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Can I remember everything after my hypnosis session?

Can I remember everything after my hypnosis session?

Subconscious Memories

As a rule, hypnotized people can remember everything after hypnosis and there is no memory loss (amnesia). It often happens that people even remember more things that they may have previously repressed or not stored on a conscious level and therefore simply forgotten. This is because hypnosis allows access to the subconscious mind and can reveal memories that one is not always aware of. You can think of it this way: We are confronted with a multitude of impressions every day, so many that we are only consciously aware of a fraction of them. All other impressions are perceived and stored unconsciously. This includes, for example, smells, ambient sounds and perspectives that we perceive as irrelevant, at least on a conscious level.

This is how subconscious memories are formed

Our subconscious constantly perceives impressions and stores them. For example, a person may observe something from a distance that does not affect him personally but frightens him, such as an accident with a red car. The person goes on and again forgets - at least on the conscious level, the color of the car but develops through this fright a rejection concerning the color red, without the person being able to explain it to himself. Now this is just a banal example of how fears or phobias can develop. Certainly, the rejection of the color red is not something that restricts a person in everyday life or even causes suffering. However, in other cases and other unfavorable associations, this can cause people to develop a high level of avoidance behavior, and great fears can appear, which usually even have the tendency to become more and expand.

Memories after hypnosis

During hypnosis, people are in a very relaxed state in which they feel safe and can dissolve old unfavorable associations from the observer's perspective. The outside world can still be perceived, but becomes increasingly unimportant during hypnosis, so many people describe the state in trance as "being gone." The consciousness is not switched off, it is not unconsciousness in hypnosis, but only somewhat moved into the background. Even after a very deep trance, people can usually still remember everything. The memory after hypnosis can be compared to the memory after watching a movie: Even after watching a good movie, people cannot remember every single sentence, yet an overall impression and feeling about the movie remains and key sentences or images can keep resonating even in the days after a movie. It is similar with hypnosis, certain impressions, helpful sequences and phrases are described by clients as recurring in the days afterwards. Some clients also dream about the hypnosis.

Memory gaps and hypnosis - amnesia in hypnosis

It can also happen, as with the film mentioned, that clients remember only fragments after hypnosis or report memory gaps. They can be reassured, usually the memory comes back within a few minutes in the waking state and especially through the therapeutic hypnosis follow-up conversation. It has proven very successful in working with hypnosis to discuss what was experienced in hypnosis, after hypnosis. The hypnotherapist goes into the content of the hypnosis experienced and discusses the suggestions and the images in the hypnosis. A slight disorientation or strenuous thinking about what you dreamed during the night may also be familiar to you shortly after waking up in the morning. Long-lasting amnesia cannot be induced by hypnosis.

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