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Amnesia refers to a loss of memory or a memory gap. Those affected can no longer recall certain memories, there are organic causes, for example brain damage or epilepsy, but also psychological causes, such as traumatic experiences.

Overall, there are three types of amnesia:
  • Retrograde amnesia: retroactive memory loss, memory gaps before the,
  • Anterograde amnesia: forward memory loss, memory gaps after the triggering event, and
  • Psychogenic amnesia: repression of unpleasant situations (usually psychological trauma).
Amnesia also plays a role in hypnosis. It can happen that the client can no longer remember the hypnosis after the hypnosis, similar to the early morning when you have forgotten the dream that you could remember just now. This is called posthypnotic amnesia. This can happen, for example, if the client went into a very deep trance during hypnosis, where his consciousness was almost completely switched off. However, this state is usually not dangerous.

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