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I am nervous and have a hard time relaxing, can I still be hypnotized?

I am nervous and have a hard time relaxing, can I still be hypnotized?
The good news is that hypnosis works for most people. Only a fraction are considered non-suggestible. It is also quite normal to be nervous before hypnosis. This is how many clients feel when they come to the practice for the first time. However, it is precisely nervousness and tension that can be treated with the help of hypnosis. There are many ways to help a client relax and finally enter hypnosis. In our practice, an appropriate atmosphere is created already in the waiting area.

A relaxed atmosphere from the start

In the waiting area you have the opportunity to drink a tea or water and put on comfortable socks or slippers. Especially important for a subsequent relaxation in the hypnosis room is the intensive preliminary conversation, during which you can talk openly about yourself and ask all questions about hypnosis. Do not be afraid to do so. There are no wrong or stupid questions. While we talk about your needs and goals and clarify the open questions, you take a seat in a comfortable chair.

During the hypnosis session

During the session you will not feel any pressure to do anything. A relaxed atmosphere will help you to calm down in the hypnosis room. All your senses will be engaged through light, scents and sounds. You will assume a relaxed position where you can cover yourself. During hypnosis, you simply listen to the voice. You may not be able to engage in hypnosis right away. Accept this. By the next session at the latest, you will be more familiar with the environment.

Almost every person can be hypnotized

Studies show that 15% of people respond very well to hypnosis. Another 15 % need longer for hypnosis to work for you. Only about 2 to 5% are said not to respond to hypnosis at all. If this is your first time attending a hypnosis session, just let the experience come to you. Nothing can happen to you. In the worst case scenario, you may not yet succeed in going into a trance during the session. During the final consultation, you will reflect once again on how you experienced the hypnosis and how to proceed in the future.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

Test yourself!

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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