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What is the interval between two hypnosis sessions?

What is the interval between two hypnosis sessions?

About the interval between two hypnosis sessions at Hypnose Berlin:

Many people wonder how long the distance between hypnosis sessions should be. Whether there is a fixed distance between two hypnosis sessions and whether it is possible to say what time interval between two sessions is particularly effective. Exactly how much distance there should be between two hypnosis sessions depends on the client and their treatment background. Usually there is a break of one to four weeks between two sessions. at our practice, we have had good experience with an interval of one to two weeks. However, as mentioned above, this also depends on you as the client and your issue-specific content. As a rule, hypnosis is a short-term therapy, which includes one to eight sessions. On average, a client comes to hypnosis about four times. However, a session lasts much longer than the usual 45 to 50 minutes of psychotherapy. There are no scientific studies about the distance between sessions in hypnosis so far. It is and remains an individual matter, very acute issues usually require shorter session units with a smaller session distance. Here, intervals of one to two weeks would make sense. Less acute matters usually get by with a longer session interval, in which case the individual hypnosis sessions also last longer. How often you come to our practice depends, of course, on where you live. Of course, we also welcome non-Berliners to come to us for hypnosis. Depending on how far your journey is, we arrange the intervals between sessions and the session duration sensibly.
Usually, clients come for a follow-up appointment at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks. We have had very good experience with a session interval of 1 to 2 weeks. At this point it should be emphasized that in our experience this depends on the topic and the client. Hypnosis a short-term therapy, often 1-8 sessions are enough, on average about 4 sessions. The actual session lasts much longer than, for example, the 45 minutes with a psychotherapist. Usually our clients come in an interval of 1 to 4 weeks.

Is there a therapeutically effective interval between two hypnosis sessions?

As already mentioned, we are not aware of any serious studies to date that deal with session spacing in hypnotherapy. at our practice, we have gained the experience that the distance between individual sessions, and thus the duration of treatment, is very much dependent on the issue. The more acute an issue, the more important is a short duration of treatment with regular sessions at short intervals, for example, weekly or every two weeks.
For example, there was the businessman who had the opportunity to take over the management of his Berlin branch. For this, however, he had to fly regularly to Asia, which he could not imagine because of his great fear of flying. Now he had to act fast, because the company did not want to wait any longer for his decision. After four sessions within three weeks, the client's fear of flying was completely resolved. He had sufficiently imagined his new position as head of the department, and a week later he was on the phone telling me about his first flight to Singapore.

Our hypnosis offer is not only for Berliners

I have also looked after clients who do not live in Berlin. They usually combine the hypnosis sessions with a few nice days in the lively capital. In such a case, we adjust the appointments individually to the time requirements of our clients. This can be two treatments on two consecutive days or - and this variant is often chosen - on Fridays and then on the following Monday. Please feel free to contact us if you are not from Berlin or the surrounding area and have a longer journey. With a little advance notice, we can certainly find the right dates for you.

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