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How many hypnosis sessions do I need?

How many hypnosis sessions do I need?
Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and compact hypnotherapy. Often we are asked how many sessions it is in a hypnosis treatment:
In modern hypnotherapy it is intensive sessions and short-term therapy. The number of sessions varies depending on the client and the case, that is, concerns that someone brings. So our work and approach is also quite individual and personally based on a person's needs. What we can say is that changes are noticeable after just a few sessions. The number of sessions and also the duration of hypnosis therapy depend entirely on the individual client and his history, wishes and goals. Sometimes, successful collaboration on a concern also results in a new field where clients also want positive changes for their lives.

Number of sessions in modern hypnotherapy

For smaller problems and issues, 1-4 sessions in our session is often sufficient. For more extensive issues, the average is usually 4 sessions, but up to 8 sessions can be helpful for sustainability. For more complex cases, the number of hypnosis sessions depends on the client's issue or condition to be addressed, their personality, and the desired goal of the hypnosis sessions. Here is an overview of the hypnosis treatment fields in our practice.

Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy

So how many hypnosis sessions are helpful cannot be answered in a blanket way, but is much more to be understood as a very hypothetical statement. The number varies from case to case and can only be discussed individually and personally with you personally. Overall, it can be said that hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a short-term therapy is of much shorter duration than comparable psychotherapeutic methods or interventions and therapies.

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