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Color Contrast Method

The color contrast method is a direct induction method (induction method of hypnosis), which goes back to Levy-Suhl. This method is based on safely occurring physiological simultaneous color contrast phenomena. Here, cards of different colors are used, which are quite easy to make. The client looks at one color for a long time and then receives a card in another color. Due to the fact that the client's eyes have become accustomed to the previous color, he now notices various color change effects. These can initiate the hypnosis or the trance. However, these color change effects are only interpreted by the client as a trance, it is more an optical illusion than an actual hypnosis induction. Nevertheless, by concentrating and fixating on the cards, an induction of hypnosis can occur. This is comparable to the so-called gaze fixation. In addition, it is known that colors have a trance-inducing effect, this makes use of, for example, fairs, amusement arcades, department stores, etc.. Color games and patterns have an effect on the brain, which can cause good mood and a "letting go". This is of course advantageous for hypnosis. Thus, the color contrast method can still be an effective hypnosis induction today.

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