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Is hypnosis performed sitting, standing or lying down?

Is hypnosis performed sitting, standing or lying down?

In what physical position is hypnosis actually performed?

Have you ever wondered in which physical position hypnosis is actually performed? This is a legitimate question, because there are different recommendations here. Many people and also hypnosis therapists automatically assume that hypnosis takes place while lying down. Sitting in a comfortable armchair is also still conceivable. But hypnosis while standing? First and foremost, it is important that value is placed on a feel-good atmosphere. The trance should not be disturbed, if possible, and ambient noise should be reduced. The setting in which the hypnosis takes place is actually a decisive factor for the success of the hypnosis. How else should it be possible to let go and relax? Now the question arises why some hypnotists manage to hypnotize people on stage in front of an audience. Here they are not put down, nor is it quiet or a pleasant atmosphere. Nevertheless, show hypnotists manage to lead people into a deep trance. Well, it is up to everyone how to interpret the truthfulness of such entertainment shows. The fact is that professional hypnotherapists just shake their heads over such stagings and definitely do not take them as a model.

Standing hypnosis

However, one fact can actually be taken away here, and that is that hypnosis works while standing. If the hypnosis is initiated in a standing position, this can even be advantageous, because the client respectively the brain goes faster into the trance state. This is because our brain works differently depending on the position of the room. When we lie down and are still in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, we fall asleep faster. That is, we are then more in a sleepy relaxation and not as receptive. For hypnosis, however, it is important that we are attentive, concentrated and focused. In turn, we are more likely to succeed at this when standing than when lying down. In addition, most clients know when and if they are in a trance sooner than when they are lying down. Today, hypnosis while standing is still considered unusual and many clients decline the offer to be hypnotized while standing. Many clients who have simply tried it find it not so bad afterwards, and even better than when lying down or sitting. Fears that you might just fall over and hurt yourself in the trance are unfounded. You do not fall over, because you are not asleep, but awake and fully conscious during hypnosis. In the meantime, if you simply feel uncomfortable standing, you can sit down at any time. Hypnosis is flexible.

Trance and deep relaxation despite hypnosis in sitting or standing position

The assumption is still postulated that it is mandatory to have deep relaxation for successful hypnosis. But this is not necessarily a prerequisite for the success of hypnosis. In some cases, it can even be counterproductive, because it causes the body and mind to shut down more. But actually it needs exactly these systems so that the suggestions can also arrive and work.

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