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Imagine a garden hose. You turn it on and the water shoots out at full pressure. Suddenly the hose has a kink and the water can no longer flow, the hose is blocked and the water is dammed up. You can imagine an inner blockage in a similar way, only here it is not water that is flowing, but energy that is jammed and can no longer flow in peace. The blockage slows down your energy and keeps people from being active. Even with the highest motivation and having a head full of plans and ideas, people fail again and again to implement them. At a certain point, the despair about this can be great and it seems as if there is simply no way forward. In hypnosis, the dissolving of inner blockages and unconscious resistance is a central theme. Most people are not aware of what holds them back or slows them down. That's why hypnosis is such a helpful tool to release unconscious resistance and to get energy flowing again.
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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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