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Hypnosis, Deep

Deep State Hypnosis is comparable to a deep trance. The term Deep State Hypnosis refers to a state of hypnosis in which the client feels a complete relaxation as well as a maximum shutdown of waking activity. This is often equated with the term deep trance. This state could also be called hypnotic coma, although of course it does not lead to coma in the medical sense. Deep state hypnosis is not dangerous, but a state of absolute relaxation, in which the client is particularly receptive to the suggestions. This usually feels very pleasant and can lead to a variety of positive effects in the body, mind and psyche. Deep State Hypnosis thus refers to the state of hypnosis in which the hypnotist is at the maximum level of relaxation. He thereby enters the highest form of shutdown, which is why this state is also called hypnotic coma. The term coma is somewhat misleading and sounds more off-putting than helpful. But Deep State Hypnosis is not dangerous and you do not fall into a real coma. Rather, it is a desirable point that can be reached in a hypnosis session.

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