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How effective is hypnosis and are the effects long-lasting?

How effective is hypnosis and are the effects long-lasting?

Is hypnosis effective in the long term or do the old behavior patterns come back?

Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment method that usually provides initial results very quickly. No wonder questions arise here about how long this desired hypnosis result lasts. Well, the answers will amaze you. Let's start with the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Berlin is so effective

"When nothing else helps, hypnosis helps." On this formula a colleague brought it and in a way he is right. This is best illustrated by a comparative study from 1970 by Alfred A. Barrios. The result is this:
  • Psychoanalyse/Gesprächstherapie: 38 % Verbesserung nach 600 Sitzungen
  • Verhaltenstherapie: 72 % Verbesserung nach 22 Sitzungen
  • Hypnose-Therapie: 93 % Verbesserung nach 6 Sitzungen
Even though the study is quite contestable by today's standards, one clear tendency remains: hypnosis obviously brings clear results within a very short time. Why?

Why is hypnosis Berlin so effective?

On our website you can learn a lot about how hypnosis works. Now let's take a look at why. Hypnosis is an (auto)suggestive form of treatment and this is also one of the most important reasons why hypnosis works. Because coherent suggestions work! This is true with a positive suggestion as well as a negative one. For example, if you suffer from pain and your doctors tell you this is chronic and you have to live with it, the more often you hear this suggestion, the more powerful it becomes. If you were told at school or at home that you were stupid or lazy, then this is a suggestion that often lingers even after you think you have long forgotten these phrases. But while all these influences come from outside, you control the autosuggestion yourself. And yet - or precisely because of this - it is so effective.

How effective is hypnosis?

So now we know that hypnosis Berlin works and why it works. But how long does the result of hypnosis last and can the old patterns return? How long the effect of hypnosis lasts depends mainly on the reason for treatment. If it is behavioral changes, such as quitting smoking or other psychosocial areas, then a single treatment cycle is often enough to bring about a lasting change in behavior. However, if the treatment is for chronic pain, for example, our approach is different. In that case, Hypnose Berlin will show you how to learn to overcome pain through self-hypnosis. This will enable you to respond to your pain with self-hypnosis, allowing you to deal with it in a sustainable way. For hypnosis for anxiety or phobias (phobias relate their anxiety symptomatology to specific objects or situations), we will use a mixture of both. In the hypnotic trance we will neutralize various triggers of your fears. At the same time, you will learn self-hypnosis, which will help you control emerging panic attacks at any time. Currently, there are no detailed robust studies on the topic of "sustainability" in hypnosis. However, the comparative study on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy by Katharina Wais has shown that in the so-called "catamnesis" (follow-up), the positive results of hypnotherapy show an even greater effectiveness than directly after treatment. According to Wais, this indicates a positive long-term effect.

Hypnosis can be used so effectively

Hypnosis can achieve amazing results, but rightly you may now be wondering how sustainable they are. After all, it's not just about whether something works, but also for how long. Well, with hypnosis, that depends entirely on the goal of the treatment. As a rule, the suggestions can have a posthypnotic effect for years after the treatment without having to be permanently refreshed. However, there are more complex behavioral patterns that need to be properly consolidated through repeated sessions or refreshed after a time X. The fact is, the danger of falling back into old patterns after hypnosis theoretically exists. For example, if you want to quit smoking or get a grip on your problem of overeating or emotional eating with the help of hypnosis, one treatment cycle may well be enough for that. More complex is the treatment of deep-seated psychological problems or chronic pain. To bring about a long-term improvement or change in behavior here can be somewhat more complex. To ensure that the success of hypnosis really lasts, you can learn the so-called self-hypnosis at our practice and achieve the best and most lasting results in combination with external hypnosis. Pain or psychological stresses occur in life again and again, after all, and that's where it's important that you know a way like self-hypnosis to respond to them. The same goes for fears and phobias, here too a strategy can be helpful to respond to an upcoming panic attack. In hypnosis or trance, the triggers for the specific fears are neutralized beforehand. By allowing yourself to be hypnotized and using self-hypnosis just in case, you can benefit from hypnosis in the long term. However, there are not sufficient scientific studies on the subject of the sustainability of hypnosis. Nevertheless, numerous experiences indicate a good and sustainable effectiveness of hypnosis.

Effectiveness hypnosis Berlin

Here you can find more information about the effectiveness and sustainability of hypnosis:


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