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Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Quit Smoking and Breathe Freely Again

Most people know about the health risks that smoking brings with it. But the craving is usually greater than the rational part of the mind that says "leave it, you've already smoked enough". And so the grip goes back towards the cigarette. But what if you knew that almost all the negative health effects that come with smoking are reversible? The human body has a type of intelligence that allows it to start the process of cleansing and regeneration within 30 minutes after the last cigarette.
Quit Smoking Hypnosis - Quit Smoking and Breathe Freely Again
Image: Quit Smoking Hypnosis - Quit Smoking and Breathe Freely Again

Symptoms of Smoking addiction

How to recognize if Quit Smoking Hypnosis is right for you

If you identify with any of the following, we are here to help: People who smoke little to a lot. People who have strong cravings for cigarettes in certain situations. People who reward themselves with cigarettes or smoking out of boredom. People who smoke when stressed. People who associate cigarettes with pleasure: having a cigarette with a meal, wine or during celebrations. People who have a strong desire to smoke when they are angry or sad. People who have never quit smoking. People who have already made several unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking. Hypnosis can help you quit smoking and finally become smoke-free for good. The strong desire and craving for cigarettes will stop until you eventually forget that you once were a smoker. At the same time, the desire for a healthy lifestyle increases as you develop a better sense for your body’s needs. Since hypnosis allows you to access deep breathing, you will deliver more oxygen to your body and by means of simple exercises start to live a more balanced and relaxed life - without the compulsion or need to smoke.

The symptoms of heavy smoking manifest themselves through different reactions on a physical and psychological level:

Physical Symptoms
The toxins produced by tobacco smoke attack the body and produce a variety of physical symptoms. Smokers might experience coughing with mucus, shortness of breath during physical activities, pain in the legs (which can lead up to a condition known as “smoker's leg”), heart pain and heart complications. The list of symptoms that can be exacerbated by smoking, seems almost endless. There is a higher risk of developing cancerous tumors, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, infections, many forms of cancer, eye damage, bad breath and gum problems, deteriorated sense of smell and taste, diseases of the bones, joints and muscles, impotence and infertility, problems with metabolism and digestion and premature skin aging.
Psychological Symptoms
Psychological symptoms of smoking include self-doubt and guilt (caused by failed attempts to quit smoking or bad conscience about the health risks). Studies show that there is a link and increased risk between depression and smoking.

Testimonial of a client who quit smoking through hypnosis

Hypnosis for smoking cessation has helped me. I can definitely recommend it! Simply super! Ms. Buschinger is empathetic, very competent and has a very pleasant voice. I was very satisfied overall. A super procedure, no waiting, very nice location. All in all very positive. Thank you very much.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Self-Test

Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?

The following questions may be initial clues as to whether hypnosis can help you quit smoking:
  • 1

    Do you find it hard not to smoke or do you find yourself thinking about smoking for long periods of time?
  • 2

    Do you arrange your day around smoking breaks?
  • 3

    Do you smoke even in unfavorable situations, only to do it hastily and quickly?
  • 4

    Do you have more cravings for cigarettes when bored, stressed, frustrated, angry or sad?
  • 5

    Do you have any health problems as a result of smoking?
  • 6

    Do you wish you could breathe more freely?
  • 7

    Would you like to be a role model for your children or the environment?
  • 8

    Would you like to use your money for other things in your life?
If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, our Quit Smoking Hypnosis may be what you are looking for. Hypnosis will help you move on from cigarettes and start a new life where you are no longer at the mercy of addiction and inconvenient cravings to smoke. You then decide for yourself what you want to do every day without having to consider smoking at the back of your mind. This is not only physically healthier, but it will take care of your mental health: Feelings of happiness and endorphins, which were previously linked to smoking, make themselves felt in new areas of your life. Soon you will feel good in your skin and body without smoking - physically fit and healthy. You will have a better attitude towards life and will be more balanced - the urge to reach for the pack of cigarettes will be a thing of the past.

Quit smoking facts - Smoking cessation

Smoking in Germany

About 30 percent of adults smoke in Germany, which is the equivalent of about 20 million people. A heavy smoker will shorten his or her life by many years compared to a non-smoker, which can often be devastating for families. Smoking is one of the greatest preventable health risks in Germany, according to the "Study on the Health of Adults in Germany (DEGS1)". The goal of quitting smoking often accompanies people for years, sometimes with smoke-free phases followed by relapses. Hypnosis can help you break this cycle for good.

Studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis against smoking

Various studies present quite different estimates of the effectiveness of hypnosis for smoking cessation. As early as 1983, Elisha Agee compared 16 studies and arrived at an abstinence rate of between 4 and 88%. In a 1993 review, Jeffrey K. Zeig reported an average success rate of 64%. In a comprehensive study by Cornelie Schweizer and Dirk Revenstorf of the University of Tübingen, up to 65% of participants were abstinent within 3 months. In the meantime, the established Milton Erickson Society in Tübingen speaks of a success rate of up to 90% in smoking cessation.
You can find out more about this in the research work of the Milton Erickson Gesellschaft MEG Tübingen and the research article by Cornelie Schweizer and Dirk Revenstorf on smoking cessation with hypnotherapy:
From this it is clear - hypnosis is an effective method to quit smoking - with a success rate of 65%. And what about the remaining 35%? Why don't they stop smoking? First of all, it is important to be aware of the conditions of studies. Here, only abstinent or not abstinent counts. If a heavy smoker manages to get down to one or two cigarettes a day within 3 months, then that is a success, but it cannot be included in the study. Furthermore, the study shows something completely different. It shows that hypnosis does not achieve anything against the declared will of the client. 35% of the people who participated in the study in Tübingen obviously did not want to stop smoking completely. Perhaps they were simply not yet ready, perhaps they were pushed or also put under a little pressure. Hypnosis is a method with which a free, autonomous person can be effectively supported in the fulfillment of his or her wishes and goals, and this has been proven by the studies. No more - but also no less.

Health as the most important reason to quit smoking

There was a 32% smoking rate among men in Europe according to the WHO in 2020, compared to a 19% smoking rate among women. 81% of smokers surveyed said that health was among the reasons they wanted to quit smoking.
32.4 %
Proportion of smoking men in Europe in 2020 according to the WHO.
18.6 %
Smoking prevalence among women in Europe in 2020 according to the WHO.
81 %
of smokers named health risks as the leading motivational factor to quit smoking.

Causes for Smoking and Quitting Smoking

Understanding and changing the motivation behind smoking with hypnosis

It is often deeply ingrained patterns of behavior, reward and drive motives, which keep people from quitting smoking in a long-term manner successfully. Behavioral patterns can make it difficult for people to stay smoke-free since the natural tendency is to fall back into old patterns, habits and behavior. Hypnosis can quickly and effectively provide solutions here, by redirecting the focus to a healthy future and a new smoke-free life. Age, motivation, smoking habits and health are all factors that play a role in the success rate to quit smoking through hypnosis.  
In our treatment model we look at the individual through a holistic lense, so that the hypnosis treatments work intensively from the roots. It is important that you know what your motive is for quitting smoking. How important is it to you to stop smoking? Are you doing it for yourself or for others? Your own motivation is important for hypnosis. Your desire to be smoke-free should be very high in order for the treatments to work. Are you ready to change your life? Ask yourself what you want to go through life smoke-free for? For your body and health? Or for more emotional well-being, better breathing and a more pleasant body odor? Maybe you already have a picture in your mind of what you want to do first when you are a non-smoker. The clearer and more focused you are, the easier it will become for you to succeed with hypnosis.

Quit Smoking hypnosis conditions

What you should bring to your Quit Smoking Hypnosis session

Important for smoking cessation with hypnosis is that you really want it. You should bring a strong motivation to quit smoking for yourself and not to stop smoking just for a partner. At the beginning of the intensive session, we therefore clearly discuss your goals and vision that you associate with not smoking: How will you be different as a non-smoker? What do you want to become a non-smoker for? These are very central questions at the beginning of the hypnosis session, which we clarify together so that I can understand you and your concerns. This way I can tailor an individual Quit Smoking Hypnosis session to you. A hypnosis treatment plan that is optimal for you whilst aiming to be highly effective and successful. It is very important that you are ready for this lifestyle change and that you really want to stop smoking. Some of our clients bring high levels of suffering with them from the past years, since decades of smoking have anchored intense cravings in them, from which they would like to break free with hypnosis. Hypnosis can effectively treat heavy smokers who have decades of smoking history behind them as well as lighter smokers who are finding it difficult to quit.

For whom is Quit Smoking Hypnosis suitable?

