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Depth Hypnosis

Deep hypnosis technically also called "hypnotic coma" or "Esdaile stage", describes a particularly deep state of hypnosis. Experts are not yet in complete agreement about a precise definition of this term. According to some views, deep hypnosis describes that the client is in a particularly deep state of hypnosis and is deeply relaxed. In addition, the hypnotist's suggestions are said to have a particularly deep effect, making the hypnosis even more effective. Others describe deep hypnosis as a myth. In any case, there is no technique that guarantees a problem solution by a snap of the fingers or brainwashing, as it is the depth hypnosis like to times nachgesagt. The concept of deep hypnosis is still not clearly defined by the experts of hypnosis. This behaves similarly, as with the deep trance, this term also leaves some room for interpretation. The question arises, what exactly is meant by "deep". One approach is that the client feels particularly deep in hypnosis. Another idea is that the suggestions of the hypnotherapist or the hypnosis therapist penetrate very deeply into the subconscious and can develop their full effect there.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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