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Eyelid Closure

The closing of the eyelids in hypnosis, i.e., the closing of the eyes, usually takes place at the beginning of the trance. However, eyelid closure is not an essential sign of a trance, but rather can physically illustrate the transition from the waking state to the trance state. Eyelid closure can be achieved by eye or gaze fixation, which is accompanied by suggestions from the hypnotherapist. This means that the hypnotist focuses on a point or an object and looks at it for such a long time. During this process, the eyelids become heavier and heavier until there is a desire on the part of the client to simply close the eyes. Hypnotherapists, who work mainly in a directive way, usually ask the client to close his eyes. For hypnosis to be successful, attunement in what is called trance induction is important preparatory work, which may include instruction to close the eyelids.

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