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What can I expect during a hypnosis session?

What can I expect during a hypnosis session?
Each hypnosis session is a highly individual process, so each session differs in content. We are guided by this, based entirely on your needs, your concerns, and the goals you have brought to the session.

The first hypnosis session

During the first hypnosis session in my practice, we will first get to know each other, followed by a thorough medical history and finally your individual hypnosis will take place. The anamnesis is similar to a preliminary conversation, in which it is about your history, your inquiry, your wishes and goals. This information is used so that I can get to know you in your world of experience and can tailor the subsequent hypnosis for you individually. The hypnosis can thus be tailored precisely to you. You can conveniently book your first hypnosis appointment online: Make an appointment. With this you have already taken the first and also most important step, you have decided to seek help and change something in your life. Many clients and patients report that just making an appointment and knowing that things are about to "get started" leads to a positive change in your life. This post effect of hypnosis can already bring the first healing effects. Feel free to record these changes in writing and bring them with you to your first hypnosis session. In addition, feel free to write down anything important and have your notes with you during the preliminary session. For some clients, this gives them a sense of security, and it also ensures that you don't forget anything important. What else you can consider before a hypnosis session and how to best prepare for our session together can be found on our website at hypnosis procedure. Here you can also read about how to make the most of the time between your appointment and your first hypnosis.

The hypnosis preliminary talk

Our cooperation begins with the preliminary discussion and anamnesis. Here you are of course in the center, it is about you, your concerns and your feelings and of course fears. I ask you about your circumstances, your needs and especially how I can support you with hypnosis. It is important that we define your goal exactly and discuss what you have already done to achieve it. What has worked here and what rather not? I like to get to know you and your story, because only then can I tailor the hypnosis to you individually. In addition, there is room for all your questions during the preliminary talk and you will receive all the important information about hypnosis from me. After the preliminary talk, it can also already begin with the first hypnosis session.

The hypnosis

To do this, we go to the hypnosis room of my practice, where you will find an environment for relaxation, trance and change processes. Here, different senses are addressed, so you experience a special light setting as well as meditative room sounds and scents. Hypnosis is a process that appeals to all the senses, this is naturally developed in my practice. You may take a seat in a comfortable hypnosis chair, which makes your hypnosis a unique experience. But what can you expect in the hypnosis session? First of all, you don't need to be afraid at all. Most clients report a feeling of relaxation and inner peace during hypnosis. Your breathing, heartbeat and pulse become calmer as you are guided very slowly and gently into the trance. It is similar to being asleep, though you do not actually enter a sleep state. It is a kind of transitional threshold from being awake to being asleep. You can hear what I am saying during hypnosis, and you also do not relinquish your control or free will. If something makes you uncomfortable or threatening memories come up, you can end the hypnosis at any time. Basically, hypnosis is a state of deepest relaxation, but where you remain in control and your full concentration. You gain access to your subconscious mind here, as consciousness makes way for a moment. I, as a hypnotherapist, will accompany and guide you during the session. You don't have to do anything but wait tensely and sit back. You will learn what your subconscious mind has in store for you. You may not find access right away in the first session, but in fact everyone can be hypnotized. From hypnosis you can experience tremendous support, we will support you to the fullest.

Further Information

To this question there is a detailed article on the process of a session and especially on the process of your first hypnosis session at our practice. You can find the article here: Procedure of a hypnosis session at Hypnosis Berlin.

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