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Do I reveal secrets during hypnosis that I didn’t want to tell?

Do I reveal secrets during hypnosis that I didn’t want to tell?

People in hypnosis decide for themselves what to say or not to say

Hypnosis to this day has a magical and mysterious image that is still maintained by many mentions in movies and on television through show hypnosis. In it, people are shown to lose control over themselves and what they say, and thus are at the mercy of the hypnotist's will. You can rest assured. In a serious and professional hypnosis practice like we have been running for many years, our concern is different: we work with people on a respectful and understanding level and take people and their concerns seriously. At all times with us, a client has full control over what they want to say in the preliminary conversation and then in hypnosis and what, for whatever reason, they might just want to keep to themselves at first. And we meet that with full understanding. So under no circumstances will you reveal or say things or secrets in hypnosis that you would not want to tell even in a normal or awake state. You yourself decide about it and we accompany you at the speed that is right for you.

Under hypnosis you can keep secrets to yourself

The brain also functions fully during hypnosis and people are not unconscious or in an anesthesia-like state during hypnosis. Rather, the state of hypnosis can be described as similar to sleep: People are like in a kind of intermediate state between being awake and being asleep. And because of this, people in hypnosis always have the choice to say one thing or the other, or even to simply remain silent. And that's perfectly okay! An experienced hypnotherapist or an experienced hypnotherapist does not have to know everything about you in detail for hypnosis to succeed. The special thing about hypnosis is that in the work with the subconscious mind offers the opportunity to find out your own truths about yourself, generate new creative solutions and thereby establish the desired change.

Confidentiality in the hypnosis practice

Hypnosis gives people back much more control themselves and enables them to see things in a new or different light. More clarity for things and more control for your own life. Furthermore, there is confidentiality in a therapist-client relationship, so you can be sure: What you tell in pre-talk or the hypnosis stays in the office. Unless you decide to tell your family or friends about your experience with hypnosis after your appointment.

New experiences in hypnosis create change

With hypnosis can experience and learn things about themselves, which is only possible to a limited extent in the waking state. People have the possibility from a safe and relaxed attitude of the trance also to process past easier and to change the experience in the past, present and future. Thus, processes of change begin and people make new, helpful and above all important experiences with themselves. This creates change in the experienced past, which has a positive effect on the present and future life. Through hypnosis, by working with the subconscious, people can become aware of things that they have sometimes not been able to find answers to for years. Through the protected space that a professional hypnotherapist creates in the trance, clients process what they have experienced more easily, problems are solved more easily and new experiences are created. For working with hypnosis it is of particular importance that people are professionally accompanied and have an experienced therapist by their side during the process.

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