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Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers
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As a trained pedagogue and hypnotherapist, I know the lives of children and adolescents well. Our concern is to make adolescents strong and to show them what they are capable of. For a future in which they believe in themselves and a life they can shape themselves!
In our work with children and young people, we rely on the involvement of parents. Especially when children are younger, it is important that the parents or one of the parents also know that their child is in good hands at our practice. We work less problem-focused, but help children and adolescents to grow beyond themselves and to strengthen their resources, and sometimes to discover them for themselves in a new way or even for the first time.

Your advantage: individual medical hypnosis & hypnotherapy tailored entirely to the needs of children and adolescents. The parents or usually it is more accurate to say a parent are or will be involved in the process of change.
Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

For whom is Hypnosis for Children and Adolescents suitable?

For young people

  • from the age of 9 and teenagers up to 18 years. You can find the offer for adults here.
  • who need support in various life situations - when talking about it is no longer enough.
  • who may even have had experience with long-term psychotherapy, but have not yet found the help they need in it.
  • and their parents. I have had very good experience involving parents in the change process. It is therefore important to me that at least one parent is present in the anamnesis interview of the first session.
Hypnosis for Children and Teenager

Advantages for your Child in our Hypnosis Practice

Hypnosis treatment for children and adolescents is a short-term therapy. Working with young people always gives me a special joy: children have their whole lives ahead of them. Getting difficulties out of the way at a young age and using hypnosis to bring them closer to their strengths and resources can create whole new possibilities for their lives.
After all, it is not uncommon for children to carry untreated issues into adulthood. This doesn't have to be the case.
I take time in the hypnosis session for you as parents and for your child. Usually, parents notice positive changes in their child after the first session.
Consulting with parents about their perceptions between sessions, helps reinforce the change within the family as well.
I provide helpful tips on how you can actively continue to support your child's developmental process between sessions!
The vast majority of children and adolescents find it easy to engage in hypnosis. In addition to the special design of the hypnosis room, I have also built special and individual "features" into the work for the younger and older ones - because it is close to my heart to work on change with joy. Many often can hardly wait for the follow-up appointment.
Advantages for your Children and Teenagers

For what Issues do we use Hypnosis for Children and Adolescents?

Hypnosis for Children and Teenager
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