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Can I drive after hypnosis?

Can I drive after hypnosis?

Driving a car possible directly after hypnosis?

Justifiably, many people wonder if you can still drive after hypnosis. This is probably because hypnosis is still something we associate with being away with a feeling of no longer being with oneself. But this is not the case. On the contrary, during hypnosis you are completely with yourself. You are concentrated and focused on inner worlds of experience and experience a state reminiscent of dreaming, while you can follow the voice of the hypnotherapist well and attentively. So you are not asleep! You are also not unconscious, but in your right mind. This applies to the different trance states, a lighter to a deep trance.

Orientation phase after trance

A hypnosis is accompanied attentively and begins with a familiarization phase, the so-called hypnosis induction. So that people can go into trance even without hypnosis experience, this is introduced (hypnosis induction). When choosing a hypnotist, make sure that she is well trained and will initiate hypnosis appropriately tailored to your needs. There are numerous forms of inductions, not everyone fits every person equally well. An experienced hypnotherapist will make sure that, on the one hand, you enter hypnosis well and, on the other hand, that the hypnosis is discharged adequately. After each hypnosis there should be enough time to arrive back in the here and now. It is a kind of orientation phase in which you have enough time to reflect on the hypnosis experience and internalize what you have experienced. During this time, your pulse and circulation also normalize and return to the level of your waking state. Judgment and ability to act are completely intact after hypnosis; you are in control of yourself and your senses. Many clients report feeling relaxed and rested after hypnosis, a feeling similar to the moment when you wake up after a short nap or doze in the afternoon. In addition, concentration and attention may be improved.

Driving after hypnosis

If you feel relaxed and rested after hypnosis, this is the best condition for driving. This is also true if we have slept well and feel fit and alert. Nevertheless, you should take individual care of yourself and your fitness to drive. If you feel good and comfortable after hypnosis, these are the best conditions for driving afterwards. If you are unsure, talk about it together with the hypnotherapist after hypnosis. It may also be that people are emotionally agitated depending on their concerns. In this case, take a little time after the hypnosis session before you get behind the wheel. In our hypnosis practice, we make it a point to have enough time after each hypnosis session to reflect and then come back to reality fully. A general recommendation is to wait 15 minutes after hypnosis before getting behind the wheel. A few steps around the block or a short walk in the park is usually enough. Don't be afraid to raise the issue of driving after hypnosis with your hypnotist, who will explain it to you.

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