Finally smoke-free, without thoughts about the next cigarette, which is often paired with a guilty conscience - this is an important goal for many smokers. And we get these questions again and again: "Can I really stop smoking with hypnosis?" and "For whom is Quit Smoking Hypnosis suitable?" The answer is quite clear: For anyone with a genuine desire to quit smoking. It is for those individuals who want to take their life and health back into their own hands and make choices without limitations caused by smoking. For everyone who no longer wants to torture themselves with trying and failing to quit, and for those who are not satisfied with the fact that they are now smokers and may even always remain smokers. Hypnosis can be the gateway to a new, healthier, smoke-free life. Feel free to get excited and see for yourself how easy it can be. By restoring motivational strength and mental power, hypnosis will help you quit smoking within a few sessions.

Smoking consequences

What long-term consequences are associated with smoking?

The longer a person continues to smoke, the greater the suffering and desire to stop smoking. With futile attempts to stop smoking, however, an individual’s confidence and hope can decrease and those affected may feel that quitting is almost impossible.

The consequences of smoking can include:
  • Higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases: heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and many more. This happens because smoking has a negative effect on blood circulation and constricts the blood vessels.
  • Higher risk of developing respiratory diseases, infections, cancer, eye damage, bad breath, deteriorated sense of smell and taste, diseases of the bones, joints and muscles, impotence and infertility, problems with metabolism and digestion, premature skin aging.
  • Cigarette consumption shortens life expectancy by an average of 10 years (!)
  • Scientific findings have established a link between dementia and smoking.
  • Studies show that there is also a link and increased risk between depression and smoking.
  • Self-doubt and feelings of guilt when attempts to quit smoking have failed.

Smoking and secondary conditions

As you can see above, long-term tobacco consumption can bring many secondary conditions - on the physical and psychological level. Smoking is an addiction and it is more than understandable if smokers find it difficult to quit on their own. Because in addition to tobacco addiction, other factors play a role in why people find it so difficult to stop smoking: For many, smoking is part of their identity, since friends, hobbies and social encounters are often geared towards it. There are a multitude of rituals during the day that can remind people of smoking, reactivate the addiction and have it further consolidated: breakfast with coffee and a cigarette, waiting for the bus with a cigarette, finishing a good meal with a cigarette, sitting on the balcony with a cigarette, and so on.

Smoking cessation hypnosis treatment

Stop smoking with hypnosis

Through hypnosis, your life can change within just a few sessions. You will become a more calm, relaxed and healthier person through the support of hypnosis. Finally break free from cigarettes and go through life with a rejuvenated, healthy body.

How Quit Smoking Hypnosis works

When people attempt to quit smoking before they discover hypnosis, withdrawal symptoms are often described as very agonizing. Especially when they force themselves to stop smoking. This causes great stress. The body then remembers how it usually dealt with stress in the past and calmed down again by smoking cigarettes. The cycle then continues as cravings and the desire for cigarettes increase. Things are very different for people who stop smoking through hypnosis: Hypnosis targets the source of your addiction and uses the enhanced power of the subconscious mind to treat smoking addiction on two levels: (1) By consciously talking about it before the hypnosis begins and (2) subconsciously activating your desire to remain smoke-free through the trance state in hypnosis. You will have the space to speak about other topics that might be weighing you down, which can contribute to the desire to smoke. It is important for us to work with every individual on a holistic level, and to provide not only a so-called “quick fix” which other hypnotherapists claim to offer within one session. We do not believe that one hypnosis session is enough to treat decades of smoking addiction. This is why we are using scientifically backed up studies and treatment models (such as the Tübinger model by Dr. Cornelie Schweizer) to provide intensive treatments at Hypnosis Berlin. In our treatment model, smoking addiction is targeted and treated intensively within five sessions.

What happens in the body after you smoke your last cigarette

The human body begins to restore itself immediately after the last cigarette and starts to regenerate.
  • After only 20 minutes, your heart rate starts to return to normal.
  • After 2 hours, blood pressure returns to normal.
  • After 5 hours, blood circulation begins to improve.
  • After 12 hours, the amount of oxygen in your blood returns to normal.
  • After 2 days, the sense of smell and taste improve.
  • After 2 weeks, withdrawal symptoms begin to decrease.
  • After 6 months, coughing and shortness of breath decreases dramatically.
  • After 1 year, the risk of heart disease is cut in half.

Through hypnosis all your resources are activated and strengthened.

You will be mentally strengthened, focused and clear after every session and can start the new chapter as a non-smoker more easily. Cravings for cigarettes and nicotine decrease and your thoughts stop revolving around cigarettes. Your quality of life and health will improve dramatically with every second and with every new breath. Eventually, your smoking addiction will be forgotten altogether. In the preliminary conversation, we will work together to identify alternative, helpful strategies and new positive habits that we can reinforce through the hypnosis which follows. In this manner, hypnosis has a lasting, deep and long-term success.

