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Bilateral means there are two sides, there are two sides to one thing. This also applies to the human brain. Each half of the brain has its own tasks. One half of the brain is responsible for language functions, logical thinking and arithmetic. The other half of the brain is responsible for processing visual and auditory impressions and for spatial thinking. The term bilateral stimulation is often encountered in trauma therapy. The bilateral stimulation should lead to an even activation of the cerebral hemispheres in traumatized people. The so-called EMDR therapy is particularly well known. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It goes back to the findings of the REM sleep phase from sleep research. The method of bilateral stimulation can be incorporated into hypnotherapy used for trauma. An example of a bilateral method in hypnosis is the dual indication, a possibility of bilateral stimulation to initiate hypnosis, in which the client is accompanied into hypnosis by two therapists in turn. There are numerous other examples of bilateral stimulation used during hypnosis by well-trained hypnotherapists in treatment

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