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How can I prepare for the hypnosis treatment?

How can I prepare for the hypnosis treatment?

How can I influence the success of the hypnosis treatment?

Hypnosis and the change through it is an interaction of several factors. Many people assume that they experience hypnosis passively, but it takes more than a passive attitude in which, the hypnotist would otherwise have complete control. And that can never be the goal of hypnosis. More than that, hypnosis requires some form of cooperation and there are several things that you can contribute to the success of hypnosis. The prerequisite for an optimal hypnosis result is that you are ready for the change. You alone must stand behind your goal and desire for change. It is not helpful for a change if other people expect it from you and you book a hypnosis treatment for their sake. Even if they are close to you and the advice is well meant: Fears, stresses and difficulties in life can only change if you want them to. If you go to hypnosis to quit smoking because your partner wants you to, that may work at first. You are then not connected to the goal and the changes and experience shows that soon old patterns and behaviors can return if you are not behind it. So think about going to hypnosis beforehand because it is your need and desire to change.

Prepare yourself internally for hypnosis

When people are about to experience something new, it can be useful to free oneself from expectations in order to be able to fully engage with the situation. This also applies to hypnosis. Expectations can create pressure and lead to disappointment if there are deviations in the experience. So that people do not focus during hypnosis on whether or not they are now already in hypnosis or trance, an experienced hypnotherapist knows how to clarify before hypnosis, take away reservations and discuss possible expectations. Also possible fears can be reduced in a trusting and transparent conversation, where questions can be asked. This leads to people finding it easier to go into trance and to trust the process of trance.>Most people should be familiar with the following situation: When you lie in bed at night and desperately want to fall asleep right away because you have an important appointment tomorrow and you want to be well-rested, it usually takes even longer to actually fall asleep. Under pressure, almost the opposite happens. So when you come to our hypnosis practice, be excited, be curious about how you will experience your hypnosis appointment. Before your appointment, make yourself aware of what the session will be about and what you want to change. The clearer you are before the session, the easier it will be for you in the session to express what you want hypnosis to help you with.

Getting involved in hypnosis

At your hypnosis appointment you will receive our hypnosis e-book as a gift, which answers all the important questions about hypnosis and the session. It helps our clients to calmly deal with their own questions. From years of practical experience we can say that already the preparation with hypnosis positively supports the inner alignment and the change process. The curiosity for hypnosis grows and fears that something is present, which might prevent hypnosis, become less. And if there are still questions, address them in your session, there is time for that in the preliminary conversation. Hypnosis is an unknown and intangible state for most. You are conscious throughout the hypnosis and are in a form of focused attention. This means as much as - you get everything, hear everything, feel everything, smell everything and can open your eyes at any time. You are and remain the master of your senses. Hypnosis always requires your consent. If you have any health concerns regarding hypnotherapy, please feel free to discuss this with your attending physician in advance. All of this will help you embark on the journey of hypnosis and prepare yourself internally for your change.

Here's what else you can do to prepare for hypnosis

Directly before your appointment, make sure that you are physically well. That is, get enough sleep, eat and drink enough, and avoid alcohol and other addictive substances. Also avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages immediately before your appointment. Even though you have a big part in a successful hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is just as important. You could almost say that the hypnotist and hypnotherapist act like a team of sorts during the session. It is important that you can trust the hypnotherapist or hypnosis therapist and feel comfortable in the session. If this is the case, a trance and relaxation can be achieved much more easily. If the chemistry with your hypnotherapist is not right, or if you are unsure whether you are a good team together in achieving your goal, it would be important to address this. There have been numerous studies that have addressed this very issue and have made it clear that for hypnotherapy to have a good outcome, it is heavily influenced by the relationship between the client and the therapist. It may also be helpful to look for another therapist.

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