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Anesthesia Replacement

Again and again we hear about hypnosis being used during operations or in dentistry to reduce anxiety and pain. It is true that hypnosis can completely replace anesthesia. However, as a rule, hypnosis and anesthesia tend to take place together, usually due to time constraints. This is because the use of hypnosis requires preparation and also permanent monitoring by a hypnotherapist during a treatment.The challenge is to maintain hypnosis equally over a long period of time, it is more susceptible to disturbances than anesthesia and due to the duration of a treatment it is too expensive for most procedures, as a hypnotherapist must be present during the entire time. Partial drug therapy along with hypnosis is therefore more commonly used. The combination of a reduced anesthesia, for example local, and hypnosis has proven to be very effective. For mild and uncomplicated procedures, hypnosis is also sufficient as a sole method to eliminate and reduce pain.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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