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Procedure of a hypnosis session at Hypnosis Berlin

What to expect at your first hypnosis appointment

Here you will learn what to expect at your first hypnosis appointment at our practice and especially how you can best use the time until your appointment for yourself. Because this time can be especially valuable for you. Read what you can consider for yourself to make your hypnosis session even more effective and successful for you. Your first hypnosis session will include getting to know each other, a medical history, and your individual hypnosis. You can book an appointment in the Online Booking Calendar. Here you can find hypnosis testimonials on how hypnosis works at our practice and here a detailed and detailed hypnosis report from a client on how she experienced her first appointment at our practice.

The time between making an appointment and your first hypnosis:

Procedure of a Hypnosis Session

The First Step Is Done!

Remember: you have already taken the first step on the path of change when you decided to make an appointment with our practice. Studies show that this first step is especially important and is already the beginning of change. Your journey, although it may not yet feel conscious, has already begun with your contact or direct booking. And so many clients report that the problem or issue has already changed between the time they make the appointment and their first appointment. So over the next few days, observe yourself consciously and a little more closely: How is it changing? What changes? Is it sometimes worse, sometimes better and when exactly can you perceive this? It can be helpful for the first hypnosis session to make a few notes. For some clients it makes the preliminary conversation easier and they can relax better because they know that they will not forget anything important during the conversation.

The Hypnosis Session - Right Before:

Appointment calendars are often quite full in this day and age, so you do not miss your Hpnose appointment, you will be reminded 7 days in advance by email with and by SMS 24 hours before your appointment. So nothing can really go wrong!
To make it even easier for you to go into hypnosis, please do not drink any Kaffee, white, green or black tea - no drinks containing koffein or tea - about 2-3 hours before your session. Also, avoid stimulant drinks such as energy drinks.
Here you can find the directions to the hypnosis practice and the location in Berlin-Friedenau.
The entrance door to the practice is not to be overlooked: A painted and decorated wooden door in the colors purple and pink leads you into the building. On the golden bell sign on the left side you will find the lettering "Privatpraxis am Schillerplatz" - please ring here. The practice is on the mezzanine floor on the left side - here I will be waiting for you at the door. Please note that we run an appointment-only practice and it will be open for you from 5 minutes before your appointment.

The Hypnosis Session - Arrival:

Once you have entered, you still then have a few minutes in the waiting area for you to arrive and help yourself. You can choose between different types of tea or still water. at our practice we attach great importance to making people feel comfortable, so you can also choose a suitable pair of slippers, which are always freshly disinfected. Alternatively, you can choose shrink-wrapped anti-slip socks or you can bring your own comfort shoes or socks to your appointment right away. A restroom is also available, and of course a contactless soap dispenser, as well as hand sanitizer dispensers, are also available. Use the moment of arrival to yourself to focus on your issue and concern. Some clients are a little nervous right before the appointment, this is quite normal and understandable. After all, it is the concern that brings people to the practice, an important one.

The Hypnosis Session - Preliminary Talk:

Your first session begins with a preliminary discussion, the anamnesis. For this, you will take a seat in a comfortable chair in the consultation room. The preliminary talk is about your feelings and your concerns that have brought you to our practice. It is about your life circumstances and what changes you may have observed in yourself since booking your appointment. You will have space and time to talk about your concerns. I am interested in what your goal is that you would like to achieve through support with hypnosis and also what you have already done to achieve your goal. What specifically do you want to change for you? How will you know that our work has been successful? The anamnesis interview lasts about 45 to 60 min. In this way it is possible to get to know you, which is important so that the subsequent hypnosis can be individually tailored to you and your needs. This way the hypnosis can be successful and a special experience for you! During the preliminary interview, you will have time to ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and get a comprehensive picture of what hypnosis is and can do medically and therapeutically. Once we finish the preliminary interview and any questions that may still be answered, we change rooms together and go to the hypnosis room that is set up specifically for your hypnosis.

The Hypnosis Session - Hypnosis:

In the hypnosis room everything is designed specifically for the needs of people in the change process of trance. Hypnosis can be experienced in this room through all the senses - from selected light settings and individual settings, to the scent and unique room sounds. All this and much more can bring you much deeper into the hypnotic process and above all closer to yourself, in addition to my voice. The intense experience will be enhanced and the hypnosis will be unique for you. In the hypnosis room you will take a seat in a comfortable hypnosis chair, specially selected for hypnosis. You have the option to recline continuously as far as you like and place your feet comfortably on a matching stool. Depending on the season, you can choose between different blankets made of the finest materials. Many clients report a very pleasant feeling during hypnosis. Breathing becomes calmer, heartbeat and pulse slow down, and you enter a trance in which deep relaxation can spread. The hypnotic state is reminiscent of sleep - but is not sleep, rather a kind of intermediate state between being awake and asleep.
You hear the words during hypnosis and you have full control over what you say at all times. Even if you wanted to end the hypnosis, you could do so at any point. Put simply, the hypnotic state is a deep state of supreme relaxation with simultaneous concentration. Conscious thought makes way for a period of time and you can access the resources of your subconscious mind unconsciously and directly. While I accompany and guide you, you can be curious about what the subconscious mind has in store for you and what support you will receive from it. You sit back, relax and let yourself go with it - at your own pace, so that you can feel accompanied, supported and completely at ease at all times. In this way you can see yourself and me as a team on the way to your goal or the fulfillment of your desire.

The Hypnosis Session - Directly After:

Many clients simply feel good after hypnosis and wake up feeling positively invigorated. After hypnosis, it is time to reflect on what you have experienced and arrive fully back in spacetime. In the final conversation you will receive valuable advice for the time after hypnosis. You will also learn from me as an outlook, how the further cooperation can look methodically. Some clients enjoy to get ready for the way for a moment with a glass of water or tea in the waiting area. It is important for me that everyone can take the time they need. From the waiting area you can take a look at the wonderfully designed garden and linger for a moment in the many small and larger works of art. You can of course drive after the hypnosis.
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