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Deprivation is understood as avoiding any form of attention, both physical and emotional. In addition, sensory stimuli are deprived. Social deprivation is described as that of social relationships or contacts, as experienced by many people during the Corona years to protect them from further spread. Similarly, there is also the form of psychological deprivation and sensory deprivation. The longer a state of deprivation lasts, the more likely it is to become noticeable. Consequential psychological disorders can be observed, such as depressive moods, depression, addiction problems, poor concentration and other emotional, cognitive and physical disorders. If the deprivation lasts longer, it can have serious consequences, such as thought disorders, depression and hallucinations. In mild forms, the deprivation and its impact is not always conscious at the first moment. Hypnosis helps to focus on it and helps to focus on changing the life situation.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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