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Originally, the term blackout comes from cabaret and theater. Here, after the end of a scene, the complete spotlights were abruptly extinguished. This resulted in an enormously strong reduction of contrast, so that the audience could see absolutely nothing. Today we know a blackout, also called a film tear, as a temporary loss of memory. This can, but does not have to be accompanied by unconsciousness. Theoretically, anyone can be affected by a blackout, especially when people are particularly under pressure and tense, it may be that they can not access all memory contents. The classic situation, some of whom may have experienced it themselves, is an exam. Strongly pronounced test anxiety, which can then lead to a blackout in the exam situation, is very stressful for those affected. In addition to sweating, trembling, palpitations and other anxiety symptoms, in extreme cases it can also lead to a complete blackout. Those affected can then no longer think clearly and lose the "red thread" in presentation situations, they no longer know what they wanted to say and the knowledge that is actually available is no longer retrievable. Fears in general and also exam anxiety can be treated with hypnosis. Affected people learn to relax, reduce anxiety and change attitudes. With the use of hypnosis it is possible to avoid blackouts in the future and to get through exams and lectures more easily.

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