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Critical Factor

The so-called critical factor can be understood like an inner overseer and also plays a role in hypnosis. It checks exactly what is allowed in or what is not, what we take in and what not. One could also describe the critical factor as our consciousness. It permanently compares what we hear with our own inner world - with the personal experiences, beliefs and values that have formed in the course of life, including hypnosis. The critical factor forms from the age of 6. It compares acute situations and perceptions with experiences already made. If it recognizes similar structures, it falls back on the behavior associated with the structure. This helps us in our daily actions and in making decisions. But this also explains why change can sometimes be challenging. In hypnosis, it is possible to bring the critical factor down a bit, that appropriate suggestion reach the hypnotized more easily. In hypnosis, the critical factor is just as present. At the same time, hypnosis dampens the critical factor to such an extent that it lets through any suggestion that "...seems emotionally and ethically acceptable to this critical factor...". Anything that can be accepted emotionally and ethically and fits one's own becoming brings the potential of change and allows people in hypnosis to think about new things more easily and to imagine and integrate unfamiliar, new patterns of behavior.


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