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Hypnosis for phobias

Phobias - Hypnosis for Phobias
Phobias - Hypnosis for phobias
Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself.
Phobias relate to certain objects or situations. Phobias are characterized by strong fear; colloquially, a phobia is also referred to as strong aversion. People suffering from a phobia know consciously and cognitively that their fear is unfounded and unreasonable to the extent and that there is no real danger or even danger to life. Phobias can manifest as irrational fear as fear of flying (fear of flying), the dental phobia (Dentophobie), fear of heights (acrophobia), spiderphobia (arachnophobia), fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), claustrophobia (agoraphobia), fear of social situations (social phobia), fear of vomiting (emetophobia), Body image disorder and fear of being ugly (dysmorphophobia), and fear of getting sick (hypochondria). The phobias mentioned are the ten most common phobias, and there are extensive lists of about 600 different types of phobias. The irrational fears affect the thoughts, feelings and behavior of the sufferers. The suffering pressure is often great. The effect with hypnosis therefore often surprises those affected who suffer from a phobia: clients learn with hypnosis in a short time to oppose the phobia in a self-effective and independent way and to become masters of the situation. Affected persons achieve (again) more inner security and symptoms of the phobia can immediately disappear even in confronting situations.

Other Hypnosis Topics for Phobias:

  • Acrophobia, fear of heights or looking down
  • Claustrophobia, fear of confinement or enclosed spaces
  • Dental phobia or dental phobia
  • BVS phobia, fear of blood, injury, or injections
  • Dysmorphophobia, sufferers feel uncomfortable in their own bodies or feel disfigured
  • Erythrophobia - fear of blushing
  • Fear of riding or traveling on public transportation
  • Fear of water and swimming
  • Fear of blood (haematophobia)
  • Animal phobias: dogs, insects, snakes, rats,
  • Emetophobia, fear of vomiting
  • Erotophobia, fear of eroticism
There are a few more phobias, more precisely about 600 different phobias and phobic disorders! One thing they all have in common - there is an immediate trigger, which cause the anxiety symptoms that can be treated with hypnosis.
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