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How Hypnosis Helps in the Postpartum Period

How Hypnosis Helps in the Postpartum Period

Postpartum depression - hypnosis for postnatal depression, postpartum depression.

Baby blues, postpartum depression or postpartum depression - when the love for the child is covered by deep, inexplicable suffering, many mothers and also fathers begin a journey full of incomprehension, loneliness and grief. At the same time, postpartum depression or baby blues are by no means rare. The so-called crying days immediately after delivery, also called baby blues, occur in up to 70 percent of all women. They arise due to hormonal changes and usually disappear after a few days by themselves. In up to 15 percent of all women, however, it does not remain with a few dark days. In these young mothers, the baby blues develops into a postnatal depression. Here, too, the hormonal change is a weighty trigger. In addition, there are usually other factors. Such a postpartum depression can even develop into a severe postpartum psychosis in the worst case.

These factors include:
  • Changed life situation
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder after a difficult birth
  • Difficult social environment
  • Partnership problems
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Iron deficiency

Symptoms of postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis - what are the symptoms

Emotional fluctuations, sadness, insecurities and slight panic are completely normal in the environment of pregnancy and birth. The so-called baby blues are also no cause for concern. In the following, you will get a brief overview of the different symptoms.

Baby Blues...

  • ...begins immediately after birth.
  • ...lasts one to two days.
  • ...brings with it a leaden fatigue.
  • ...may manifest as great physical and mental tension and irritability.

Postnatal Depression...

  • ...often begins weeks or months after birth.
  • ...gets worse and worse.
  • ...exhaustion and fatigue do not stop.
  • ...feelings of guilt and irritability do not decrease.
  • ...may show up with concentration and memory problems.
  • ...may involve loss of sex drive and listlessness.
  • ...complicates attachment to the child to the point of making it impossible.
  • ...can bring great concern for the child.
  • ...can mean loss of appetite or ravenous hunger.
  • ...can show itself in sleep disorders with problems falling asleep and insomnia.

Hypnosis makes you feel the happiness of motherhood

On mother's happiness just recently some, partly very cynical books have been written, which are basically mainly concerned with the political dimensions of motherhood. That's not what this is about. This is about motherly love and the associated happiness that supposedly occurs as soon as a mother holds her fragrant infant in her arms. Almost every woman gives birth to her first child with this expectation, and almost every woman is disappointed. Because just like any love, the love for your own child must first grow. Immediately after the birth, you probably feel mostly relief and emotion. There is wonder, pride and fascination and in healthy people quite instantly an overwhelming urge to protect the helpless being. That's what our hormones are for, that's what the infant schema is for, that's what the special baby smell is designed for. However, too much "mother love at first sight" is not provided by evolution. After all, in the past, many babies had not survived the first days and weeks. It only sets in over time. It grows very slowly, while you protect your child and give it all the care it needs to become big, strong, healthy and independent.

Quick help with hypnosis for depression after childbirth

It is especially important to get help quickly in cases of postpartum depression. After all, this is not only about getting an adult out of suffering and isolation, but also about the healthy development of an infant. With all the love for the child, with all the care and all the responsibility, when you are in hypnosis treatment is all about YOU! Because this is also often enough a reason for postpartum depression. You, the lover, the daughter, friend and partner are suddenly only the mother of... And with that you should then also be completely fulfilled. In hypnosis, you can be yourself. A woman in distress, a mother who loves her child and waiting for the great feelings that everyone projects into you. With hypnosis Berlin you get space for yourself and can be as you are. Here you will find relaxation and peace and thus regain access to your own feelings. Hypnosis helps to overcome the baby blues and shows the way out of postnatal depression.

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