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How does hypnosis work for children and teenagers?

How does hypnosis work for children and teenagers?
The hypnosis session for children runs by and large exactly the same as a hypnosis session with adults. However, there is a difference lies in the initial interview, which is conducted together with the parents and the child. In addition, the hypnosis itself is adapted to your child's age and needs.
This conversation has several functions. First of all, it is a get-to-know-you conversation. Then you describe the problems, for the reasons of which you have found your way to our practice. The child will now also have his or her say. However, the initial consultation has another important function. Here a relationship of trust is established, which should be there between your child and the hypnotherapist and also between you as parents. This is because the actual hypnosis takes place exclusively between your child and me.
It is important that your child feels absolutely safe and comfortable. This means that you can also leave the practice during the actual hypnotherapy. Not all parents find this easy in the imagination, but the vast majority quickly realize that we work in a pleasant and trusting atmosphere and that the child can also relax in the process. There are several cafes and restaurants in the immediate vicinity, which can be easily reached on foot within 1-3 minutes for the treatment time. Usually parents are called by appointment about 5 min before the end of the hypnosis session and can pick up the child again.
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