Can you really become smoke-free with hypnosis?

Yes! This has been backed up by scientific findings through multiple studies. It is not without reason that hypnosis and hypnotherapy often come to mind in relation to smoking cessation - it is because it has been one of the most successful methods of choice for decades, and knowledge of this has spread by word of mouth. Among the most critical of scientific studies in the field of hypnotherapeutic smoking cessation is the work of Green and Lynn (2000). The success rate of hypnosis for smoking cessation has been demonstrated through the former and many other studies. One of the reasons hypnosis is so successful is because it activates your resources and brings your individual strengths into the foreground. At the same time, hypnosis allows you to identify, process and transform unhelpful habits and behaviors in your daily life. Some clients are initially skeptical because television and the media can distort the image of hypnosis: stage hypnosis, which is shown on television and for entertainment purposes on stages, has little to do with hypnotherapy and hypnosis that is used in the medical and clinical field. This often creates the image that people under hypnosis lose control or cannot remember anything that happened. This image can cause fear, but it is important to understand that show hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two very distinct things - one is there to provide entertainment, while the latter is there to help you. After the hypnosis treatments, many clients are very happy and glad to have made the choice of breaking free from smoking through hypnosis. Taking the step into a new, smoke-free life allows more choices and freedom of action, since thoughts and undertakings are no longer inhibited and blocked by cigarettes and old habits. Hypnosis can change your entire life within just a few sessions, so that those around you will also start to get used to things being different. Addiction to cigarettes, instant gratification and reward motives, which were often part of your life for years, become a thing of the past. Frustration and failure to quit smoking have often picked on your self-esteem for years. Feelings of self-efficacy may also be lower. Hypnosis can help you regain your confidence and self-determination so that you can choose for yourself what actually matters in your life.

What is the secret of hypnosis for smoking cessation?

The secret of hypnosis is working with the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a very unique and highly effective treatment method that can have a holistic and lasting effect - on the psychological, emotional and physical leve. This means that hypnosis can create space for your inner strengths and resources, helping you to quit smoking effectively and easily. The reasons why you have not been able to quit smoking long-term or why you have failed with previous attempts can be uncovered and treated with hypnosis. Blockages that have prevented you from quitting can be removed and your motivation will be firmly established and strengthened through hypnosis. Disturbing thoughts and behavioral patterns can be uncovered and reprogrammed into helpful and healthier behaviors and lifestyles. In this way, you will leave hypnosis feeling like the best version of yourself.

Is it possible to quit smoking with hypnosis without gaining weight?

Feared by many is the assumption of gaining weight when you stop smoking. After your hypnosis treatments, your body does not have to constantly focus on breaking down the neurotoxin nicotine and can process food in a normal and natural way. Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis allows for you to break free from seeking substitutes such as food. The craving for smoking and for food as a compensation will set itself after a while.

How important is motivation for quitting smoking with hypnosis?

The most important prerequisite for quitting smoking with hypnosis is your own motivation. You must have the desire and motivation to become a non-smoker. You should not just want to do someone a favor or prove something to your family or partner. If your motivation and desire to quit is present and you have a sincere desire to change your life, hypnosis will be highly effective and attaining the change will seem incredibly easy to you, since hypnosis works so quickly when the motivation is high.

More Information

Hypnosis Appointment Booking

The first hypnosis session usually lasts 120 minutes and includes getting to know each other, a detailed anamnesis and your first hypnosis.
After booking an appointment in the online calendar, you will receive detailed information about your hypnosis session by email and will receive the hypnosis e-book free of charge when you book the first session. Follow-up appointments usually last 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the current situation and the resulting needs.
You can find detailed information about the prices under Hypnosis Prices.
Smaller topics and issues can sometimes be solved in one session. In particular, hypnosis for smoking cessation takes place in one intensive session. More complex issues that accompany people longer are treated in four sessions on average. Hypnotherapy is to be understood as a short therapy. There are also exceptions where I support clients over several years at their express request.
Usually clients come for a follow-up appointment at an interval of 1 to 4 weeks. I have had very good experiences with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. I would like to emphasize here that in my experience this depends on the topic and the client.
Under the following link you can select and book your appointment yourself in the online calendar: Make an Appointment.
You will receive an invoice for each session. This does NOT show any fee codes of the GebüH and does not contain any diagnoses. The session is to be paid privately at the end of the session in cash or with EC card. The practice does NOT bill public and private insurances.
You can find more questions and answers in the Hypnosis FAQ section - frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

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