations without being seized by fear or panic. The body also benefits from deep relaxation. The lungs expand, as do the sinuses and every other vessel in your body. You get to breathe again, itching subsides, and the appearance of your skin improves. However, this does not remain a one-time affair. Not only will you naturally experience the trance again in each session, but I will give you important tools to help you invoke this state of relaxation yourself. This will directly help you with the symptoms of your allergy. The next step is now to identify the causes of the condition and eliminate them as much as possible. These are not the allergens! It is the psychosomatic entanglement that has turned harmless substances into allergens for you. Together we look at the triggers and find ways of dealing with them adequately.

Treating hay fever in children with hypnosis

Look forward to spring with your child. Enjoy life to the fullest. Enable your children to live a carefree and allergy-free life, too. Because hypnosis also - and especially - helps with allergies in childhood. Especially here it is of utmost importance to break the cycle of allergen, symptom, fear and stronger symptom as early as possible.

Hypnosis for allergies

Allergies usually have a psychosomatic component, where hypnosis can help to work on the causes and reinforcers. Below is a list of what triggers hypnosis can help with:
  • Different pollen and seeds like grasses, birch, hazel, ash, etc.
  • Animal hair allergy - cat allergy and dog allergy
  • House dust allergy and mite allergy
  • Food intolerances
  • Cross allergies

More Information

Hypnosis Appointment Booking

  • The first hypnosis session usually lasts 120 minutes and includes getting to know each other, a detailed anamnesis and your first hypnosis.
    After booking an appointment in the online calendar, you will receive detailed information about your hypnosis session by email and will receive the hypnosis e-book free of charge when you book the first session. Follow-up appointments usually last 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the current situation and the resulting needs.
    You can find detailed information about the prices under Hypnosis Prices.
  • Smaller topics and issues can sometimes be solved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for smoking cessation takes place in one intensive session. More complex issues that accompany people longer are treated in four sessions on average. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where I support clients over several years at their express request.
  • Usually clients come for a follow-up appointment at an interval of 1 to 4 weeks. I have had very good experiences with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. I would like to emphasize here that in my experience this depends on the topic and the client.
  • Under the following link you can select and book your appointment yourself in the online calendar: Make an Appointment.
  • You will receive an invoice for each session. This does NOT show any fee codes of the GebüH and does not contain any diagnoses. The session is to be paid privately at the end of the session in cash or with EC card. The practice does NOT bill public and private insurances.
  • You can find more questions and answers in the Hypnosis FAQ section - frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

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