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Can hypnosis cure psychosomatic complaints?

Can hypnosis cure psychosomatic complaints?
In the case of physical complaints, it is generally recommended to clarify possible physical causes with the attending physician. If these have been ruled out and the complaints persist, psychological issues may be at the root of the problem. It is relatively common that no physical cause can be found behind a physical complaint: This means as much as that medicine, with the current state of research and knowledge, does not know the cause. A disease or illness that arises from the person himself. But what does this mean? A disease or illness that arises from itself can be worked on by working with the subconscious in hypnosis. The prerequisite for this is openness and readiness for hypnotherapy, a space in which changes and new experiences can be allowed. In this way, hypnotherapy complements conventional medicine and offers an insight into and processing of the causes and background of symptoms. Through hypnosis, people learn to understand and trust their bodies - but most importantly, they learn new skills to better deal with symptoms and even let go of them.

Hypnosis helps with psychosomatic complaints

Many people are familiar with psychosomatic complaints. Body and soul are closely connected. Mental problems can affect the body and vice versa. There is a wide range of psychosomatic complaints, which can occur in different parts of the body. Headaches, dizziness, back problems, gastrointestinal complaints and feelings of pressure (irritable bowel syndrome), shortness of breath and feelings of tightness in the chest occur most frequently. Especially when feelings such as anger, fear or sadness are suppressed, this eventually settles on the stomach and increased gastric acid is released. Therefore, gastrointestinal problems are the most common psychosomatic complaints, including, for example, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, stomach cramps, heartburn or flatulence. In the worst case, this can develop into a stomach ulcer, so such complaints should always be taken seriously. Of course, physical complaints that are long-lasting should first be clarified by a doctor in order to rule out physical causes. But especially in the case of psychosomatic problems, it is advisable to consider psychotherapy or even hypnosis. Painkillers alone will not get rid of the complaints, the causes have to be investigated, and these are usually located deep in the subconscious. This is the only way to significantly improve the situation in the long term. With hypnosis, the pain can be significantly alleviated, and in the best case even completely eliminated. The prerequisite, of course, is that there are no pathological causes, but it is actually psychosomatic complaints. In hypnosis, the body and mind are put into a deep trance, which enables the client to gain access to his subconscious. There, the inner conflicts, emotions, thought patterns, memories, etc. that lead to the complaints can be made conscious and re-evaluated.

Hypnosis improves psychosomatic complaints

Psychosomatic complaints and symptoms can be very diverse and have many faces. Often people have a long path of suffering behind them and have undergone many examinations without finding a pathological, physical cause or an explanation for the complaints. The complaints can refer to one body region, to several or even change. The application of hypnosis can lead to a noticeable improvement of one's own sensation and thus influence different problem areas.

Can you eliminate pain with hypnosis?

Yes! To be more precise, it is possible in a trance to switch off the pain to such an extent that surgery could be performed without anesthetics. In the trance, your organism has the opportunity to regenerate and recover - which can have a long-term and, above all, lasting positive effect on your subjective experience and sensation.

Psychosomatic complaints can be relieved by self-hypnosis

A big part of effective and sustainable hypnotherapy for psychosomatic complaints can be helping people to help themselves. With self-hypnosis, you are given tools and self-help techniques based on an ancient tradition. Self-hypnosis is an effective technique of positive self-influence that makes the most of your own resources and potential. Thus, hypnosis can be completed by self-hypnosis and become an effective, effective hypnotherapy.

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