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How many sessions of hypnosis for anxiety?

How many sessions of hypnosis for anxiety?
Hypnosis is considered very efficient for the treatment of all kinds of anxiety. This is also proven by many scientific studies. It does not matter what kind of fear it is. Both certain phobias such as fear of flying or agoraphobia, as well as generalized anxiety disorder or fear of the future can be treated with the help of hypnosis. Anxiety patients understandably want hypnosis to help them get their fears or phobias under control in just a few sessions. However, every person is different and an anxiety or phobia cannot always be treated identically in every client.

Differences depending on the condition

Experience shows that fears that have existed for a long time also require longer treatment. This applies especially to cases of anxiety disorders that have manifested themselves through neuronal connections and lead to a physical disconnection. In this respect, it is advisable to start hypnosis treatment as early as possible. In addition, not everyone is equally suggestible and hypnosis therefore works differently for everyone. Nevertheless, the medical journal also recommends hypnosis therapy for anxiety. The state of trance offers the ideal basis for getting to the bottom of possible causes and removing blockages.

The procedure of hypnosis for anxiety

The client first reaches a pleasant state of deep relaxation. Under hypnosis, the client can focus on certain things and gets a new perspective on his anxiety. This may help him understand what it is resulting from. Hypnosis also succeeds in reconnecting neuronal connections in the brain, thus breaking the vicious circle of blockages and physical disconnection. It is not possible to say exactly how many sessions are necessary until the anxiety is resolved. There is also no guarantee that the result will last forever or that complete success can be achieved. But the client may notice something changing after the first session.

Quick help for certain phobias

Again and again we read about people who have overcome their fear of flying with the help of hypnosis shortly before their flight. Such cases do exist. But they are not the norm. It is also not advisable to hope for a lightning cure from a hypnosis session. This only puts pressure on the client himself and could reduce the effect of hypnosis. Take enough time to deal with the fear, the causes and especially the goals. This way offers you the highest chances of success.

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