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When does hypnosis not work?

When does hypnosis not work?

Doing hypnosis for someone else

For hypnosis treatment to be successful, it is important that the person who wants to be hypnotized also wants the change themselves. Studies show that the success of hypnosis is lower when a client has been "sent" to the practice. For example, if a woman sends her partner to a hypnosis practice for stop smoking or for weight loss. Conversely, this means: If someone is fully behind the desire for change and is willing to take the next steps and use hypnosis for it, the success of hypnosis is high. Often this is also observed in children and adolescents: If children feel forced by their parents to use a hypnosis treatment, it can be a more difficult start for hypnosis. This is also true for other methods. An inner rejection or a lack of inner readiness for a hypnosis treatment makes it difficult for hypnosis to succeed. Because that would mean that hypnosis could do something against a person's will, which is not the case! So it is essential that it is you yourself who wants to stop smoking or lose weight, so that an effective treatment with hypnosis also enables a successful result for you.

The hypnotized person must want change himself and be ready for it.

Someone who wants to use hypnosis for a particular issue must want the life change itself and be ready for it. This is the best condition for the change process to begin with hypnosis. Sometimes it can actually be helpful for close people or relatives who have had positive experiences with hypnosis themselves to point out the possibility of hypnosis or to find out the address or phone number of the hypnosis practice. This can be a step in a possible direction, but the step itself should be taken by the person concerned. If the family member then deals with hypnosis himself, he can come to the decision that hypnosis can be a solution. This is an immensely important step towards the success of hypnosis therapy.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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